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  1. Awesome! Now give us those Russian soldiers !
  2. Considered the general quality and amount of stuff in the works i don't want a release date.
  3. I perfectly understand. I meant that all we see is much stuff altogether and i was wondering if you were pointing more to a complete addon than a mod. Don't take my post too seriously: it was more an appreciation of what we've seen so far in these screenshots. Glad to hear you are on the final phase of the work if i understood well...
  4. There will be ever a release ?? :D
  5. Did i miss another updates thread ?
  6. LOL Not really thrusting as wargame dude ;)
  7. u'll need a great texture to evaluate this work :D
  8. caprera

    GRU Spetsnaz pack

    I know but at the time we had many problems, included the fact we hadn't, and we still have no 3D help. So we messed with the textures as much as we could and sometimes....you know ;)