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    Horrible Performance...

    i have posted my specs before in this thread i think?? pc bought from pc-world 3 years ago-ish? so gonna be nothing special inside!!!!! p4 2.8 1 gig ram ati x300se pro 128mb game was like a slide show! 2 weeks ago upgraded the g-card to a-ocuk 7900gs 256mb! game now runs a treat ALL settings on HIGH!!(shadows,AA,AF etc etc)! VD = 2000 FPS never drops below 25(which is more than acceptable for any co-op,Dm etc i've played)! Also i have few mates that had same probs-they get better cards=all sorted!
  2. ck-claw

    Horrible Performance...

    this seems to me something totally random with ppl specs rigs?? my ol specs:- p4 2.9 ghz 1 gig ram ocuk nividia 7900gs 256 (which i just bought)! just ran the game,patched! all settings on high(i mean all settings)! vd=2000 average fps 30!! game runs a treat!!!
  3. ck-claw

    ArmA Browser Toolbar v0.7 released!

    Very nice indeed!!! Works a treat on fire-fox!
  4. Gez!! that's bloody nice to hear!!! mine:- 2.9Ghz p4 1.0 gig ram ati x300se pro 128mb card!! res 800x600 but mine was unplayable? need new card-and goes to show u dont need top of the range!!
  5. ck-claw

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    thanks for info lepardi!! let me re-phase!! other componants aside! would you/others be more than happy with that card for ArmA???
  6. ck-claw

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    lol yes it has 2x pci-express slots but i'm thinking minimum specs for the game? cpu + ram is ok-it's just me card!
  7. ck-claw

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    i have:- P4 3.0Gh 1.0 gig ram ati x300se pro 128mb card! lol but i can get my hands on a ati x1900 xtx 512 mb card!! will that upgrade card sort it? from the ppl that have the game??
  8. ck-claw

    Armed Assault videos

    Now that is Good!!!
  9. ck-claw

    ArmA Photography

    Very nice thanks!!!! especially the latter few of the woods/forrest!
  10. ck-claw

    ArmA Photography

    Pervert ! *j/k lol absolute class!!!!
  11. ck-claw


    yepp all above is true!! can anyone can come up with a czech site that we can get ArmA from??? thats in english( or translates into english)??? edit:- ;just found a plugin for firefox that converts websites languages into english!! yay! trouble is cant find czech site that is selling ArmA!!!
  12. ck-claw

    MODUL SKY v0.85

    i actually use ECP aswell! which over writes the NVG's! you can edit the config. file in ECP to which ever 6 or so types of view u wish! So various views can be used! edit!:- this is the best sky pack so far!!! which makes this so good!! running ECP,DXDLL+modulsky and no fps drop!!
  13. ck-claw

    MODUL SKY v0.85

    excellent work mate! looks very good! one question? i have my highsky installed(forget the proper name)??? can i install this straight over the top of it?? thanks! edit!!! sorted!!! bloody excellent!!! hisky seemed to give me a bit lower fps!-but tried this and no drop what so ever!! excellent work mate!!!
  14. ck-claw

    The atmosphere

    Yepp i agree!!! the times it took me 10 maybe 15 time to complete a mission-just kept me coming back for more!!! The fact that you can actually try and complete that mission 10/15 times and learn from your mistakes each time is half the fun-no limits on how you do it!
  15. ck-claw

    smoke grenade heights?

    okie doke guys thanks alot!!!
  16. hi,hope this is the right place??? i have a small script that sets off a various coloured smoke grenade! via a trigger but how do i set it to go off a set height? the smoke that is? thanks ck!
  17. ck-claw

    smoke grenade heights?

    ok thanks for reply mate-this was on behalf of a friend!(lol that sounded dodgy lol) he can actually get the smoke grenade to go off at height when man goes through the trigger but then grenade drops to the floor?
  18. ck-claw

    Sound files

    i have Å20 trust combined headset/mic with built in bass/rumble pads-nice with ECP running! good program for ofp sound editing is Audacity
  19. ck-claw

    United Kingdom Island

    nope!! but plenty of pubs!!!!
  20. ck-claw

    United Kingdom Island

    no lag as yet!!! i've already done serveral mission on it!!