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  1. An amazing ,french movie about resistance during ww2. U must see it
  2. Hi, i have a little question, i have dvd boxes for Arma2 and OA, i have a combined operation shortcut. I installed OA in the default directory but when i want to play multiplayer using combined operation shortcut i cant see the arma2 servers. Is it normal, must i do something to solve this problem? Note that i have the arma2 missions and campain when i use the combined operation shortcut. Thx for ur help.
  3. cheritto

    Project Reality Development

    Very ambitious project, i hope the PR arma team will be able to achieve it. Better communication system, better gameplay, better wound system as obectives, i cant understand why some guys are complaining. Dont listen negative cristism and believe in ur dreams :D
  4. cheritto

    Project Reality Development

    I tested today for the first time the devastation mission coop on [RIP] server, it is very cool and u feel the PR inspiration in it. It s very promising if the same team works on PR project for arma. I dont understand why this mission is not more played on multiplayer server. I hope that the Pr "label" and the PR public relation will bring a lot of people for this kind of mission.
  5. cheritto

    Project Reality Development

    I just hope that it s not a well prepared April 1st Joke.
  6. Thx for the tips, i m not a pro with the editor
  7. Where r these empty sections i can t find it ?
  8. I didn t find jeeps for us and german. R there jeeps ? I remember u had great jeeps and trucks from FFstudio in Arma 1 version. Did they not authorize u to use their work for arma 2 or u hadnt import it yet? A bug: Catalina dont have texture for me
  9. Thx for this, and to all addon maker who participated. I had a crash to desktop with something like " 101 light "message. Crash to desktop with message cannot open file for Aq steam engine
  10. Wtf, u dont communicate in the 31 mod team ?
  11. A torrent release is possible, it works pretty well. Thx for ur work and hope u ll find some all kind of mission makers.
  12. Without game mod i think the release is less interessant: of course i will play some units in editor but then what will i do alone with ww2 addons. Of course people will release mission but none as good as Ripest's one :D I think that without gamemod the community will be more divided and less active and wont be able to play together, which is a the goal of a game such Arma. the game mod will be the cement of ur mod and his community. When u look where people plays in multiplayer, its principaly warefare.
  13. I think u should polish the ww2 warefare game mod, that is in my opinion the best game experience for a game like arma. I think it would be a mistake to release all your addons without a consistent game mod even if i m sure that people will release misions with your material. Dont listen to the impatient and stick with ur initial plans.
  14. can u show us the StalkerGB's unit while we wait the release :confused::D ?