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  1. anyone making a replacement pack?
  2. monkfish

    daveygarys Rangers

    @Lao Fei Mao can you make a replacement for regular us army?
  3. monkfish

    Lost Key v72.zulu

    @scottD5800 if you have ldl as a separate mod you need to place the logic on the map best to disable it and use the lost key
  4. monkfish

    Lost Key v72.zulu

    astounding! what do the w_c1_r4 etc buttons do?
  5. monkfish

    Lost Key v72.zulu

    got mando cas working you were right = bandages etc only appear when using ace excellent addon
  6. monkfish

    Lost Key v72.zulu

    really, really good two things; 1 bandages are automatically added to my gear when this is active 2 how to use mando CAS, get an error about no "give me console"
  7. monkfish

    Lost Key v72.zulu

    looking excellent would like to beta test
  8. monkfish

    Lost Key v72.zulu

    excellent addon but does it add/enable some sort of (ace)wound system automatically?
  9. monkfish

    SAM / Nordin addons

    cannot extract SAFDS files, says it is corrupted
  10. same here with the grenades can throw them while crouching but not standing
  11. monkfish

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    just cant get this to work engine constantly on initializing
  12. have to say the new tank catastophic explosion is excellent i play single player and i dont think i would play as much without ACE absolutely excellent mod andjust just to let you know it is really appreciated
  13. had this happen as well installed latest six updater and it updated fine
  14. has anybody been able to get rid of the camera shaking?
  15. got it working again, thanks absolutely brilliant, loved it in arma 1, now to do some misions