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  1. OK, it's your decision. Just one last picture to show you what i mean. Promise, that i stop bothering you with the topic from now on ;-) That picture is from http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=39&t=479896
  2. I agree with sholio. You have a beautyful model there. But like you said, quality is more important than quantaty. That means for a gaming model that you have to use all possibilities to reduce polycount - that is a sign for quality! Try out his suggestions. For the same reasons you mentioned, my first models were all too high poly - untill i realized that you don't see many of those details ingame. Nomalmapping can be very convincing if it's done right! You should do some simple testing. Just build a pipe and look how many sides you need with smooting groups / normalmapping to make it look convincing - than adapt it to your model. Don't get me wrong - your model is really nice, but the real art of realtime-modeling is achieving a good look with the lowest polycount possible. No offence, but many modelers can have a beautyful model at the price of a high polycount - only good modelers make models that still look good with low polycount and that are suitable for the gameengine...
  3. cl10k

    alternative history  WWII 1952

    I think the plot needs some work to be more convencing, otherwise an excellent idea. There are some movies dealing with this idea and some games (p.e. Hearts of Iron2, Panzergeneral) that could provide a good start on the topic. Imo it should stay as realistic as a fictional timeline can be - there no need for Nazi UFO and that Zombie Wolfenstein stuff...
  4. cl10k

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Wrong again. But this is leading nowhere...
  5. cl10k

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    Tomahawk... Where do you see a black uniform on your link? The belt is black but not the jacket - are you colourblind? Maybe you should increase brightness on your monitor... Those trousers are grey and the jacket is some shade of olive The fielduniform was "feldgrau" some kind of grey (sorry i don't know the correct names of the colours in english - i am not a native speaker - i am German...). http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Uniformen/UniformHeer.htm just klick on one of the soldiers and see it yourself lol Â
  6. cl10k

    31st Normandy mod -WW2

    You are wrong! Type wehrmacht into google and show me one black uniform except tankcrews, etc. But why do i bother? Faulkner will handle that *giggles*...
  7. cl10k


    I don't see any need to compare the polycount to bis motorcicle. Your bike is a very simple model - why waste polies?
  8. cl10k


    Only one wireframe in perspective view? No polycount? Maybe those shaded views look more fancy, but nobody can judge the quality of your model by those screens. Please tell us what POLYCOUNT you have... Ok let's talk about some improvements (hope you get what i am saying - i'm not a native speaker). - the chain: Way too many polies! also it doesn't wrap nicely around the gears. I haven't worked with Max for many years, but try the following thing: Draw a spline witch fits exaxtly around the front and back gear. Then take a small rectangle and extrude it along that spline (google for it if you don't find the appropiate option in Max). That should give you a 4-sided chain which wraps nicely aorund both gears. Chains are not cylindrical like yours, there are more rectangle-shaped. You don't need more detail, the rest is done with normalmaps and textures. -all those cylinders of the frame: Also way too many sides. You don't need a 20 sided cylinder to achieve a convincing round look. Make them p.e. 10 or 12 sided. The Rest it done with smoothing-groups and normalmaps. Google abit about normalmaps - depending on the viewing angle they can fake convincing geometry! -the part were the small cylinder of the saddle is connected to the bigger one of the frame (puuuuh crude english....) You extruded the smaller cylinder from the bigger one. You could save some of those tiny faces there, if you simply stuck both cylinders together without actualy connecting them. 'Also delete all faces which can't be seen. P.e. if you stick to cylinders together, delete the top part of one of them... PS: I know a paintover would help, but my tablet isn't working on linux... --------------------------------- Some general ideas about saving polies: Always keep your polycount as low as possible! The lower you keep it, the more models can be shown on screen without lag. Google for "low polycount strategies" - there are some tricks p.e. at the top of cylinders were you can save polies. EVERY POLY COUNTS!
  9. cl10k


    If you really want any hints in improving your model, you need to show wires! I really don't want to be too harsh, but the model is not very good.It looks to me like there are way too many polies. Also the overall shape of many parts could be drastically improved.So whats the polycount? PS: Don't stop! Everybody started like this. It's a good start to learn the basics on such a (simple) model. With some small tweaking, your bike will become very nice.
  10. cl10k


    @whole mod: the visual quality of your stuff is beautiful! all of you are doing a great job! take your time - don't rush anything....
  11. cl10k


    any news? when will it be ready? what about this what about that? o god maza94 how old are you? really born in 94? then behave like being 14 and not like 6! stop spamming! btw: @mod: any news? (just joking...)
  12. cl10k

    Ww1 mod

    @maza: if you don't have anything usefull to add (like 99,9% of your posts) just please shut up! @mod: GREAT! love your FT-17!! could you please show a wire?
  13. cl10k


    Hi, I just wanted to say that i really love your work!! You've made excellent models and textures!!! ATM Project'85 is the only reason to come to the forums. I hope that you keep your top quality and really look forward towards a release! regarding nva and bundeswehr material: here in germany, there is a shop called RÄER selling old army stuff like suits, gear, etc. unfortunately the page is in german but with the help of online translation, maybe the link is of any use to you... http://www.raeer.com/
  14. Hey plaintiff beautiful model! But what is that ""cannonshaped" thing in the back of the marder? I was in the Bundeswehr and never saw something like that...
  15. thank you Pathy!!!! @Ike_fin: Island looks nice! we need more of that. ps: now a mod can slap me - i deserve it!