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  1. This addon was created as a vehicle for me to learn config editing, it's purpose is simply to add the Chernarus National Police faction to the West. Created to fill a gap left by the civilian police added by BIS, they are intended as a simple addition for mission makers looking for a more useful police officer. It adds six units at the moment, although I'm planning to add more in the future: CNP Men: chrn_plce1 - Police Officer 1 chrn_plce2 - Police Officer 2 chrn_plce3 - Police Officer 3 chrn_plce4 - Police Officer 4 chrn_plce5 - Police Officer 5 chrn_plce5 - Police Officer 6 chrn_plce_mrksmn - Police Marksman chrn_snrpofficer - Senior Police Officer I have experienced no bugs in my testing, but I'm only one person, so if anyone finds any please let me know. Changes - v0.4: Added peacetime units, armed only with pistols Issues: The unit icons are currently that of the Guerilla faction, I'm still a beginner, and I'm looking into how I can add custom icons unique to these units. (Fixed) Wound textures do not show, to be corrected for next version. (Fixed) Create .bisign for each addon. (Fixed) Downloads: http://www.sendspace.com/file/hgobxy CNP Vehicles 0.1: This is now a separate addon. It's a WIP; it's functional but still has texture changes that need to be done. lae_cnp_lada - Patrol Car (Lada) lae_cnp_golf - Patrol Car (Golf) lae_cnp_hmmwv - Armoured Patrol Car (HMMWV) Requires: CNP Men and SDU. Issues: Needs some new textures. Downloads: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g1tta5 SDU 0.4: lae_cnp_com1 - Team Leader lae_cnp_com2 - Marksman lae_cnp_com3 - Automatic Rifleman lae_cnp_com4 - Operator lae_cnp_com5 - Operator (GL) lae_cnp_com6 - Operator (M1014) Changes: Changed some of the textures. Changed to the ACE weapons, they're a bit shinier. Fixes: Added the accessories such as map and NVGs that I forgot last time. Downloads: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jeibxy Mk 48 Reskins See here for some pictures ------------- What It Does: ------------- Adds two 'new' Mk48 Mod 0 reskins. Classnames: lae_mk_48_black. lae_mk_48_mix. Because, I really couldn't be bothered to make any ammo boxes for these*, to use them you need to use the AddWeapon commands, if you don't know what these are, please consult the BI Wiki. *If anybody wants to make some and have them included in here, contact me and I'll release them with ammo boxes. ----------- Disclaimer: ----------- If this breaks and/or fucks up your computer, I take no responsibility at all. Use this at your own risk. -------- Credits: -------- All artwork is the property of BIS. The token config work is mine. If you want edit it or release your own version of this, ask me. I'll say, yes. http://www.sendspace.com/file/6apjg8 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10049 Mirrors welcome.
  2. That sentence doesn't even make sense.
  3. Not always. I've done requests without posting until they're done. Besides, even if no one has done it, you're asking somebody to do it, nobody has to, you're not entitled to it so chill out and be patient.
  4. Stop whining - Reasons to stop whining: 1, completing a request takes time. 2, not all requests get completed - Look back you'll see plenty of complaining. 3, these requests are optional, if nobody's interested then tough luck.
  5. Laertes

    Tier 1-DLC

    No, sorry, I'm not 12.
  6. Laertes

    6 DLC Suggestions (incl. USMC) POLL

    Insurgents/OpFor, for me.
  7. It isn't just you. You can make a replacement pack that sets the recoil of each pistol to that of the vanilla M9 or M1911 (or M4 if you wanted).
  8. It's a replacement pack what sort of updates are you expecting?
  9. Laertes

    Chechen Rebels

    It's possible but I'm a bit strapped for time as it is, so, for now I'll stick with the Independent version. Maybe in a couple of weeks when I have more time, though ;)
  10. Laertes

    Class BodyArmor

    This is a fantastic idea. It would certainly be a step up from the basic hit-point system.
  11. Is Planck airbase the same as FOB Planck?
  12. That sounds more like Manchester than Sheffield :p
  13. Laertes

    Chechen Rebels

    If Stagler isn't interested/doesn't want to, I'll be happy to.
  14. If you're doing it just for this request, I can save you the time mate, I made two a few months ago. OA and CO.
  15. 1. Yes, just extract the contents of the folder into the RH folder. 2. The vanilla MP5 will appear as the RH MP5 - See the above pictures for comparison.
  16. Awesome. I had wondered about the sound problem :p
  17. Laertes

    US Infantry - 2008

    That's basically just a small config error in the replacement pack. I'll be honest I have no intention of updating it at the moment, but if you ignore that error it should still work fine.
  18. And in the OA campaign, and in the OA credits.
  19. I'm going to assume you don't mean config-wise and so I'd recommend reading this - Courtesy of Kylania.
  20. Edited with sanctimonious tone noted.
  21. Nope. That was a hoax. A very old hoax. That's an Mi-26. Mil V-12. The biggest helicopter ever built.