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  1. bobocz

    Take On Mars - New BIS Game

    Zing.cz has preview Based on modification for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission made by Martin Melicharek then it became standalone experimental game. Game use Carrier Command engine. Price 10 Euro and it will be available on steam. Other facts only from google translator ;): http://translate.google.cz/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&prev=_t&hl=cs&ie=UTF-8&u=http://www.zing.cz/preview/1017/take-on-mars-ruda-planeta-ceka
  2. bobocz

    New ArmA 3 ARG started?

    from this page http://www.procarhire.com/destination_guide/Agios_Efstratios/ Taverna?
  3. bobocz

    Media Coverage | No discussion here!

    Eurogamer.cz visited BI Brno Studio http://www.eurogamer.cz/articles/reportaz-pribeh-mapovani-reckeho-ostrova-pro-arma-3 google translator (to english) It is only reportage about making Limnos map. You can see Arma 3 team there and mainly it seems that Ivan is back in work there :). We can expect some proper preview soon. I think I'm not going to translated it, but you might haven't seen yet old PCgamer preview from august so here it is. http://www.mediafire.com/view/?6pd52u4wtw743j2 http://www.mediafire.com/view/?kn6fl4n6h19x3mh http://www.mediafire.com/view/?b8fwiz8v8qleowx http://www.mediafire.com/view/?m9ttmgr8mdcpkhd
  4. bobocz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Interesting twitter conversation ;). Is it really him? If so, he was double agent and actually worked for BIS during OF2 development. :p
  5. Here you are, hope that the link works. http://www.mediafire.com/?t00m7la8vpp2i38
  6. Thanks for DLC! Challenge accepted. TT11 Shreek noisecontrollers' time already smashed, my time is 4:03.488. I think noisecontrollers' time in that case is too conservative, as the first time trial is f... hard ;). D4NK4FqSXtE Enjoy new DLC and music is great.
  7. bobocz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    eEMsNP04fJM Done! ;) Source: original TV mpeg-ts stream 720x576 25fps ~5000kbps. Best what we can get, unfortunatly ÄŒT2 is not HD yet :(. Maximally I can also upload somewhere original mget-ts stream. ^^ Sorry Purepassion, but I can make it private, if you want ;).
  8. bobocz

    Media Coverage | No discussion here!

    http://nzgamer.com/pc/features/1086/arma-3-developer-interview.html Nzgamer: Arma 3 Developer Interview
  9. bobocz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Hey he said its "obviously obvious" and the island is pretty obvious to me.But Blu3sman is probably right. "Spartan Trail" aim to the east, also jets fly that way, so ...... expansion, new map from Turkey or even Iran? :confused: Wishfull thinking.
  10. Thanks, that was exactly my problem.
  11. Thanks! I made quick test. Even helicopters from Arma 2 are included in free flight :). I think that ui.pbo, uifonts.pbo are better to take out from addons folder, otherwise UI is somehow damaged, or maybe I made something wrong.
  12. bobocz

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Just one small thing, I think that right car has window down. Hopefully it is also breakable. Regarding shadow, I'm now/still non-believer, it can be anything ;). I like story, looks promising .
  13. Ragawolf posted some magazine scan with Arma3 article on http://forums.gametrailers.com , not so much new info, but Ivan confirmed underwater shooting . Probably not posted here yet.
  14. If I remember correctly Ivan Buchta said in one czech video (spring pre-E3 one from last year), that RV4 engine had some new streaming technology, so that if they had some other island that you could sail or fly to the other island. So now it seems that they have other island so we can be surprised.
  15. I was a little bored (Friday), so I decided to find out real location from L159 picture. And surprisingly it seems that it is not Limnos. I don't know if it was mentioned before. You have to search south from the Limnos ;). Interesting :). added: Everybody who find real location should not to tell anything, keep secret at least for a while ;).