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    Military Discussion Thread

    You should not state things as fact when they are not...if you don't have a source knowing that this guy was simply not an insurgent with kids (insurgents can have kids you know) and not an innocent bystander trying to help. Like I said they don't have rules, they would bring children to a warzone...and this was a well established warzone by this time. If you don't have a source stating this was a civilian taking children to school...why didn't they stay home from school in a warzone?? who goes to school at a 11am?? Like I said you shouldn't make things up that aren't there unless you have a source.
  2. cjsoques

    Military Discussion Thread

    Walker you have no source stating the fact that this van was completely innoncent. Read the military report I said. They never mentioned anything you say about the van being kids going to school. Find the reference where you found this information. The report also mentioned that the ground troops were under constant fire (throughout the entire engagement 1000 to 1330 or so)...even while investigating the bodies after the Apache attack. The apache attack was only one small part of the engagement in the area. If you are only going off of the wikileaks video and site you are going off of heavily biased information that is cleaned and edited to see it a certain way. Read the report.
  3. cjsoques

    Military Discussion Thread

    Easy there :) Not condemning or labeling them and if you took the time to see my other posts you would see that I noted lack of training for this kind of mission. I completely agree with you and you should read my other posts (which I had assumed you did) you would see that I fully support their actions in defense of the soldiers on the ground. I am just not so sure about the van and there is not enough information to go by from the video and the miltary report to make judgement on their actions with regard to that part of the indcident. No need to get pushy or defense :) we're on the same page. Just reiterating the complications these guys have to deal with everyday. Even though they aren't trained for it their forced to do this job and sometimes they make mistanes ore react innapropriately. This isn't like a desk job...mistakes costs lives. There is just not enough evidence to say for sure the attack on the van was a mistake. Insurgents have no rules..this includes brining children to the battle. Unless you proove to me in fact they are innocents just trying to help. LIKE I SAID...read the military report. Repeatedly, the investigation states that throughout (before and after) they were in constant exchange of fire with the enemy. The wikileaks video is heavily edited...is there the raw video out there? I agree with everything you say, didn't mean to tick you off somehow.
  4. cjsoques

    Military Discussion Thread

    I heavily disagree with you there. The mission of the apache helicopter in a clear battle such as it was designed for (Cold War conflict with Russian Tanks) being a devastating machine was it's primary objects. But just like the soldiers on the ground, in Iraq they really are just glorified police helicopters that are there to protect and serve. It is the simple nature of an insurgency. The US soldiers on the ground manage, police, treat, and do many many other things than just shoot at the bad guy. I truly feel for the tremendous job on the shoulder of the current US warfighter. I'd be willing to wager that most current Apache missions are only meant to patrol and assess civilian areas and relay information to ground troops on security patrol. Not run and gun everything they find...which you say is their primary directive that was written in the peak cold war 80s
  5. cjsoques

    Military Discussion Thread

    Thank you for clarifying that for me. Like I said the military report did not go into detail on the van incident. In this case, that is quite unfortunate. I believe that (at first) the gunners fired appropriate in response to an immediate threat. However, from the audio it sounds like they were in a sort of a desensetized craze that does in a way mimic Call of Duty style discussion. And the van was an unfortunate target to vent the craze. I also did forget to mention how disgusted I am that the US government failed to acknowledge the mistakes made during this engagement. I am also upset they kept it hidden for so long instead of making it an open forum for revisions to training and general professionalism even in the heat of battle. Do you have a reference stating that the van was indeed an innoncent trying to assist injured? I can not stress enough to not go off of just the edited wikileaks article but read the military report as well.
  6. cjsoques

    Military Discussion Thread

    The incident was probably not handled correctly. Both on the side of the Apache gunners as well as the Press embedded with the insurgency. You can find a PDF of the military report on a blog (I think called CliffCheney) or from a miltary website that I can't find right now. It contains witness descriptions, video evidence, and the report from the military investigator. Here are my thoughts on a sad event: A) There were two Hummers including US troops down the alley way that the person was ducking to take pictures in a very suspicious way..even wiki leaks describes the photographing maneuver as suspicious. The pictures of the Hummers can be seen from images that the photographer took at that time that are in the military report B) The US military was not notified by press of any reports in this area of CURRENT BATTLE. Preceeding and After this event there was consistent insurgent gunfire on ground troops. There were troops stations bording this area of battle to prevent noncombatant from leaving as well as preventing combatant from leaving the area of battle. This reduces the likelihood that civilians should have been strolling about C) Later investigation showed a minimum of one AKM, one loaded RPG, one loaded RPG round only 100 meters from known US activity. D) The press did not follo their own rules of engagement and were not wearing identifiable PRESS labels. They were instead in the same look as the known combatants in the crowd. E) It is known that insurgents frequently video record engagements. A camera is not out of the ordinary F) When ground troops surveyed the area they found three RPGs, 2 akms, numerous rounds. This was corroborated by numerous witness reports and from iraqi security forces. From reading the military report, watching the video. I can safely say that the Apache gunners acted as they should. They were in an active warzone with known combatants in the area. The ground troops received gunfire before and after this engagement. They even received gunfire while investigating the seen, forcing them to leave before finding all the facts. There were US soldiers on the ground operating just a block down from armed combatants. Which the press happened to be embedded with (althought unmarked). The tricky part comes to play when the Van tries to collect the injured. This is more of a sticky part that the military report does not go into very far. 1) The initial engagement on the camera crew and combatants seem extremely legitimate given the high threat level due to US soldiers taking fire in the immediate area 2) The press guys should have notified US forces they were in the area of operations. Should have worn press identifying material. And should not stand next to soemone with a loaded RPG in a current exchange of fire. 3) The van should not have brought childen into a place where 30mm cannon rounds were brought down and with dead bodies all over the place. Additionally, the combatants were no longer a threat and the Apache should never have engaged the Van. Unless they know something we do not know yet about this story. It is extremely sad that this happened. But the press guys should have been able to identify that there was a helicopter operating within 3000ft or so of their location. They should know since they were not marked, it is probably not good to hang out with this combatants. The, then harmless combatants should never have brought their children to a battle. The Apache did not seem to have a immediate need to engage the van. I feel so sad for the children in this situation, they had nothing to do with this. I also feed sad for the press people but they obviously should have known better and are either really really stupid or wanted the Apache to shoot them being unmarked. Read the report..there are many facets to this story. The only innocent people in this tragedy are the children.
  7. cjsoques

    Free Falcon 5

    In my experience I can not for the life of me get FF5 of FF5.3 working on any system I've tried it on: This is includes combinations of Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32bit and 64bit) as well as ATI and nVidia cards and either the game won't start, I get glitch graphics, the game crashes a few seconds into the flight, or some other issue. I would love to see representative hardware examples on anyone who has gotten this game to work at all (FF5.3 in particular). I feel like it is a myth now waiting so long to get to actually try this out. It would be incredible if it worked on any setup I've ever tried it on...oh well
  8. cjsoques

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    Just played the demo on the Xbox 360...a great upgrade from the original bad company. The goal is to remember this game is meant to be an arcade game with real weapons to give the impression of realism without removing the fast action and easy of use and such...it is not ARMA and not meant to be so if you want to complain about the missile speeds and stuff, this game is simply not for you. It's fun, you have to give it that. The sounds are amazing, damage, explosions, and immersion are amazing. One huge flaw, the assault gun has been reduced from a 60 round clip to a 30 round clip while seemingly keeping the damage per bullet the same, this causes you to almost never take out an enemy in a single clip, this gets really old and everyone is now a sniper. Not sure how this drastic unbalance has gotten so far into development. If it isn't fixed I simply won't get it as it will only be a sniperfest from launch onward
  9. cjsoques

    Russian Military Sim

    ...This is actually pretty pathetic compared to US military counterparts...unless this is a simple strategy/tactics trainer Still cool though! :)
  10. cjsoques

    Cpu war ?

    ..It means something to me when I have to make sure that my massive and clunky video card isn't covering up a crucial part of the board that I will need access too. In my experience, I've always found a better fit with Intel motherboards which leads me to an Intel CPU. I don't mean Intel brand motherboard...what I mean is Intel CPU socket motherboards. Never get Intel brand motherboards. I've tried twice, RMA'd twice. Like, I said. Whenever I upgrade my PC I always go into it wanting to get an AMD CPU...hasn't happened in a decade for one reason or another.
  11. cjsoques

    Cpu war ?

    Family member is an engineer at AMD...yet I still choose Intel. I would get AMD if there were the following: A) A clearer brand name and model line that explicitly and without confusion stated how fast it is. I have no idea what AMD processor is better for what and what each one has better and it just makes me run away from them. There are so many and I have no idea what kind to get and how it compares to others. Intel just simply does a better job with that. B) More AMD motherboard choices. I love the amount of choices available with Intel socket boards. Last time I built my PC (1.5 or so years ago) there were all of 10 choices or so on NewEgg for the AMD cpu I was looking at (not even sure if I was choosing a good one) and over a hundred choices for the Intel CPU I was looking at. So all in all... Intel has fewer CPU types but very clear on the power specs of each Intel has more motherboard choices When I have had AMD cpu's they were always great, ran cool so the tower was quiet and just ran so fast from my previous computer...AMD just needs better marketing because their products are quite awesome..just not consumer friendly at all
  12. cjsoques

    Idiots Who Drive - Don't Be An Idiot

    Vilas, I'm getting pretty sick of you turning every thread into some kind of anti-US vent...no matter what the topic. How are the mods allowing this guy to go on trolling and inflaming all the threads in OT...just a matter of time till he spreads this to the general ARMA thread. PS...you avatar picture is annoying as hell
  13. cjsoques

    Patch 1.05 "Announced". Includes AH-64

    Ewwwww is right! (from the video if you haven't seen it) Can't wait for this!!
  14. I really love how easy this setup was....I absolutely love the mod, thanks so much!
  15. cjsoques

    MoH Receipient Can't Fly A Flag

    Common sense prevails! Rare, but it is a joy to see when it happens.