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  1. craigsa

    Arma 3 sale

    Thanks , appreciate all the feedback and advice.
  2. craigsa

    Arma 3 sale

    Is this legal?? I get almost all my keys at Onlinekeystore, Arma3 is currently 29€ there.
  3. craigsa

    Arma 3 sale

    Thanks guys .....Yes. south Africa Our currency has crashed and it's really completely out of reach to purchase at this time. Not being cheap but it's almost a thousand bucks. I appreciate the feedback
  4. craigsa

    Arma 3 sale

    Are there any sales coming up? Our currency has crashed and it's now unaffordable and I was hoping someone could tell me if there are any sales coming up? Many thanks
  5. I am playing a multiplayer map on my own and want to save it at some point. Is this possible? Thanks
  6. As I have said before, give us the option to have the old OFP flight model, surely they can add this to a patch or something? Give us the option to turn it on or off.
  7. craigsa

    ArmA 2 vs. OFP 1

    There will never be another OFP, they have buried that legend and there will never be another one....:( Dont know why they had to break a flying model that worked for many. At least they should have given us the option to have the old model on or off.
  8. craigsa

    ARMA 2 mini map

    Thanks will try that :):)
  9. craigsa

    ARMA 2 mini map

    Hi guys sorry to post this if it has been discussed but is there some way to have a mini map? Instead of going to the main map - it takes too much time. Thanks maybe just having one in the corner of the screen?
  10. craigsa


    Thanks gys
  11. craigsa


    Hey guys, I tried to jump onto the servers today and was at a loss. How the hell does one know where to go as there are no tasks obviously. I ran around for 10 minutes and ended up on an airfield and got smoked. No one offered any help even after requesting. Thanks
  12. Humble apologies, thought I posted in "General" Mods please feel free to move.
  13. craigsa

    Binoculars and laser designator.

    Ahhh it needs a battery magazine, thanks so much man.
  14. Hi guys I want to start this by saying that I am probably the most pessimistic son of a b tch on the planet and moan and complain probably more than all of you put together, about everything. That said I would just like to post some stuff about the new game. I must say the graphics are incredible. Well done to the developers behind it. I think we all just sit there and moan that this is not working, thats not working without actually realising how much effort has gone into this game. I seems to have one or 2 errors or issues but its not really that big a deal. The game is playable unlike ARMA 1. I am a little upset about the flying as I wanted an OFP model of flying but I suppose times change and I cant have what I want. I must say the graphics and sheer size of the game and play are out of this world. I wish to be able to create something like this. The game is a little difficult to control IMO as it is almost too realistic. Difficult to aim, difficult to actually get a grip on whats going on in a multiplayer battle but I suppose that will come with time. I spent many hours on OFP and hope to do the same with this. Thanks and hopefully future patches will iron out the issues. Would be nice if one could make the flying easier by switching a setting for people like me