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  1. Hi, I've heard that in ArmA II people can use proxies to get their addons over the polygonal limit in ArmA. How can I add these and what are the disadvantages? I've tried to use the search button but still nothing serious pops up.
  2. Hey, this is something I really wanted to have so I made it and here I share it with you. Its a jetpack. It might be fictional but nevertheless its great! Vehicles? Who needs vehicles? If you have to evade the police, use the jetpack! It goes up fast and comes down at the same rate if you're happen to be under fire, since its not amoured. The handling is not bad but a real challenge, thats why I call it the crazy horse. But in the hands of a skilled "Jetpacker" this thing can prove wonderful, and you will learn to like it. Updated Download:
  3. Hello, my question might sound simple but I just don't get it: How to make a costum vehicle work with the artillery module?
  4. The terrain is rough. Very rough. Yet you just can't drop your ammunation, you'll need it afterwards. You've never been in such a situation before. But theres an invention thats made, to make your life a lot easier: ATVs! They are the definition of freedom and unlimited mobility! No compromise! Download Link Version 1.5 http://www.mediafire.com/?m2ndjywtmtn: The Version still contains bugs and errors but if you do not mind the few, not gameplay breaking errors, then give this definitely a go! Have fun!
  5. Hello, one thing I have been wondering myself since OFP: In the unit menu, where unit 2, 3,4,5 etc. are shown, why is my own character there shown as well when I have the command. I don't know what I can order myself or how this does help me. Do you?
  6. Still I fail to give myself orders!
  7. Only because when you are swimming people would think that another oil spill occured, thats no reason to become a racist. I only had to watch your video for a few seconds to know that you have had spent time in the prison. Your fighting and jungle tactics unfortunately do not really help you against more advanced oppressors, so what can you do? Putting up these lame videos do not truely show profession but more jackassiness, who are you trying to persuade with your m(l)otions?
  8. Takko

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    That would be the best possible case, cause right now I'm counting in centuries.
  9. Hello guys, Forget my old text: Campaign fully playable now! If anyone is up to that task: It'd be much appreciated and you can put the mirror of your fixed version up then. Download be up very soon![/i] This campaign does feature cutscenes for all of its many missions, and although it seems quite long, it is perfect for a weekend or afternoon, as you can beat it in less than 2 hours-if you want. For people who want to enjoy every tiny detail, the 2 hours can quickly extent into 20 hours, to experience every single bit of the missions. Download recommended! Download Link Updated
  10. If thats directed at me, then thats not true, I even sent him a message telling him he read my words in a wrong manner and telling him to keep his head up. Personal life is always more important than addonmaking. And since his relationship sunk like the Titanic, he has enough reasons to take a big break.
  11. If you are in need of buildings, that is might be what you are looking for. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10638&highlight=TKS+BUILDING
  12. No problem! I hope you understand that I just hope you don't quit making addons as you quit your relationship.
  13. Takko

    Weird artifacts on S3

    Problem solved, I gave him my old GTX 260
  14. Hey, a friend of mine has got a new graphics card. Although I suggested him to go with the bigger companies like Nvidia or ATI, he went for a S3 Chrome 500. The performance is said to be comparable to an ATI 5x. He is just able to play the game on low to very low and has weird artifacts (like very big sized black and white boxes) showing up. Drivers are newest. (Newest: 2008) Got any idea on how to solve that problem? Especially the low performance?
  15. The 3. picture looks so realistic with the water and all.
  16. Takko

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    This slogan is surely...innovative. Kind of.
  17. As the thread title suggests, most accelerations in this game are a) way too high b) too low I am especially talking about the tanks and APC's here. That LAV 25 is faster from 0-50 than a Mercedes C220 (When in reality, the time to get from 0-30 km/h is just under 10 seconds). Since Operation Arrowhead and ArmA II are released since a long time, I'm talking about a potential successor to these games. What do you think? Would it be bad gameplay wise or would you like to see proper accelerations for the vehicles displayed in the game?
  18. I hope that this big town does also have a lot attention to the detail, which is mostly not the case. Its a SU 76 tank. Relatively old but still kicking.
  19. Takko

    [CAMP] The Jetpack Story

    Sorry to write back so late.
  20. Nod Units HMMWV looks good, hope you do not experience any serious problems regarding texturing. I'm trying myself on a tank. The goal is to have less than 8000 polys, with gunner interior (since the turret is open to the top)