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    England 'Riots'

    And its all over the fact some bloke pulled a gun on a copper and shot at him so the police shot him dead.
  2. Jungle

    England 'Riots'

    God I love these forums for the arguments its sometimes like a childs playground! Why dont people just go oi mate your wrong read this, then link. Just like what Dmark did with Jeza (without the link lol)
  3. Would be great to port the miles addon from ofp for this.
  4. I'll sort them for you next week after the weekend bud.
  5. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3102/2565238541_2c9aaaf57e.jpg Can probs get you shed loads of pics of RAF 2MT Sqn for you, if you want? Ex MT myself.
  6. Hi I'm trying to edit Insurgency 0.72 BAF on Zargabad but to no lock. All I'm wanting to do is change the units and vehicles and to also make a FOB but as soon as I change just one unit ie Baf/Desert/Rifleman to Baf/Men/Rifleman the mission doesn't work at all, any ideas or help? P.S Ideally I'd like to get rid on all the West/Bluefor on the mission and just have East/Opfor so I can change things around and not have the mission screw up. cheers Jungle. [i've contacted the author of Insurgency nut have not heard back from him as yet]
  7. Jungle

    Four Zero Alpha 4ØA.

    We now have a server which is open to the public so feel free to pop on, just filter [40A]
  8. Ive never had a problem using armatech, all my xmls have been perfect.
  9. http://sh2.armatechsquad.com/ for the win, nice and easy to use.
  10. Cheers buddy and a job well done. :D
  11. Brilliant. Cant wait to give it ago.
  12. Can you put a already made example mission within the download as Im a mission making noob.
  13. Got the game and got these whilst on deployment.