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    Editor improvement suggestions.

    Players being able to quickly make enjoyable and complex missions is also fun, I understand if it extremely technical but something as widely useful as changing the gear of a unit via menu is something that can be made easier while in no way making it any less complex, this whole idea of "we have to keep it difficult so it takes extra time to learn" just seems slightly elitist if I am to be honest :o But I do understand, keeping the actual depth of the editor is a must, and would still allow people to learn and master it :)
  2. chris64

    Editor improvement suggestions.

    Those things would be great, being able to choose the units in a vehicle using a simple menu AS WELL AS through scripting would be a massive timesaver and help to many people. These kind of features don't make the game any more childish or dumbed down, they just make it easier for people who don't have time to learn the scripting language to make better missions :)
  3. chris64


    These are great, I don't know much about PhysX but would all these things technically be possible in ArmA III with the addition of PhysX? Or would they require fundamental changes to the coding of the game?
  4. This sums up my thoughts perfectly. It seems that many people in this community are strangely proud of being willing to put up with some of the annoying niggles of the game, and they seem to think that the only people not playing are "COD kiddies" and not people who love the idea of the game but just get put off by the lack of help/features to help make the game more enjoyable/easier to play with others. They also seem to be wishing that the ArmA community remains small for some reason, as though they are actually wishing a lack of success upon BIS?
  5. chris64

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Oh my god that is AWESOME. I really like the idea where you first climb onto the top of the tank, then go to the hatch, would stop people being able to magic themselves into a tank instantly, the problem I suppose would be getting the AI to do the same :p .
  6. chris64

    Customizable Soldier Load ( seriously?? )

    Is that true? Wow the new DirectX's are pretty freakin awesome.
  7. chris64


    Those PR pictures seem to indicate that keys can still be used to perform actions, that Project Reality system actually looks like the best of both worlds.
  8. chris64

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    A well done radial menu (a la BF2) would be a godsend and would make me unreasonably happy :D Also I would really like it if BIS transferred as many improvements to the engine brought by TOH to ArmA3 as possible, I suppose as long as they weren't major features that would actually negatively affect sales of TOH if used in ArmA. This might have been confirmed by someone but i'm not really sure.
  9. chris64

    Arma 3 engine

    Well said. In an interview Marek Spanel was saying that with this iteration they really want to iron out the things with the engine that annoyed the community, I certainly hope this is true, if BIS can fix some of the niggles then I will be playing for a long long (long) time.
  10. chris64

    Customizable Soldier Load ( seriously?? )

    Radial menus would indeed be a huge leap forward in intuitiveness, shame people like to just yell about how it is somehow "consolising" the game with nothing to back them up.
  11. chris64

    Pistol holster animation......

    they don't even need to hire more staff, I thought they had well over 100 or nearly 200 people working at BIS now, I'm sure they could find the time to do both
  12. chris64

    180 turn animation for AI

    God those animations are so goood. Cannot wait for this and arma 3, finally two reasons to upgrade my pc! (and RO2 of course)
  13. chris64

    180 turn animation for AI

    excellent idea. running behind an enemy and watching them slowly turn around like an old man almost made me feel sorry for them.
  14. chris64

    Arma 3 engine

    You do know it's possible that both games can be good? You don't have to defend ArmA against any game that could also be fun. I for one will be buying both (crazy I know!!! :eek: )
  15. chris64

    E3 - Arma 3?

    That sea is really fantastic omg why is everything making me so excited