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  1. colkurtz

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    @ Maddmatt, acknowledged mate, I don't post much but will do that in future.
  2. colkurtz

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    so what is this then? http://www.arma2.com/images....LRS.jpg They have also updated the static weapons, i think, could be wrong though.
  3. colkurtz

    ArmA II: The Vehicles

    But there is an MLRS on the tracked vehicles list, or am I mistaken??
  4. colkurtz

    Nothing in Arma2 Seems much Different

    That's more your personal wish not an problem Like ArmA 2 should be "The ultimative and close-to-reality combat simulator that ever hit the pc game market!". Isn't it better to have a game with less gameplay/performance bugs and very good edititing and modding tools? In the end most customers prefer playing the game instead of watching most time only at nice graphic & sound features. Let's just wait and see what happens! ?! What I was saying is that rather than having a modernized OFP (Better graphics and the very few new features that have been mentioned up to now) ArmA II should have some new stuff that's too hard to mod in like weapon resting, fluid posture, 3D scopes etc. Well I can see jerk's point, some new features would make a refreshing change, as Arma was basically our much loved OFP but with better graphics and a few enhancements to the engine. I was sort hoping that game2 would have features such as 'digging in', better incorporation of artillery and platoon command structures, but when ARMAII was revealed as game 2, I now suspect we might be in store another refinement of OFP, which isn't a bad thing although it does leave one feeling a little underwhelmed.
  5. colkurtz

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    $40 million is stupid money, think of what BIS could deliver with that sort of money. Despite the massive budget and the legion of coders i some how feel that ofp2 wouldn't be anywhere as good arma2. It's just a hunch that's all.
  6. colkurtz

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    How can you tell that's a render, not that i'm doubting you on this?
  7. colkurtz

    Crysis Impressions.

    I think its a load of unimaginative drivel, and gets very linear in the last few levels and the plot is entirely unoriginal. Not in the class of ARMA in terms of personal enjoyment.
  8. colkurtz

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    A sort of update on ofp2's progress, not sure if its going in the same direction as ARMA2 and ARMA, looks ok for now. http://armed-assault-zone.com/news.php?readmore=494 http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=171996 http://www.armed-assault-zone.com/files/news_images/misc/OFP2_1.jpg http://www.armed-assault-zone.com/files/news_images/misc/OFP2_2.jpg http://www.armed-assault-zone.com/files/news_images/misc/OFP2_3.jpg
  9. colkurtz

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    How long until Sakakah v1.0 Opteryx? cool screens by the way.
  10. colkurtz

    Information from Digitex!

    Ragdoll effects are cool but in the case of ARMA/ARMAII a waste of decent development time IMO. I'd like to see the development targetted towards increasing the scope and depth  of infantry based warfare in the game introducing fireteam/ platoon structures, adding mortars and artillery into the combat. The sound-engine needs an overhaul, let's have more realistic weapon and vehicle sound effects. What i don't want is exactly the same choices we've had in arma and ofp in that arma2 must bring in something new to the table.
  11. colkurtz

    Information from Digitex!

    Looks just like arma at the moment but its still early days.
  12. colkurtz

    New interview with Maruk

    BIS need to sell games to survive and they'd be mad not to target the potential millions on console gamers. At the same time they have a legacy of of a great game (OFP) which has got an established community hoping for increasing realistic and immersive titles which goes against the whole concept easily accessible games for consoles. With their limited resources what does BIS do? The answer is compromise which is what I think ARMA2 is all about. What I'm hoping for is a future PC expansion to ARMA2 which will offer the community the platoon command structure, guided missiles, and increased infantry capabilities...etc, Â if these cannot be included in the intitial ARMA2 release for obvious reasons. But the same time I would like to ARMA2 to offer more of what it should be capable of offering and not suffer from the same restrictions, lack of features and bugs that ARMA has had. What I don't want ARMA2 to be, is 'ARMA' with a couple of extra features, as that would be rather disappointing.
  13. colkurtz

    New interview with Maruk

    I hope that this is reevaluated. A squad being broken down into fireteams, or a platoon being broken down into squads and then fireteams, is not a "complex chain of command". It's how real military units are structured, and it has dramatic ramifications on tactics and such, both from the player's point of view and the AI's. I am worried that the general combat against the AI in ArmA2 is going to be the same that we had in OFP and ArmA, but with a few upgrades. I'm personally tired of having squad-based units that do not know how to work with each other to carry out proper military tactics. I don't know if I'm ready to go through that same style of combat yet again. It was fun in OFP because it was new - it was good for a while in ArmA, but the thought of facing it yet again in ArmA2 without serious reworking is very, very worrying. Again... I hope that decision is reevaluated. I gotta agree with that. A chain of command system could be a pretty big step forward in gameplay. And it would put ArmA 2 even further ahead of other games. I'm sure it would be a lot of work, but the results could be great. Fireteams, platoons, and more. ArmA can already handle a huge amount of units, especially on a dedicated server. It could use a better way to command them. I know about CEX, but having chain of command system in-game and splitting squads into fireteams could make such a huge difference. My gut feeling is that the ARMA2 development may be too advanced for them to implement fireteam/platoon chain of command breakdowns into the game. It would however be a positive step in the right direction and if it is possible to incorporate in ARMA2 then they really should go ahead and do it.
  14. colkurtz

    New interview with Maruk

    That is a bit of a pity but I understand the complications involved with managing larger squads. Focusing on smaller squads may also be the first indication of gearing the game towards a more simplified console gaming interface. Does this mean an end to larger scale campagin battles or better integration of the player controlled squad within a large scale engagement? I wouldn't mind multiplayer squad vs squad or even co-op scenarios.
  15. colkurtz


    Excellent stuff MaxRiga, the video is fantastic and so is the idea, thanks for the effort and your accent is indeed  perfect for Armed Assualt.