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    NATO 5.56 and 7.62 adjustor

    Can this be run as a server-side mod only? I've not been able to get this to work as server-side only. A friend connected without the mod and I had the mod. Only my client had the improved damage. Thanks for any help you can offer. EDIT: Additionally, could this be added to a mission? My ultimate goal is for my friends and I to run this without having to run the mod client-side.
  2. callaway

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Has ayone ever seen Arma use more than a 1-1.5 gigs of ram? Not me. Normally it's 750-900 or so.
  3. callaway

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Considering the devs have admitted to the issues, people have performed repeatable test showing the same results, the engine is old and well-known to have issues and many, many modern games don't have these problems, don't listen to trolls calling for us to upgrade.
  4. callaway

    The guns you miss (until they get modded back in)

    FN FAL, would hope to see Greeks with their G3s, but the weapon decisions thus far have been...odd.
  5. Wow, some of these suggestions seem over the top, but heck that's what brainstorming is about. I'd say a few are too far in the realm of diving simulator, I however would like to see this part of the game expanded. Submarines (large) would be amazing.
  6. This thread is hilarious. Babies dying in India and Ice Cream sales going up in the USA. Seriously, there is almost no causality here. Mostly, because people are having perfect performance in MANY, MANY other game engines. This thermal paste issue can obviously affect performance, but it's 100% not Arma 3 related.
  7. callaway

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I think people were hoping some of the horrendously outdated code in this engine would be reworked for what is otherwise a fantastic version of Arma. I think fans are surprised that devs are making excuses or clearly ignoring/misrepresenting modern technology capabilities. There is some definite denial about the engine's current state as compared to even recent "indie" titles. Posting discontent at this fact is VERY constructive as it tells BI and the devs what's important to their fan base who otherwise support them unconditionally (I do). I must say, my least favorite thing on the internet are posts telling people they can't post criticisms or telling them they aren't constructive, nothing is less constructive than a post of that sort (yes, your post). OT: I too have noticed only a fraction of my CPU (i7) being utilized and the game has pretty hefty lag.
  8. Any update on this? I noticed it tonight as well. I tried TONS of scenarios, far, close, multiple fires, different types of armor as targets. The missile NEVER hits anything. If I remember correctly this has been broken since Arma2.
  9. There are some great mods out there, VOP sound, HIFi, etc. Most of them are modular meaning you can mix and match different sounds for different equipment. I'd suggest trying a few from Armaholic or armedassault.info's download section.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the help, I'll try this out today.
  11. callaway

    Operation Arrowhead Sound Mods

    I've been working on sounds for the new (OA) weapons for two weeks, I have some great stuff. However, I'm having a ton of difficulty with the weapon configs and classes. If I can get this stuff straightened out, I should have great new sounds for the community. If I cannot get the pbos working, maybe I'll just give the sounds to current mod.
  12. I've done some weapon sound editing in the past, but I'm having tons of trouble with OA. For some reason I cannot seem to get the SCAR variants to config with new sounds. Here is a sample of my config, am I missing something or are my class names wrong? Thanks for any help :) // test_SCAR // test_SCAR.pbo class CfgPatches { class test_SCAR { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 1.01; requiredAddons[] = {"CAWeapons"}; }; }; class SCAR_Base; class Single; class FullAuto; class CfgWeapons { class SCAR_L_BASE: SCAR_Base { drySound[] ={"\test_SCAR\SCAR_Dry",0.000316228,1,10}; reloadMagazineSound[] ={"\test_SCAR\SCAR_Reload",0.0562341,1,10}; class Single: Single { begin1[] ={"\test_SCAR\SCAR_single_shot_v2",1.07828,1,800}; begin2[] ={"\est_SCAR\SCAR_single_shot_v3",1.07828,1,800}; begin3[] ={"\test_SCAR\SCAR_single_shot_v4",1.07828,1,800}; soundBegin[] ={"begin1",0.25, "begin2",0.25, "begin3",0.25}; }; class FullAuto: FullAuto { begin1[] ={"\test_SCAR\SCAR_single_shot_v2",1.07828,1,800}; begin2[] ={"\test_SCAR\SCAR_single_shot_v3",1.07828,1,800}; begin3[] ={"\test_SCAR\SCAR_single_shot_v4",1.07828,1,800}; soundBegin[] ={"begin1",0.25, "begin2",0.25, "begin3",0.25}; }; }; };
  13. Did some testing last night with low flyby's of all the major towns in a map. Arma2 1.7 used 1,091,624 megabytes of ram out of 8G and continually trashed the HDD, the page-file grew larger and larger. Arma OA beta used 1,047,664 megabytes out of 8G and trashed the HDD even more with some micro-stuttering.
  14. The large address fix is definitely not working on my machine. It never goes past 2.5g, which on win7, means it's using less than 1g of ram out of 8.
  15. I'm not seeing more than 2-2.5G usage either. I get continual HDD activity and stutter with 8 gigs of ram.