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  1. Anybody want to provide a mirror? Seems the KH one is down atm. Judging from the vids, great mod! keep it up :)
  2. Sorry if Im being dumb here but which version do I use to disable ONLY the blur you get after taking a sprint? That has always bothered me way more than the blur when you move your mouse. Thx for doing this!
  3. Ah, solved it. Thx I used the 'save target as' on the download links on the main page. It saves a .pbo file of around 6kb so I thought I had it. But if I left click on the links it takes you to a new page for download... odd :)
  4. Is there a mod yet that disables only the blur you get from fatigue? I dont mind the other PP effects but the run-blur makes me turn PP off =\
  5. Hmmm, now I'm torn a bit. My FPS is ok so I dont want to get reduced textures but the LOD switching has always been so annoying for me... :)
  6. OverDawg

    VopSound 2.1

    This being worked on to play nice with 1.04?
  7. OverDawg

    Nuclear Bomb Pack

    Awesome. Needs to start with an almost blinding flash though
  8. Hiya, I'm using (or want to use) my xbox controller to fly helo's and jets ingame. However, Arma2 doesn't recognize the controller if you forget to turn it on during startup and turn it on with arma2 running. Even though that is annoying I can live with it. A bigger problem is that when you forget to turn it on it erases all xbox related control settings. Does anyone have a solution for this? It's a real bummer. I guess a solution would be making config files "read only" but that should be a last resort as I'm still fiddling with graphic settings a lot among other things...
  9. Having some trouble with this one. When I add a list of mods and also tag them on the Start tab all I see when I enter MP server is the first mod I have in the list. Also, mod priority. Does High priority mean it get's loaded first or last? Like @CBA is high priority in that it needs to be loaded before other mods. But say HiFi sounds have high priority in that they need to be loaded after another soundmod so it overrides those sounds.... See what I mean? :)
  10. OverDawg

    Weapon smoke replacement

    Ah ok. Thx for clearing that up for me :)
  11. OverDawg

    Weapon smoke replacement

    Mods like these really improve the game. Thx! I want to use this but also your night lighting mod. Both have same key file i.e. saku.bikey Can I just rename one of the files? or how do I use both keys?
  12. Amazing how many people on this forum (and only on this forum) are still making excuses for the poor performance of the Arma2 engine. For the sake of argument, I think comparing it to the Fallout3 engine is fair and just look how that game performs with high res texture packs and uncountable scripts running in the background. To bring up crysis once again; When Cryis was released people more or less accepted that the machine that could run it well didn't exist yet because Crysis was clearly a cut above all other games. Arma2 however, is not. If the "incredibly advanced and complex AI" is to blame for the CPU load and thus low FPS then there would be no improvement expected with any future patches, we'd have to wait for the next CPU to arrive. Logically one reaches the conclusion that the code is not what it should be and reasonable expectations have not been met. The dissapointment is further augmented by the numerous bugs/glitches and general lack of communication by the game's developers. This is why people complain, and rightly so...
  13. OverDawg

    VXR Addons

    Awesome texture! It's 323Sqn though :)