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  1. I recently did a search on this forum about private addactions, ie. addactions that only one player can see / use in multiplayer. There were solutions that solved their problems, but none of them worked for me. Here's what I have in a few soldiers init field: I have tested this in single player and it works. I go up to the other soldiers that have the same init and I cannot see their addactions. However, some things to note: 1. It seems like whenever I give my unit a name, such as "s1" for DAC, the addaction will not appear. If I change "player == this" to "s1 == this" then it works, but subsequently I can see other people's addactions as well. 2. These units were manually changed from side East to West in the mission SQM. So, it's East units that are seen as West to the AI. I don't know if that affects anything, but it might! Overall, once compiled into a .PBO and tested in MP, it just doesn't work. No addactions appear whatsoever. I haven't tried this on a dedicated server but I don't think it would matter. I have tried other variations that were recommended, such as: Which did not work as well. I wish I could elaborate more, but my testings with this have been inconsistant and downright bizarre. Hope to see some suggestions.
  2. causticwindow911

    MP private Addaction woes

    "player addaction..." in init.sqf does work, but the problem remains that everyone can see / use the player's addaction as well. I'm not totally familiar with the isServer command, although looking at the BIS Wiki it doesn't seem like something that I could use in this situation. Could you possibly make an example that I could use in this case? Thanks for the help
  3. causticwindow911

    Ware is SLX?

    I noticed in that album a guy is behind a wall entrance and blind firing. Is blind firing added? That is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
  4. causticwindow911

    CoC Command Engine X

    Check their ROE (click properties). On 'combat' they are set to never embark vehicles. You can change this if you please.
  5. causticwindow911

    CoC Command Engine X

    When using this on a dedicated server, it seems to work alright, although there are some bugs. The biggest ones I saw: 1) There is a script error that happens at intrevals. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">'[[1,4]],[[2,1]],"Report",scalar |#|bool array string 0xe0fffef,[],[],true]...' Error Missing ] 2) # of men in the OOB does not update. You have to escape out of command engine then go back in to get updated roster.
  6. causticwindow911

    Nuclear bomb script?

    I've seen a few on youtube, one specifically called Gaia bomb, but I couldn't find it anywhere on google or the forums.
  7. causticwindow911

    Crippled JIP

    JIP is undocumented, but the CrCTI and MFCTI guys are coming close to figuring it out. There are already a few CTI missions, such as RTS (which is very similiar to CTI, if not better in its own way) that support JIP flawlessly. You should probably do more research or something.
  8. causticwindow911

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    Oh man, an independent side would rule. Maybe they would have different objectives, such as holding at least _% of the map for a certain amount of time.
  9. causticwindow911

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    I'm pretty sure you're being sarcastic, but if you're not, even I was having trouble driving through Dolores last night. There was so much god damn garbage everywhere - turned over bmp's, helicopter hulls, unused ammo and repair trucks - that it made driving anything a challenge. It's not suprising that the AI can't handle hundreds and hundreds of objects everywhere. First and foremost, I had a frigging awesome time last night. Me and my friend fought off attackers at an oil CP and certainly got our ass kicked. It was fun just trying to survive. However, this game needs a lot of tweaking! The amount of armor was just absolutely ridiculous. I saw a column of about 7 Strykers driving down a road - persumably directed by a player using multiple AI - and there were Abrahms everywhere. There really needs to be a limit to how much armor can be taken out within a period of time, or just how much armor period. I gave up trying to attack Abrahams because I realized that same player could pump another one out by the time I destroyed it. Gotta be a script to delete unused vehicles. It clogs the server up big time. Limit the amount of AI one person can have, give them the ability to delete own AI units. Essential. This next one is tricky: there really needs to be a variable resource. Perhaps money, or some sort of mineral, that can be used to buy 2nd hand or mercenary vehicles. It's a little crazy that you pretty much have to build a fire base to prevent total annihiliation, and it would be nice to be able to build something without needing a vehicle factory or barracks. How, where and when I'm not sure. Some other ideas: 1) instead of 24 minute days ( way too fast! ) how about 30 minute days, 10 minute nights? Just make sure it syncs up with everyone. 2) Possibly link capture points to prevent "hot potato" gameplay, although I suspect due to the way resources work this wouldn't really work. It would be nice to have a 'frontline' to fight for, though, instead of just flying around ambushing cp's alone. I also agree with the poster above me that having some really basic CP Defenses would help. Right now you just sorta fly around, destroy a CP and repeat about a million times.
  10. causticwindow911

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    Oh, so view distance is client side? I always thought that the AI would only engage at the max value of a view distance. Could that be why the AI doesn't engage sometimes, since everyone has different view distances? I could've sworn I tried to change my view distance multiple times, but it kept reverting back to 500m. I'll keep trying. I played a little more today on your server with about 20 people - really fun. This is easily one of the best missions for ArmA right now, and it doesn't even require addons!
  11. causticwindow911

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    I really enjoyed what I played, although I have a few thoughts / suggestions. 1. Make the default lowest view distance 1000. 500 is really freaking short! It makes helicopters frustrating to fly. 2. Increase tank / air build times slightly. The mission seemed really armor oriented. I understand why, and I would only propose maybe a 15-20 second increase at most. 3. More build time for special infantry units. Why does an AT guy cost as much as a rifle troop? What would be the point of even getting a rifle troop to begin with? 4. The ability to delete units out of ones squad.
  12. causticwindow911

    More wildlife?

    domesticated animals would be a nice bonus, although the probability of bumping into a deer or a bear would be astronomical in real life, especially a combat setting
  13. causticwindow911

    Destroyed Vehicles

    Are we playing the same game? The game already has some pretty friggin' gruesome wound textures, especially for face wounds. I seriously doubt a few corpses littered around a crash site would boost any maturity rating. I imagine they did it to save some poly's which makes sense. Although, if you shoot people inside a vehicle they remain there and you even have to push them out, so who knows.
  14. causticwindow911

    Destroyed Vehicles

    In resistance if you completely destroyed something you couldn't scavange anyways. You can actually use half-way destroyed vehicles in this - I saw a burnt out husk of a UAZ but I was manning the DSHK nicely.
  15. causticwindow911

    Increased view distance, quite stunning

    Another gigantic, fundamental change. I honestly can't wait for this.
  16. causticwindow911

    Tank combat simulation

    and you do realize that the wwii mods for OFP, including the FDF eastern front mod, all worked with the system fairly well regardless. crew could die inside tanks, tanks could be disabled, etc. personally i don't feel abstraction with a hitpoint system is fatal to any kind of reality people have made up in their heads. and like most developement crap, you can have this and that but not everything. i'd rather have a robust system than something like wwiiol, where you can't bail out of your tank, switch crew members around, etc.
  17. causticwindow911

    Tank combat simulation

    Chances are you took a track out, which doesn't seem to have a graphical representation in game. I saw the same thing on that mission. After taking out the crew I jumped into the tank and sure enough the track was gone. Seems to me that AI crews are programed to bail as soon as the vehicle is immobilised. This is pretty much a good thing for lighter vehicles I suppose, but for a tank crew it's a bit extreme (depending on circumstances). They also bail when other parts of the tank are destroyed, such as the turret. It's not just limited to specific damage. I'm not sure why people complain about the armor realism in a game where a confrontal engagement usually means instant death. Even in a simulator like Steel Beasts, which does not have crew bail (not counting Steel Beasts II), the engagements rarely last past the first shot if it's a hit. Someone comparing penetrative values of WWIIOL to this game is absolutely asinine. WWII armored combat was a slug fest, especially at range when sometimes they wouldn't even bother to shoot at each other if no damage could be done. That sort of intricacy is needed in a WWII simulator, sure, but there's no reason to simulate it in ArmA. I think for an infantry sim the game does armor pretty well. It's functional and doesn't need improvement beyond some bug fixes and some added features (such as popping smoke, which would be very nice).
  18. causticwindow911

    FM-92a STINGER

    I'm pretty sure it's fragmentation warhead. In OFP they are a bit overpowered, almost like minature nuclear bombs. They can even take on light armor such as a BMP and such, which is fairly absurd. It seems like you can lock onto vehicles in ArmA, but I haven't tested how much damage it does.
  19. causticwindow911

    Taking Cover

    What is a little amazing is that the AI refuses to use cover inside of buildings. The dude who made SLX wrote a Group Link III script that makes groups of AI run into buildings and take cover for a few minutes - it works really, really well and hopefully he'll figure out a way to do it with ArmA.
  20. causticwindow911


    "marginal" success? Load up the editor, choose Rhamadi, plop a UH60 down and make player gunner. Make the time of day night and shoot at a hill with the mini gun. I have never, ever seen - in any game - tracer rounds bounce as realistically. Infact it looks exactly like the video you quoted, albiet shooting 2000rpm as opposed to the 800 or whatever in that video. It seems like everyone has a different idea on what a tracer should look like. I don't think it should look like the lasers currently in the game, but what is in now isn't that bad. It just needs to be toned down.
  21. causticwindow911

    FDF sound pack v1.0

    These are very, very good sounds.
  22. causticwindow911

    new grass overlay issn't a proper solution!

    I agree that it may not be perfect, but I still think it is better than nothing. Infact, it works quite well in some situations. I'd rather have it then not!
  23. causticwindow911

    Headshots disabled in 1.05?

    This is a very interesting bug. Does this affect multiplayer? I've missed a ton of shots in multiplayer, some near misses, so I would say no, but you never know...
  24. causticwindow911

    Custom Face Problems :-\

    Where can i find a blank template for custom face?
  25. causticwindow911

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    It would make sense in a game that was infantry only, but when you have things like helicopters and SABOT chucking tanks then longer ranges come into play. 2000m seems good for me. You can see the surrounding terrain quite well and it's not much of a drop from 1200m or more.