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  1. ck-claw

    World Cup 2018

    What an embarressment he really was!
  2. ck-claw

    World Cup 2018

    Cracking world cup so far! All the top guns dropping like flies! Denmark were just so unlucky
  3. ck-claw

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah that Spain v Portual game had it all, France vs Australia- the french started quite well showing a bit of promise then seemed to lose their way! but got the job done in the end. Argentina vs Iceland- iceland are still surprising ppl. (would do a lil rant about Messi but...lol)
  4. ck-claw

    World Cup 2018

    1st post on here for awhile- Looking forward to it! Thinking England may fare a little better having younger blood/not so oldstanding players? Not the usual go to old guard!
  5. ck-claw

    CiA Hardcore Coop Nights

    Few more from recent nights
  6. What is the name's of the PBO's that you uploaded to the server? Scratch that, sry misread the post :o
  7. Sync the trigger to the 2nd waypoint (the one after the 'Hold' )
  8. Like i said im not 100% sure but i think you might have to run other maps i mentioned? Here is the LINK to the additional A3MP Map Pack The list of maps found in that pack -we had to run them all for some reason?
  9. ck-claw

    CiA Hardcore Coop Nights

    A few more video's from recent co-op nights:-
  10. Hey, im not 100% sure but are you running the A3MP additional map pack addon?-we also had an issue where if we wanted to run FATA or Thirsk, we would have to also add CLAfghan, Namalsk, Fallujah, Podagorsk, FATA and Thirks/Thirsk Winter.
  11. ck-claw

    World Cup 2014

    This was gonna be my reply then i clicked next page :)
  12. ck-claw

    CJTF101's EDITOR v1.1

    You only need to run it as a mod for mission making to see the extra stuff in the editor, no need to run it for MP :)
  13. ck-claw

    World Cup 2014

    This should be a cracking game. :cool:
  14. Indeed! Never used this taxi script but, seems just what we're missing tbh :)
  15. Hmmm interesting mate-never had any experience with Alive but im guessing that 'everyone' would have to have the Alive mod?
  16. Really? -yepp in editor- from my testing the minute you try on a dedi server it just kicks everyone out from the choppers!! Would love to be proved wrong! :bounce3:
  17. ck-claw

    Throwing Smoke instead of grenades

    That is correct :)
  18. Simple search would've backed Aldric :)
  19. ck-claw

    Tasks JIP friendly ?

    Of course i'm biased but-really is a cracking task system. :)
  20. ck-claw

    A few no-respawn COOP missions

    Sounds like the mission is using an older version of Psycho's Revive that did cause that bug?
  21. Does indeed look fun and bloody scarey- good luck :)
  22. ck-claw

    CiA Hardcore Coop Nights

    Good to see lots of new ppl joining in on our co-ops of late. Hope you enjoyed our co-op nights :cool:
  23. ck-claw

    Funny ArmA quotes

    lol quality drunken times Jeza :cool: