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  1. Monty Bravo

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    D. Patterson, Check out the instructions. IIRC setting them to 'FULL' results in AI charging into battle.
  2. Possible: Yep, you have evidence right there ;) Worth it: Prehaps. As allways, any and all 'suggestions' will be discussed and evaluated/decided upon by the Dev group :)
  3. I am hoping you put the gas setting on the git as well ! That was something sitting in my mind for a couple of the weapons so thanks for the excuse :D (and on trhe fosters comment, I am thinking we should do Logi vehicles at some stage and the temptation to ad a carton o XXXX or extra dry to the stores on them is high)
  4. @Kniazzy We have been contacted and our previously in house AAM bits and pieces have been given ! stay tuned ;)
  5. Monty Bravo

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Yeah, gwtting the same thing. It comes up with a cannot load SEN_unitpools error We do run our server with -filepatching for ASR AI if that makes a difference.
  6. Monty Bravo

    Anzac Mod Wip

    There was an Australian Skinned Tiger Floating around for ARMA 1... Its in english, n works just fine in ARMA 2.
  7. The Kriss Model by DMC part of the upcoming AAF pack of randomness
  8. Monty Bravo

    setobjecttexture for guns and units

    Ok, second option would be to make your own hidden sections ? Most of the vehicles etc have a similar naming scheme so it shouldn't be to hard to work out. Then you only need little config files I guess ?
  9. Monty Bravo

    setobjecttexture for guns and units

    Many models already make use of the "hiddenSelectionsTextures[]" Command. (i think that the right one... This allows you to quickly adjust the texture for that part of the model. Check out the Biki For its format and have a troll thru the various vehicle config files to see what is using it already.
  10. Just something we are working on at AAF The model is made from scratch by DMC_Rulez, Importing, config and soon to be basic texture pass by myself. (For any who are wondering, Its the Hawkei by Thales Australia, touted as "The Next Generation Australian Light Protected Vehicle")
  11. I just have to say... Utterly fantastic work AAW.
  12. Monty Bravo


    shadow = true; Needs to be in the text attributes from memory
  13. Monty Bravo

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    AK shoulda read a little more closely. >.< Ok, edited again. And Thanks Ardvarkdb, its only one of them I was useing as a test, rest should be done in a couple o hours ;)
  14. Monty Bravo

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Just as a note, the units in Rommels SS are retextured ACUSF. - Models created by ardvarkdb, and retextured by AAF. Also the SCARS are from the SF DET Alpha Scars Mod. By Scubaman3D (Silly rommel forgot to credit)