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  1. Ohhhhh I like this idea where you are going. You start off with cheap weapons and the more contracts you take on and complete the more cash you get to buy better weapons and vehicles. Maybe you can start to upgrade your camp or shop with better gear, structures, etc. Maybe occasionally some hired mercs come after you because you are competition or somebody put a contract on you. I will definitely help you test it out. Will you be using the strategic map?
  2. cobra4v320

    Defuse the Bomb

    As stated in the disclaimer in the 1st post this script can be edited tweeked and redone at your hearts content. Just share with the community. My MP scripting skills are pretty bad. I havent really got into MP mission making yet. ---------- Post added at 20:55 ---------- Previous post was at 20:52 ---------- Also, I would still like to do a wire cutting sequence, if anybody wants to help out or has ideas please let me know. I havent completely figured it out yet. I would like to add a picture over the wire once its cut actually showing a cut wire. I havent even looked into it yet. Maybe later tonight.
  3. I cant wait to try your campaign IndeedPete. I have looked through the maze of files and scripts that BI uses, its almost like a part time job. Looks like a lot of moving parts. I hope to take this on at some point as well.
  4. I suggest you use notepad++ you would have discovered the issue fairly quickly. Too many comas or comas not in the right place. [] spawn { scriptName "initMission.hpp: mission start"; //start intro music playMusic "mymusic"; 10 fadeMusic 0.8; //set side colors private ["_colorWest"]; _colorWest = WEST call BIS_fnc_sideColor; //set transparency for colors _colorWest set [3, 0.73]; //start establishing shot [ [1219.54,8842.99], "Nato Amphibious Assault,|something here,|something here", // SITREP text 50, // altitude 100, // radius 120, // viewing angle 1, // movement [ ["a3ui_fdatamapmarkersnatob_inf.paa", _colorWest, markerPos "nato", 1, 1, 0, "nato", 0] ] ] spawn BIS_fnc_establishingShot; waitUntil {!isnil "BIS_fnc_establishingShot_playing" && {!BIS_fnc_establishingShot_playing}}; 8 fadeMusic 0; };
  5. Condition: hasWeapon On act: Task complete stuff Or you can do: secondaryWeapon player != ""
  6. Ah you are correct. This is what I get: FSMCompiler: compiling FSM Project Splendid FSMCompiler - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s) Error: Configuration file C:\BIS\FSMEditor\campaignFSMA3.cfg does not found
  7. cobra4v320

    AI detection

    Most .45 ammo is already subsonic I cannot remember what FPS the round has to be but I believe its in the 700 range. I'm sure a simple google search would turn up results. I have tried my hand at making a stealth mission already and from my results the best way to remain stealth is to never fire your weapon. If you do get noticed you better toss frags, mag dump (violence of action), and make the AI wish they were never created then get out of the area.
  8. cobra4v320


    Just an idea to get you started: if (uniform player == "civilian clothes name here") then {player setcaptive true}; Check out the uniform command. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/uniform
  9. I see what you mean its not listed under the FSM editor. Can you copy paste the description.fsm from misison_f_epa\campaign delete out whats in there and use it? Wouldnt it still be a compaignFSMA3.cfg? Im just guessing here but maybe you can try that route.
  10. I see what you mean, there would have to be another check in the waituntil command to see if the projectile was still alive. I hope this at least gets you going in the right direction. Also rather than using setpos you can just delete the projectile. this addEventHandler [ "Fired", { _projectile = _this select 6; [_projectile] spawn { private ["_projectile"]; _projectile = _this select 0; waitUntil {_projectile distance artyStopper < 30 + (random 50) or !(alive _projectile)}; _blast = createVehicle ["HelicopterExploSmall", position _projectile, [], 0, "NONE"]; deleteVehicle _projectile; }; } ];
  11. I placed a truck named artyStopper. I placed a static mortar with this in its init line: this addEventHandler [ "Fired", { _projectile = _this select 6; [_projectile] spawn { private ["_projectile"]; _projectile = _this select 0; waitUntil {_projectile distance artyStopper < 30 + (random 50)}; _blast = createVehicle ["HelicopterExploSmall", position _projectile, [], 0, "NONE"]; _projectile setPos [0.00,0.00,0.00]; }; } ]; So I simulated a blast then moved the artillery round off the map.
  12. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BI_Tools_2.5
  13. Creating a scriptedFSM Click on FsmAttributes Click on compile config Click on browse You need to find your BI tools folder, mine is C:\program Files x86\Bohemia Interactive\Tools\FSM Editor Personal Edition Then click on scriptedFSM.cfg, click the select button. Then click OK. Go back up to FsmAttributes click on FSM Name and give your FSM a name. For example: missionFlow.fsm Now click on the save button. Name of FSM should now be missionFlow.fsm Now the file name should be missionFlow.fsm Save as type should be compiled FSM (*.fsm) Save the file to somewhere you can find it like your desktop. Click the select button. You should now have a compiled FSM on your desktop. You can now move it to your mission folder and start to edit the fsm. Some things to take note of: A condition should never lead to another condition. When you try to compile it you will get an error. A condition should always be followed by a state. You cannot use commands like sleep, waitUntil, or while in an FSM. We can however trick the FSM by using a timeout. In one of your statement boxes you would put: _t = time; You would then create a user condition which would be: time > _t + 15 This will stop the FSM for 15 seconds. If you want to use waitUntil, sleep, or a while loop you will have to spawn it in one of the statement boxes like so: [] spawn { some stuff goes here... sleep maybe}; Here is a small missionFlow example where you have to kill two officers. The stuff in the top right is just for reference. This FSM is also in a loop. When an FSM is in a loop and a condition is met, we then have to stop that condition from being true again otherwise it will continue to loop through the condition OVER AND OVER AND OVER. So in the start state (RED BOX) above I put: _officerOneDead = false; _officerTwoDead = false; The condition diamonds (YELLOW) would be like this: !(alive officerOne) && !(_officerOneDead) The state (WHITE BOX) would be like this: _officerOneDead = true; ["Task_One","succeeded"] call bis_fnc_missionTasks; The third and final condition checks to see if both officers are dead. If they are the script will terminate (ORANGE BOX). In the orange box I have: "end1" call bis_fnc_endMission; Anyways I hope some of this is helpful to somebody. Once you have the basics down start ripping into BI showcase missions and looking at their FSMs I have learned alot from them.
  14. Under the debug console go under watch and type in: typeOf cursorTarget Aim at the building in question then go back to the debug console. In quotations should be your building classname. Doesnt work with all map objects. ---------- Post added at 01:15 ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 ---------- You can also use the nearestBuilding command.
  15. Dont use IDs problems solved. Get the position of the object and use its classname instead of ID. _someBuilding = [position numbers] nearestObject ["Land_nameHere",10]; _someBuilding addEventHandler [ "handleDamage", { if ((_this select 4) == "demoCharge_remote_ammo" or (_this select 4) == "satchelCharge_remote_ammo") then {(_this select 0) setDamage 1}; } ]; The code I posted above might be off Im just guessing.
  16. I swear FSMs are ridiulously easy to make. Just make sure you have the BI tools installed. Xeno made a little FSM example that is here on the interwebs somewhere. If I can find it I will post it here. It is easier to put your tasks together and actually visiualize what is going on. For example open up the showcase_scuba and you can see how they run the missionflow.fsm and also have another fsm controlling the mines deactivation. Showcase_fixedwings also has a couple of fsms that control livefeed and a number of other functions. This link might not be working. http://rte.jonasscholz.de/blog/rte.jonasscholz.de/blog/2009/11/03/new-to-arma-2-fsm-scripted-fsm-by-xenohtml.html Looks like xeno said he has to fix his tutorial: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?144316-FSM-editor-problem&p=2272751&viewfull=1#post2272751
  17. cobra4v320

    scopes in description.ext

    I would check under the shared files for the campaign. You would think it would work like you posted above but it doesnt. I know how they do it I will post later when Im back at home.
  18. Perhaps using fired eventhandler or using nearestObjects.
  19. cobra4v320

    AI detection

    Shooting with a suppressor will lower the decibel level down to hearing safe (140dB) especially on a rifle. I own an AAC M42000 I only shoot my rifles with a silencer. It is still very noticeable shooting with a silencer and you still have the crack of the bullet. I have not tried shooting it wet yet but not very practical in a combat environment. Shooting with a .45 silenced using subsonic ammo is not as noticeable. I hope that this makes it into the game in some way shape or form. I was also in OIF 1 in 2003, first time I was shot at they were using suppressed AK47s. I knew the direction they were shooting at us from but there was zero muzzle flash, still a very noticeable bullet crack.
  20. cobra4v320

    Use Demo Charge Only to blow

    Looks like you have too many brackets []; _TAG_ammobox addEventHandler [ "handleDamage", { if ((_this select 4) == "demoCharge_remote_ammo") then {(_this select 0) setDamage 1}; } ];
  21. An FSM is just like a trigger using a condition and a statement. Here are some FSM resources that might help you: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/FSM https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/FSM_Editor_Manual https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/execFSM
  22. I'm working on a dialog and was wondering if there is any way to use custom sounds with any of the options below: soundEnter[] = {"",0,1}; soundClick[] = {"",0,1}; soundEscape[] = {"",0,1}; soundPush[] = {"",0,1}; I know these require the root mission directory and if I put it in they work fine. Looks like this: D:\Documents\Arma 3\missions\missionName.Stratis\sounds\soundname.ogg The above works great for me but if someone has their files in a different folder it wont play the sounds. I have tried using killzone kids method of finding the root directory located here. MISSION_ROOT = call { private "_arr"; _arr = toArray str missionConfigFile; _arr resize (count _arr - 15); toString _arr }; I tried doing this as well with no luck: soundClick[] = {"MISSION_ROOT + sounds\soundname.ogg",1,1}; I guess the easiest way to get a custom sound with a button click is just doing: onButtonClick = "playSound ""soundName"""; I think I know the answer but if anybody has a solution please let me know.
  23. cobra4v320

    countdown timer help

    Here is hours, minutes, and seconds with color. hintSilent parseText format["<t color='#ffffff'> Time Left %1</t>", [_time/(60*60)+.0001,"HH:MM:SS"] call BIS_fnc_timetostring]; I would also do this so the time ends on all zeros. while {_time > - 1} do { code here
  24. Well then use what I posted above: DMRTargets = [T1,T2,T3,T4,T5]; {_x addEventHandler ["Hit",{DMRTargets = DMRTargets - (_this select 0)}]} forEach DMRTargets; Im guessing you are using some sort of a timer? How long do you have to make these shots?
  25. this addEventHandler ["Hit",{[_this select 0] execVM "removeTarget.sqf"}]; removeTarget.sqf private "_target"; _target = _this select 0; if ((_target animationPhase "terc") == 0) then {_smoke = "smokeShellPurple" createVehicle (getPos _target)};