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  1. cooee

    1.08 performance increase!

    Great work BIS. Update of patch went like clock work. Game seems to have a fresh crispness about it, looks alot sharper IMHO. Test will be tonight when l give it a good run. Only thing missing now is ambient wildlife and civilian interaction, make that a reality and look out.
  2. What a great sound mod. Hell, i've come out of posting retirement just to post this.
  3. What a croc this is. I'm in Melb also, my DVD hates this game. Sometimes it loads straight away, other times it may take me 10 goes. Seems a few of us Aussies are having the same problem, i've read this forum from front to back and done a few things, but alas it's one of those "put up with it" scenarios. And don't get me started on the radom crashes.............. The game is very good, hence the reason why l put up with it all.
  4. cooee

    Veterans with superiority complexes.

    You have all touched on a very BIG point. At the moment i'm staying clear of MP, TK'ing has been taken to a whole new level. Let alone trying to play as a team............ Many out there think it's COD2 or MOH, and when your in Australia with limited servers, " what do you do". So SP and campaign have been given a real work over. It will settle down, but it may take a while. Mind you, i've also struck the other end of the scale where they take it all too serious. "I'm a vet, i've been in the Army. So what l say is gospel. So what........... I was in the Navy for 10 and l don't carry on like half these Dh's do. As l said, it will settle down, when "who knows".
  5. cooee

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    Well, after speaking to several computer game shops today in Australia the release date has been slated for the 8th of March. If any Aussies on here have a different story l would love to know. I suppose we have waited this long, whats another few weeks.
  6. Might be time to weigh into this debate. It's a strange beast this game, some computers love it, lots dislike it......... My spects are : AMD 3800 duel core @ 2.2 7900GT @ 495MHz/1410MH 2gig ram Hercules Games theater I'm running the game @ Quality preference: Very high Visibility: 2046 Res: 1280x1024x32 Aspect:16:10 75hz Terrain: Very High Anisotropic: Normal Objects: High Shadows: High Texture: Very High Antialiasing: Normal Shading: High Blood: High Postprocess effects: High Game looks fantastic and runs like a dream. In open areas 70-80fps And 50-60fps in the bush or when all hell breaks loose. I've mucked around with it for days now, and this seems to be the best l can come up with. (Not computer literate by a long shot)
  7. I get Data file too short 'addons\anims.pbo'. Any help would be great.
  8. cooee

    Where to buy ??

    Sertorius, thanks for the good news. How hard can it be?
  9. lol, my edit was too slow.
  10. Well at least most of you have a clue. Us older lads will have plenty of questions once the download is complete. I'm not even sure how to install it once it's finished. Let alone patch it to English. And here was me thinking l was coming to terms with computers. But as sickboy said, it's only a matter of reading the readme file. I can do that. I think.....................
  11. cooee

    Where to buy ??

    Well i've been downloading it since 13.00 Sat afternoon. First file took 11 hours. Second file is only at 55%, with over 8 hours to go " 26.1 KB/ sec" I'll be mighty annoyed if it stops at 96%............. From what i've read, some people are having Direct x issues also. I thought mine was up to date but NO. Just Downloaded a SDK update of 1.3Mb.
  12. Some peoples eyes are painted on.
  13. cooee

    Where to buy ??

    Well i'm downloading it now. "Always wanted to use those " Good work Sickboy on the English patch. When the game finally reaches Australia, l'll buy it again.
  14. cooee

    Some willings

    Some great ideas here, another page for the wish list.