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  1. grensvegter

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Great downloading now,does this also include that "faction"?Thanks for all your work.
  2. very well done looking forward to this mod.
  3. grensvegter

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    Thanks for the help i finally managed to hookup didn't realise you had to be on top of the blastshield to get it to work.The heights are not in the classnames pdf.Thankyou.
  4. grensvegter

    Operation FrenchPoint 3.2

    Congratulations on a superb release having a blast.I cannot seem to get a aircraft to hookup to launch from the carrier landing on it no problem.I also notice the Rafales their wings do not fold like the hawkeye is that correct just wondering?What are the correct heights for placement of objects?thanks.
  5. Great job on latest release just love the new voices some really hilarious quips.Those new loading screens brilliant.Hopefully a new manual is needed especially how to insert specific sounds with a trigger.That navy F4 seems different than the ones shown a long time back,am i right?All in all well done, thankyou.Thanks also to Sickboy for SU really neat tool makes modding a breeze.
  6. This mod is looking great whatever happened to those navy F4s are they also included?Thankyou team for all your hard work.
  7. thanks for this will enjoy tremendously.
  8. its been two weeks time to spill the beans,i'm really curious as to the connection with IL-2.
  9. Well like the Rhodesians i to was a soldier in a conflict not too far away.The opposing forces were the freedom fighters(zANU+zIPRA)I personaly am offended to be regarded as a freedom fighter so could you please call them by their correct name.IS there also a possibility to remove the balaclavas and facemasks,thankyou.
  10. great work looking forward to next release,what are those vehicles those?
  11. Enola Gay was a B29 not a B17 and wrong theater.Absolutely enjoy this mod tremendously especially the different modules,i get the mortars working with the forward observer module but arty does nothing?.thanks for all the work waiting eagerly for next update.
  12. Outstanding job on the on the model and textures,never knew there was a limit on cg-textures.
  13. grensvegter

    ExA RG-31 Mk5

    thankyou very much been waiting all day,impressive.
  14. grensvegter

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5

    amazing work now was there not a release today?