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  1. kinno

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    Still in process configuration, but soon there will be news. The mk18 has suffered importates corrections and improvements, all at the request of you, thanks for your support, we will update shortly.
  2. kinno

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    2 textures will more, black and desert. Regards.
  3. kinno

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    We appreciate all your comments and note, plus a name change certainly be more appropriate. Regards
  4. kinno

    Mk18Mod1 [ALPHA]

    Hi guys Before being very critical to our work, GenomaStudios is a small group of friends whose hobbi starts recently. A7L4S, our work is based on this model, we try to model with more or less success. Thanks for the test, SpectreRSG , do not know the real kick, so we reduce drastically when using the suppressor Genome 5.56 with barrel is a 18 " as the picture, we will continue working on the rest. Regars
  5. I want to be a sailor by the bay under the blue skies at sea in Andalusia I love this ship
  6. GenomaStudios presents this Addon in beta containing one rifle model "Mk18mod1" with 6 camos textures. Also include 6 AmmoBox configurated with 5 weapons, 25 Magazines, Muzzles, Optics, etc. We work to improve the settings yet, but the beta version we publish believed to be quite accurate. Not included m203 models, working on it! Any help especially in the settings section will be appreciated. If anyone is interested in helping, you can contact us through the blog, on our website. Download from Armaholic Alternative to download Regards.
  7. kinno

    maps under construction:

    Hi guys I am pleased to share with you my new project, this time located in LIBYA (Tripolitania) 20 x 20 You have a detailed summary of progress on my blog Greetings http://www.flickr.com/photos/kinnokrack/sets/72157626454236117/show/
  8. hello friend, I answer so late, but I read some forum lately

    the island give it to my friend Minimalaco


  9. Hey mate, think you could make a helmand province map? at least 20x20?

  10. kinno

    The airport texture

    shezan74 Sergeant http://www.freewebs.com/marksmansofpsite/ofptutorials.htm
  11. Hello Bushlurker The island is well off the AI utes at 700 meters, Greetings.
  12. Try this wgroup = group this
  13. kinno

    Config.cpp and the ingame GPS

    Hello Commander1985 I spend the same to take the example of bis configs. The solution is this class Grid: Grid ( offsetX = 0 offsetY = 0; Zoom1 class ( zoomMax = 0.15; format = "XY"; formatX = [color="Red"]"[/color]000[color="red"]"[/color]; formatY = [color="red"]"[/color]000[color="red"]"[/color]; stepX = 100; stepY = 100; Regards
  14. Hi guys I have asked this: MadMike.48th But I have no idea how it is done, Do you you could report this? regards Kinno
  15. MadMike.48th Ok madmike. Do not know how this is done, but I find out about and secure as we can fix it. I suggest you visit, the creation of my blog, where I will be discussing everything related to the creation of new land in 20 x 20. I'll be happy to answer all the suggestions that I relate so much in these forums and in my personal blog. Regards