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  1. Those specs don't list your video card (afaik) but anyway, it would be a good idea to try and update your drivers and see if that helps. Another thing I noticed is that you're running a 6-core processor, and I'm not sure if ARMA takes full advantage of this; i.e. it may only be utilizing 4 or 2 out of your 6 cores.
  2. Hi, So basically, recently our server has started refusing to play most missions. Once you log onto the server as an admin and choose a mission to start, it will allow you to choose slots and then will load the map, but will then subsequently revert to the 'Wait For Host' page and give the following message in the chat area exactly like this: You cannot play/edit this mission it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. as_eu_oa_military Now, this was occurring with a lot of missions so I decided to make a mission without any addons. So to begin with, I dropped down three groups of playable soldiers, and 3 empty armored vehicles, and tested that on the server. It ran fine. So I thought great, and finished that quick mission off, adding plenty of AI, a description.ext for respawning and quite a few objects including an entire base for the enemy, and it threw up the error now. I made this mission while running no addons, and checked the mission.sqm for any addons that shouldn't be there. It all seemed normal though, listing only CA addons as expected. So I'm quite baffled now, and would hugely appreciate some help :)
  3. Well, that's very hard to say from such little information ^^ How about PC specs? Have you lately updated your video card drivers? Are you possibly running any background tasks (e.g. windows likes to update itself without telling you sometimes). Have you lately installed any software that could be causing this? Have you tried running a complete virus scan?
  4. Thanks for the reply. As I said, I made the mission myself and ensured that no addons were listed in the .SQM and afterwards when it was compiled into a .PBO too. However I will check if deactivating it on the server helps.
  5. Squad name - Tactical Assault Company (TACO) Timezone/location - GMT+0, Server in Germany Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - coop Contact email - sikbazAThotmailDOTcom Website address - http://taco.slr-rpg.com/index.php?action=forum
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    OA 1.55 server issues (linux)

    Works now, thanks a lot guys, this problem has been annoying us for months now :)
  7. slikbaz

    OA 1.55 server issues (linux)

    Here it is: /arma2 addons battleye dta expansion keys mpmissions player + the files needed for running the server, such as cfg and server files.. /arma2/addons a10.pbo modules.pbo a10.pbo.bi.bisign modules.pbo.bi.bisign ah64.pbo music.pbo ah64.pbo.bi.bisign music.pbo.bi.bisign air.pbo plants2_bush.pbo air.pbo.bi.bisign plants2_bush.pbo.bi.bisign air2.pbo plants2_clutter.pbo air2.pbo.bi.bisign plants2_clutter.pbo.bi.bisign air3.pbo plants2_misc.pbo air3.pbo.bi.bisign plants2_misc.pbo.bi.bisign animals.pbo plants2_plant.pbo animals.pbo.bi.bisign plants2_plant.pbo.bi.bisign animals2.pbo plants2_tree.pbo animals2.pbo.bi.bisign plants2_tree.pbo.bi.bisign anims.pbo roads2.pbo anims.pbo.bi.bisign roads2.pbo.bi.bisign buildings.pbo rocks2.pbo buildings.pbo.bi.bisign rocks2.pbo.bi.bisign buildings2.pbo signs2.pbo buildings2.pbo.bi.bisign signs2.pbo.bi.bisign buildings2_ind_cementworks.pbo soundmissions.pbo buildings2_ind_cementworks.pbo.bi.bisign soundmissions.pbo.bi.bisign ca.pbo sounds.pbo ca.pbo.bi.bisign sounds.pbo.bi.bisign characters.pbo structures.pbo characters.pbo.bi.bisign structures.pbo.bi.bisign characters2.pbo tracked.pbo characters2.pbo.bi.bisign tracked.pbo.bi.bisign chernarus.pbo tracked2.pbo chernarus.pbo.bi.bisign tracked2.pbo.bi.bisign chernarus_data.pbo ui.pbo chernarus_data.pbo.bi.bisign ui.pbo.bi.bisign chernarus_data_layers.pbo uifonts.pbo chernarus_data_layers.pbo.bi.bisign uifonts.pbo.bi.bisign dubbing.pbo utes.pbo dubbing.pbo.bi.bisign utes.pbo.bi.bisign editor.pbo warfare2.pbo editor.pbo.bi.bisign warfare2.pbo.bi.bisign language.pbo warfare2vehicles.pbo language.pbo.bi.bisign warfare2vehicles.pbo.bi.bisign languagemissions.pbo water.pbo languagemissions.pbo.bi.bisign water.pbo.bi.bisign misc.pbo water2.pbo misc.pbo.bi.bisign water2.pbo.bi.bisign misc2.pbo weapons.pbo misc2.pbo.bi.bisign weapons.pbo.bi.bisign misc3.pbo weapons2.pbo misc3.pbo.bi.bisign weapons2.pbo.bi.bisign misc_fix.pbo wheeled.pbo misc_fix.pbo.bi.bisign wheeled.pbo.bi.bisign missions.pbo wheeled2.pbo missions.pbo.bi.bisign wheeled2.pbo.bi.bisign missions_ew.pbo wheeled3.pbo missions_ew.pbo.bi.bisign wheeled3.pbo.bi.bisign /arma2/dta bin.pbo core.pbo languagecore.pbo product.bin bin.pbo.bi.bisign core.pbo.bi.bisign languagecore.pbo.bi.bisign /arma2/expansion addons battleye dta ijl15.dll keys /arma2/expansion/addons air_e.pbo plants_e.pbo.bi.bisign air_e.pbo.bi.bisign roads_e.pbo animals_e.pbo roads_e.pbo.bi.bisign animals_e.pbo.bi.bisign rocks_e.pbo anims_e.pbo rocks_e.pbo.bi.bisign anims_e.pbo.bi.bisign signs_e.pbo ca_e.pbo signs_e.pbo.bi.bisign ca_e.pbo.bi.bisign soundmissions_e.pbo characters_e.pbo soundmissions_e.pbo.bi.bisign characters_e.pbo.bi.bisign sounds_e.pbo desert_e.pbo sounds_e.pbo.bi.bisign desert_e.pbo.bi.bisign structures_e.pbo dubbing_e.pbo structures_e.pbo.bi.bisign dubbing_e.pbo.bi.bisign takistan.pbo dubbingradio_e.pbo takistan.pbo.bi.bisign dubbingradio_e.pbo.bi.bisign takistan_data.pbo l39.pbo takistan_data.pbo.bi.bisign l39.pbo.bi.bisign takistan_data_layers.pbo language_e.pbo takistan_data_layers.pbo.bi.bisign language_e.pbo.bi.bisign tracked_e.pbo languagemissions_e.pbo tracked_e.pbo.bi.bisign languagemissions_e.pbo.bi.bisign ui.pbo misc_e.pbo ui.pbo.bi.bisign misc_e.pbo.bi.bisign warfare2_e.pbo missions_e.pbo warfare2_e.pbo.bi.bisign missions_e.pbo.bi.bisign weapons_e.pbo modules_e.pbo weapons_e.pbo.bi.bisign modules_e.pbo.bi.bisign wheeled_e.pbo music_e.pbo wheeled_e.pbo.bi.bisign music_e.pbo.bi.bisign zargabad.pbo plants_e.pbo zargabad.pbo.bi.bisign /arma2/expansion/dta bin.pbo core.pbo languagecore.pbo bin.pbo.bi.bisign core.pbo.bi.bisign languagecore.pbo.bi.bisign
  8. TNL Coop is an effort made by members of www.thenewlife-rpg.com community to conduct ArmA2 coop missions in an enjoyable and innovative way. We are constantly fed new, updated missions so we are never short of missions to play. We try to encourage members to roleplay and work as a team using rewards such as rank promotions, as this adds immersion to the experience. We use a semi-realistic military division and rank system and also operate on our own dedicated server. We have provided a short video below of one of our training missions. <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIDIiRW4dwE&hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIDIiRW4dwE&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object> If you are interested, you can apply here, only registration to the forum is required: http://thenewlife-rpg.com/forum/index.php?board=49.0 Thanks :)