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    A few questions about Warfare

    You need to be the Admin of the server to be able to change the game settings (parameters). Type the command "#vote admin code-red" in the text line. When you are the admin you can set most settings before the start of the game like starting resources and distance to enemy etc. If you want to play on your own you just join a server with nobody in it and vote yourself admin. This way it is you against the AI
  2. code-red

    How to enjoy ArmA 2 MP?

    I only play on public servers and i have no problem finding nice MP games. Just go to multi player menu and sort the list on players so the most full servers are on top. Personaly i love Warfare, so i just join a server that says, 32/30, and i join. Somethimes you join a almost finished game but most of the time i can start right away and enjoy the match. Not all the time every one answers your questions, they might be busy, just be polite and maybe dont ask to much to quick, i usualy get a response. Plenty of team play if you look for it. I play this game since the first edition OFP and never had a real problem finding nice MP and i always play public, never been in a clan.
  3. Cant wait to read/see the report. I realy enjoyed the last one.
  4. code-red


    Yes you have to learn what you can and what you cannot do with your ai men. The original included missions are not many and i hardly ever play them. What you need to to is find a multiplayer map,co-op or Pvp, that suids your needs. For me that is Warfare BE Im paying the CTI for as long as it is around and i still can not get enough of it. Look in this forum in the User created missions section and see what you might like. I also recommend the editor. If you still donot like the game after that than maybe this game is not for you.
  5. code-red

    Music scores

    yea i like the music. wellmade, and it fits the game pretty good
  6. code-red

    ARMA 2 PvP. Is it still out there?

    Plenty of PvP Try the "warfare BE" maps, lots of PvP going on every day on those !!
  7. code-red

    Reason of my absence.

    Welcome back Jerry. Nice to hear that you are back on track. Hope you stay well.
  8. Tonight i was walking is some Evolution kind of map and i was doing a halo jump when the city was captured half way down my freefall. I could not fly far enough any more so i was quite far from the next waypoint. So i decided to walk the damn 2700 meters. In Ofp i would put a weight on the "W" key sometimes so i wouldnt have to hold it down. So what is the longest distance you ever walked in this game ? And how long did it take? :)
  9. code-red

    Multiplayer is driving me crazy!!!

    Hmm strange. I dont play with ace and there are plenty of servers that go without ace. Just read server discription before joining. As for spawning half way across the map. There are many different game modes and missions, just stick to on that seems to fit and learn how to play it. example, evolution have teleport points. Warfare has spawn points but at start you start at the mhq, just respawn to choose different spawn point.
  10. code-red

    Help me understand construction

    ok, quick start Go to map "m" and select vote meu top right. Voter yourself as commander When comm press ctrl space Select do with team as you select soldiers When next to MHQ scroll and select construction menu Build stuff Stand beside buildings to buy Give teams waypoints on map, select, click. Right click waypoint brings up waypoint menu like editor Should get you on your way.
  11. I have been in many many warfare and other scenario's of this game and ican tell you that i will hide myself as quick as possible when facing an attackshelo as an infantery soldier. The only times i was able to shoot shoot the helo down was at landing or take off as a sniper. These choppers are very leathal in the right hands. On the other hand, i have seen many pilots wasting them in minutes. But to say they are useless just tells me that you have not played the game enough or in the right way or you are just going of on a rant
  12. You do not have to tell your ai team where you are. They some how always know where you are, and if i remember correct this has been so since OFP. You ai team always walk straight back to you by them selves no matter how far you are away from them on the map.
  13. code-red

    couple of questions for arma 2 vets

    If you have more than ten ai in your squad than you move beyond 10 with F11 and F12. Dont know about your other question.
  14. I play 80% of the time MP and i play only on public servers. Warfare is my game and the XR servers are briliant for that, plenty of team play. The new servers running warfare be are pretty good to,i gues the warfare crowd is slightly growing, nice one ;) Some times Evolution and if you find the right server the teamplay can be great. No teamtalk just typing.
  15. The problems you mention can all be solved. Patch the game to the most recent 1.03 i believe. If you have language problems than you can patch the language to. Are you sure you are n ot playing the russian side? they all talk in russian.