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    Arma 3 && Multithreading!!

    I thought a server , had input from many user , which to me means threads or input from a external core plus the number of users , to me this is multithreading but looking from outside of the box . Also this is not a one way thing as the server has to also send instruction and receive them also from many users , if looked at as the whole system being many thread/cores talking to the main thread/core , there is multithreading for AI . Pr sniper had a point about splitting the map into 4 , but as most people only have four core cpus i would say splitting the map into two , where one core does most of the which for its section , while you still maintain the main thread on its own core , that is the thread which does all the main calculations in regards to position , state and all other things that are calculated by that thread ..... A example would be , can you play two of the same games on the same pc but on different screens ? yes you can with virtual box or what ever its called , so i could have input to the same two games at the same time , how could i play half of each game ?.. Multithreading is not impossible , but may be harder than the normal way programmers have learnt to program , but i have been told it is difficult ....
  2. I have been reading this post , in the past i have had some problems with my computer , once i found i could run some programs very well and others not to well , it came to a point where i was about to upgrade but first i decided to check all connections in my computer , i found that my heatsink and fan was not connection properly , just one clip from one side of my heatsink was creating the problems .... what i found that help most for arma was ( page filing ) only being set to my fastest harddrive , which wasn't the hard drive my OS and game was running from , now i also use ram disk just for the page file , as you said in your other posts that other games run fine , i think your page is set to the drive arma is running from with only so much memory left on that drive , i believe it would create problems also having the page file coming from the same drive with so little memory left on that drive ....
  3. I made a mission and decided to edit it with some artillery , when i addd the artillery and started the mission i got a mission saying debug initialized , Ok that was fine i decided to delate the artillery but still got the same message ,now all my missions have this message for some strange reason, anyway i thought i would make a new mission to see what happened , so i started with the artillery and a few friendly units , so far so good as i tested, then i added the enemy units a tank with some way points and tested the mission , , i got the same stupid message again debug initializing , debug initialized , i wanted to know what is wrong , i am starting to get the feeling i need to reinstall this game , i use ace mod , cba , and celle island plus mando missile. i need help as i have no clue why this is happening .... ---------- Post added at 03:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:48 PM ---------- how can i turn it off ?
  4. i wanted to know , when making a mission i use arma edit to add weapons etc to the the gear of my units , i can add binoculars to units at load up screen , the problem is i can not get binoculars in any weapons crates .. how can i solve this problem .. plus is arma2 edit the same as arma tools , as i have yet used arma2 edit ... its all confusing but getting my head around things .. thanks for your help ...
  5. was wondering if someone could make a small island which is just one big city ? doesn't have to be that big a island , 2 miles sq will do ...... and not forgetting a small base at one end of it ,,,enough for some tanks to to fit inside the base .. thanks
  6. I am wishing to know a script for lifting vehicles , as i know this can be done , pleaSE CAN SOMEBODY HELP .... ? ---------- Post added at 03:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:54 PM ---------- Just wannted to say after much searching the internet i found what i was looking for ..http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9060
  7. i wanted to know if anybody can help , i am the high commander in a mission i made to play with some friends later on tonight , but when i die i can't use the high command system anymore ,, i am no expert and just leaning like many others , is there a way to still command units or whole army with high command after i die then respawn into another unit ? this is really stopping my creative fun
  8. cnickcj

    High Command instructions?

    what happens when my commander dies , and i am unable to command the whole army in a user made missions ? how can i vote or make another unit the commander of the army ? i am making missions just to play with friends ....
  9. cnickcj

    Addon Query

    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6649 , this what i use for addons etc ..
  10. cnickcj

    Console version of ARMA 2

    when a company makes more money , it is able to expand , thus more departments and more products ...
  11. maybe somebody should make panthera 2 without these yellow hog trees , just for you... i am going to try island " Quesh-kibrul" today, it is only 32 mb ... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8698
  12. cnickcj

    we need this for xbox360

    just to add , i play arma2 on pc but arma2 could run on a xbox , with a island like everon or utas and maybe even duala , you couldn't run really big missons on a xbox 360 , but i believe arma2 could run on a xbox360 with only 100 Ai max , on my pc i could have Ai planes tanks etc coming out of my ears , or atleast battles that last for 3 hours with waves of Ai coming in coming in coming in non stop .lol but if a xbox 360 had a little more ram it may be a different story , well because the xbox only has to run games and if a pc never had to load windows etc etc we would see amazing results from arma2
  13. i have a problem with everon , when i look at the ground bright and i turn to look at a hill goes very dark . if i am flying its fine ... i am wondering what makes this happen , i got told it was hr problems and to edit the cfg file and change hr from 8 to 32 . well i think this is one of the biggest problem for me at the moment , ground is bright and if the were a army running down the hill as i looked up , it would be game over ..
  14. so far we found everon was the best with low end pcs , well my friend thinks this is the case , still it would be nice for somebody to make a really nice island for very low end pcs ,. well i mean maybe only four different types of trees , and flat ground as grass and also only a few different building types , . if this was the case a lot more ppl would be able to run the game at a fair speed ... maybe i should of named this tread , all arma2 noobies like me can find useful information to make your experience better :-)
  15. i added duala island and made my first misson , i spent some time on this misson , i even lost sleep over it , lol .. now to add the ace mod and some other mods and hopefuly get my friends from xbox to do the same ... what i now what to know is what is the smallest island ? as my friends computer isn't that good but can run the game , i think he will have a better experience with a smaller island ..