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  1. squishall

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I'd love to debate this forever but we will have to agree to disagree. In the end all that I personally want is for them to fix the way in which the muzzle stays up in the air. It should come down without me forcing it down with my mouse. The sight sway should be less for a rested soldier than for one who just sprinted 20m and when playing as a sniper/marksman the sway should be even less to simulate a better trained/more skilled shooter. I don't know if I am seeing things but I just went into A3 to do some more testing and the muzzle rise does not seem to be as drastic as it was at first. Could they have adjusted it?
  2. squishall

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Coulum..you are forgetting one thing. In A2 it is very easy to see soldiers at just about any range. In A3 camo works much better and it is very difficult to see them at any range. By the time you have picked out a target you are probably dead and that has to do with the unrealistic difficulty of bringing your sights to bear. The complaints of the AI being too accurate I believe extends from this issue of sway and muzzle rise. They don't have to deal with it and therefore are better at engaging quicker and repeatedly. I am finding it very frustrating to have any success. Note that I play with those red enemy octagon thingys off. Finding the enemy is very hard (and realistic I might add). So by bringing the current sway and muzzle rise in line with reality it should lesson the frustration of have the AI always get you before you get them. If I might add..we need to decide what we want in this title. Do we want a high fidelity simulation of modern combat with all that that entails or do we want a Call of Duty. Battlefield 3 type of game with some reality being part of it but not so much that it is inconvenient?
  3. squishall

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I have fired thousands upon thousands of 7.62 as well as 5.56mm and the sight picture has always come back down into position when firing in semi-auto. If it does not do this then you are doing it wrong (positioning, holding, pulling trigger, and /or breathing) In regard to the sway it is also incorrect. I will post a more descriptive comment in another thread but the weapon goes up and down while breathing with some side to side movement and, once you hold your breath (in the prone position), it should be rock steady for a good 3 seconds before it will start to sway again as your muscles fatigue. Obviously, the stronger and fitter you are the longer you can hold it.
  4. squishall

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    This is the feedback about weapon rise that I posted at the A3 site. Just thought to repeat here for those that don not read the feedback stuff ."Let me see if I can explain this better. First, we are not talking recoil here. I wish people would stop calling it that. If you were to mount any rifle on a roller skate and pull the trigger the RECOIL will cause the roller skate to go straight back until the energy ran out. Recoil is straight back so were not talking about that. What we are talking about is muzzle rise, barrel lift, or what ever you wish to call it. The reason the weapon rises up is because the butt of the weapon is in your shoulder and because your shoulder cannot absorb all of the recoil energy the remainder takes the path of least resistance which is upwards with butt as the pivot point. The reason the muzzle moves to the right (for right handed shooters and left for left handed shooters) is due to the rotation of the shoulders/upper body while in the kneeling, standing position. In the prone position (as long as your position is correct) the muzzle does not move to the right is because there is more body weight and back strength behind the weapon. The reason the sight picture comes back to the original (or close to the original) is because when you hold a rifle properly (remember we are assuming the game soldiers are trained properly) your muscles are (for lack of a better word) locked into place. This locking has tremendous strength and resists allowing the weapon to move as much as they can. So when you fire they naturally, and without conscious effort by the shooter, bring the weapon back into its original position (or close to it). I don't mean any offence to anyone but you do not have to consciously bring the weapon back into aim in RL and therefore you should not have to do it in a simulator like Arma. Sorry, I wish I was a little more knowledgeable about the scientific aspects of Physics but there you have it in as simple terms as I can use."
  5. squishall

    The Grenade Thread

    Mac is correct. The time on a grenade from the time the safety lever is released to explosion is 4.5 seconds. So tell me...can you accurately count to 4.5..if so then you are a better man than I. Only in Hollywood movies does any soldier cook off a grenade. On to the grenades in Arma3. They can increase realism by simply not having the things thrown as soon as you hit the G key. In RL grenades are kept in pouches not hanging off your webbing (Hollywood again!), and most soldiers remove the safety clip but add tape around the safety lever for extra..well..safety. So to throw a grenade you need to 1. open pouch and remove grenade (roll over to the side if you are prone to get to the pouch), 2. remove tape, 3. pull safety pin, 4. throw grenade. Takes more than .5 seconds to do. Infantry for 25yrs. I have carried and thrown hundreds of grenades. I would like to think I know what I am talking about.
  6. squishall

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    Chortles.....I have posted this same info on the feedback tracker. I also did a follow up concerning the recoil to muzzle rise relationship but the feedback forum seems to be down. When it comes back on line I will copy and paste what I explained there on these forums. Unfortunately, I find that the feedback gets so watered down. I am not sure if the actual developers wade through the BS to find stuff that can be used to improve the Arma experience. I feel that the current muzzle rise issue will turn people off. Even those that say it is what they want. Once you are in a firefight the idea of proper weapon hold is so that after that first and subsequent rounds in semi-auto fire you do not lose sight of your target (especially when looking through optics). With the muzzle rise the way it is now you def lose sight. Once you lose sight you are dead. In real life I don't have to consciously pull my weapon back down and you should not have to do that with your mouse in Arma.
  7. squishall

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    As a 25yr. Infantryman with a good 10 of those years as a Rifle Company shooting instructor I can confidently say that the current modelling of muzzle rise (notice I didn't say recoil) in Arma 3 is wrong. By the way, it is also poorly done in Arma2 ACE. Note that I have not fired any of the A3 weapons myself in real life. We need to assume that the variables that go into shooting any firearm are equal across the board for each soldier in game. These variables are such things as strength, eyesight, training, experience, fitness, etc. Calibre of round makes very little difference in muzzle rise because (in simple terms) the weapon itself is designed to compensate for the increased power as the calibre goes up. Things such as barrell weight, receiver operating mechanism, position of furniture (forestock, pistol grip, etc.), and many others. In the prone position, wth a rifle, firing single rounds, and holding the weapon properly (which we assume is being done by the game soldier) the weapon will rise straight up and come back down into the same sight picture. The muzzle does not go up and to the right and stay there as it currently does in game. The amount of rise is of little significance in this case; however, I would cut it in half of what it currently is. In the kneeling position unsupported, single round, the muzzle will rise and move slightly to the right but then it will come back down into, relatively, the same sight picture. Once again, in game it is too drastic and needs to be lessened in terms of how much it moves horizontally as well as vertically. In the standing position unsupported, single rounds, the current model is not far off. I could live with it; however, the muzzle will come back down into a very loose ( may be off to the right and a little high) original sight picture. I am not even going to talk about firing a rifle in automatic mode as, even in the prone position, hitting anything greater than 50 metres away is difficult at best. In fact we rarely if ever trained to fire from greater than 25 or 50 metres distance. At that range you need to aim at the lower left (in sitting, kneeling and standing position) of a man size target to have any chance of more than the first round making contact. Automatic fire is an option on modern rifles to be used in house clearing or short range firefights (such as counter-ambush) where amount of lead down range is more important for suppression than accuracy. In regard to LMGs, MMGs, and the like, with bipod being used, and firing from the prone position the weapon comes straight back and does not rise in any significant way. The sight picture vibrates for obvious reasons but that is all. I also must add that firing one of these MGs from anything but the prone position or supported in other positions is a waste of ammo. Only Arnie Swartzeneggar (?) could possible hold one of these up for any period of time while firing auto to be of any use.
  8. squishall

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    I am trying to use the LAW 80 but cannot get the darn thing to go into the secondary weapon slot. It only goes in as a magazine. In my loadout script I have this: _rifle = "ukf_l85a2_susat"; _rifleGL = "ukf_l85a2AG36_susat"; // _rifleGL = "ukf_l85a2k_susat"; _medicrifle = "ukf_l85a2k_susat"; _medicmag = "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; _MG = "ukf_l86a2LSW_susat"; _riflemag = "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; _GLmag = "1Rnd_HE_M203"; _MGmag = "200Rnd_556x45_M249"; _grenade = "HandGrenade_West"; _at = "ukf_law80"; _atmag = "ukf_law80"; Is the class name for the Law-80 correct as I have them?
  9. What is the significance of the Name box on the edit unit screen? What does it do?
  10. Hi Fer, As you know I am trying to add other factions to the assignGear.sqf. Everything works except I keep getting this error in game: _ErrorReport = format ["F2 Config Error: No rusksack available for %1 at this time. Attempted to add %2 of type %3. CONTACT Mission Maker.",_unit, _count, _magazine I have not changed any of the set loadouts for the ST platoons just added specific loadouts for ONS, and USARMY. The error points to the std ST loadouts as well even though I have not changed them in any way. EDIT: never mind. I had a brain fart. All is good.
  11. We have just setup our Forums. Please visit at www.canarmagroup.com
  12. I very impressed with Ace2 The sheer volume of added items is fantastic. A quick question..there are 6(?) satchel charges...are they of different explosive content?
  13. With so many Arma2 groups currently active and many more starting up; CAG wants to offer potential members something different. After a great deal of research into other existing Arma2 groups; the result was the decision to make the following 4 elements the mainstay of CanArmaGroup: 1. DYNAMIC CAMPAIGNS - this means that any given mission we conduct will have an influence on the next mission. Each mission will have an influence on the progression of the bigger picture: the campaign. If we successfully take the airfield then subsequent missions may originate from that airfield, if we fail then we withdraw, re-enforce and try again. In depth planning and competent leadership will be crucial to ensure success. These campaigns will be challenging and the weak of heart need not apply. 2. INTER-ARMA GROUP COOPERATION – instead of attempting to defeat the enemy ourselves we may invite other, respected, Arma2 groups to assist us. This may be through invitation to fill available slots on our server during our sessions or assigning select missions to the other group to conduct on their own servers. Note that this is not an open invite to one and all (as is currently the case in many of the Arma2 groups that advertise “campaignsâ€) rather it is CAG inviting groups we trust and have built a strong relationship with. 3. MULTI NATIONAL UNITS - CAG recognizes that many Arma2 gamers would like to fight while wearing the uniform of their home country. Thanks to the many mods and add-ons available we can offer that option. CAG includes U.S. Army, British Army, and Canadian Army tactical units; both infantry and armour. As we grow, we will introduce others such as Australian and Dutch units. We are currently setting up or looking into the inclusion of game servers in Europe to alleviate time zones and ping levels. 4. COMMUNITY – as important as the actual gaming is; just as important, or maybe even more so, is the forming of a strong gaming community. We want members to feel they are part of a very special group. Showing up and playing then disappearing until next session is not good. Members are expected to contribute, in some way, outside of the actual gaming sessions. Through the use of such communication tools as TeamSpeak and IRC we want members to actually get to know each other. And in doing so contribute to making CAG one of the best and most respected groups around. With all this being said what type of person are we looking for? We are looking for people who demonstrate the following: 1. Maturity – This does not refer to age but to attitude. We are more than happy to accept a 15 year old the same as a 30 year old as long as they have what it takes to contribute to the group. Maturity, in this instance, is about acceptance of other ideas, ability to listen and learn, ability to follow orders/directions without question, meaningful contribution to the community, and supportive of his/her fellow members. 2. Reliable – Obviously, no tactical session will be very good if the majority of members don’t show up. We don’t want someone who is all gung-ho about being part of the group but then is never available to participate in the gaming sessions. This does not mean we expect every person to be at every session; however, a good attendance in the 75% range would be desired. 3. Teamwork – Rambo need not apply. If you are not all in on being part of a team then please go elsewhere. CAG use military tactics and procedure which need teamwork to be successful. There are times when our members are asked to do something or take a game slot that perhaps they are not too excited about. We want members who will see this as a challenge rather than a burden. 4. Community Participation – CAG is not just about the game. It is about community. Being part of that community and contributing to its success is very important. There will be times when the members are asked for their opinion of something or maybe asked to submit an idea to the forums. Doing this is one way to make our group better. A form of chat room will be used as a constant communication medium for our members to interact and get to know each other. The forums will have several topics where members can add their comments, etc. By reading these forums and chatting members will stay up to date on any changes to things such as passwords, Arma2 mods we adopt, procedures, session announcements, campaign updates, etc. Do you fill the requirements? Can CAG offer the experience you are looking for? If so then visit www.canarmagroup.com there you will find information on joining CAG.
  14. squishall

    NEW! Ati Drivers 9.8

    I have gone from 45FPS avg to 52FPS avg with 9.8 and my settings set the same for both tests. This is a huge gain for Arma2 so I am very happy.
  15. squishall

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Rookies...just tell the wife you won it in a draw at your local Comp Shop. This works only once but is quite effective. They get so excited that you won something. Get a buddy to call all official like informing you of your big win. Better yet if the wife answers and you are not home. They tell her about the draw and you are in baby.