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  1. coderdfox


    Play on MIT server...you,ll like it.... You keep saying that everywhere. Whats the deal? Are you just spaming for your server? Or are you in with the script kiddies? Whats the deal, I think we all want a response other then "play here you will like it"
  2. coderdfox

    ArmA modding IP stack?

    Well it also has BF2, Swat, Rainbow six, racedrive on that site. I say you got some spyware a while ago. Try finding a way to clean it out. I dont think I can post or recommend antispyware programs.
  3. coderdfox

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    LOL how is ARMA2 ever going to sell LOL (cause the anti-hacker problem wont be fixed) So much bad press/word of mouth. Too bad so much time went into FADE when they just find ways around it.
  4. coderdfox

    i would like to know

    The big picture? like what, the on going war with the north? Explain a little please. What I mean is if you look at the server, Evolution is HUGE. Meaning its the reason people still play. Even after the ramped hacking going on. I think Evolution is here to stay, and should be welcomed. Those that wanna play different missions should be welcomed too.
  5. coderdfox

    i would like to know

    Well I dont think there is anything wrong with ranks he talking about. He not talking about BF2 style, just on your own server. Sure buddy, you'll need to learn scripting a bit. You should really continue this talk in the evolution thread. Personally I think a admin should be able to give rank. And another note, Evolution is the only thing thats keeping ARMA going and far from giving the game a BAD NAME. Dont believe me. Just look at the servers.
  6. coderdfox

    Evolution V3.0

    I personally think you shouldnt spawn on the runway, maybe the base instead?
  7. coderdfox

    Evolution and the fate of multiplayer

    Great KICK again! cause some little POS showed up and started tking every one, BIS FIX YOUR DAMN GAME. I was so excited to play multiplayer. the first few months were great, then the hacks came, and now the admins cant even tell who hacking. GREAT JOB Whats the point of JIP if you need to lock out your server to play?
  8. coderdfox

    Has anybody made an active city...

    I had created a small script that would select random way points on a map and assign a move command to cars and trucks. While not a active city is did create a active road way.
  9. coderdfox

    Bombing with the Harrier

    One problem is your AI SF guy will not keep a lock on the object. He will target it, move closer, target it, move closer, ect. I've seen the guy walk all the way up to the target and get killed. Maybe a stop move command?
  10. coderdfox

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    Proc : Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.40GHz MB : EVGA NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI @ 1066.7 MHz RAM : 4gigs @ 400.0 MHz (2:3) GPU : Nvidia 8800 GTS With everything set to normal I can crank the view distance out to 5000 and everything runs fine (Fine being 30-50 FPS) When I hit the 6000+ I get a little hit in FPS. Just enough to play at 4000-5000.
  11. First let me say I have always enjoyed your addons, Second this is a great one as well, FLIR....sweet. Keep working on it! Some request / comments 1. LASER - Make the laser target able by the gunner, it would be nice to send a missile into a building, or anything else for that matter. 2. FLIR - I sure your working on it, its still great. 3. Gunner screen - Lok like 1.08 mesed it up. 4. NV - craped out as well after 1.08 5. Keep rockin!
  12. coderdfox


    Yeah it seems like this has alway been a problem. Even in OPF, same thing. Wonder why something like this cant be fix, because if it was fixable you would think they would fix it. I wonder if VBS's have this problem?
  13. coderdfox

    PMC WRP Demo islands released!

    Yes but the CTD issue is still here. No clue what the problem is here. Only happens on the really big islands.. I think its because when you fly a Jet the terrain loads too fast causing the crash. Ones the right tools are used (terrain streaming) I bet the maps will work fine.
  14. coderdfox

    Performance Tweaking Experiences

  15. coderdfox

    TrackIR use...

    Kinda cool as in YOU tried it or as in you think that this would be kinda cool? There is this strange message that ppl from Holland, Belgium and Germany are not allowed to download it ... weird. nope I tried it, it follows your head, kinda like IRtracker with out the headgear. Down side is it doesnt always center. Buts its not 150 bucks lol. but I cant get it to work in Arma but I think its my systems fault. Thx for the tip mate. I will certainly have a go at it. Btw, with Arma you had no luck yet but did you try it in OFP? I cant get it to work in any game, the program keeps stealing focus. But again I think its my system doing that, cause its suppose to work in FSX. And as far as the guys who says its nothing like trackerIR I guess I'll have to take you word for it. You minus 150 buck - z tracking - head gear then YES its nothing like TrackerIR. I'm always like to look at new technology and if it works then whats the harm?