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    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Has any one got any other links for the server download other than these 3? http://arma.valuenet.nl/ArmA_Server108Full.rar http://ww.armedassault.eu/ArmA_Server108Full.rar The top two dont work for our server guy and the middle one just cuts out half way through.
  2. cobra@pulse

    SAS - Special Air Service Pack

    Aye as its been said earlier, dirty the stuff up a bit. Take for example the ArmA BIS US troops, if you look at the textures for the ACU theres a hell of alot of dirt on the uniforms, gives it that "Used" look in my opinion.
  3. cobra@pulse

    SecuROM problem - Error 7001

    I think I can safely say, SecuROM suck ass big time. You think by now they'd sought out there lives. I mean, for god sake, expect people to use their software when it doesn't even work. Trying that thing out later. Seens as I've uninstalled and re-installed now anyway. Be careful though doing that with the reg's as if you do it erases custom lettered drives. Only if you changed them yourself though. Which is a bit shit really but oh well.
  4. cobra@pulse

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Right, well thats a bit crap. Installed the new patch, now I can't run the game, super. Everytime I go to launch it I get this error: Which would be okay, yet theres no sodding information on it. What the hells going on? Could it be to do with the 1.05 Beta patch perhaps? Note: I deleted all the beta folders.
  5. cobra@pulse

    SAS - Special Air Service Pack

    They dont wear any identifaction marks. There usually the guys with the older proven kit on if you ever see em. If everyone else is normally in DPM you'll spot the SAS guys by the fact they dont wear any ID marks and they'll be wearing things like the tropics trousers. Think para, and then some.
  6. cobra@pulse

    PMC AEC islands released!

    Yay, good work guys, downloading now, gonna give it a go. Roll on mod tools, if people are able to do what they can now, then my god what are gonna see when theres the tools.
  7. cobra@pulse

    Public Training

    What a load of complete and utter crap is in this thread, its supprising that so much shit can be amassed in one place. Too many a time have simple threads turned horribly sour, its blatently obvious more of this is happening and as can be seen a hell of alot of high quality addon creators aren't around as much any more. At the risk of sounding like a hippy, can't we all just get along, or in a laymans terms, shut the hell up and get on with it for a change, the lot of you. /rant
  8. cobra@pulse

    installing addons

    WinRAR: Free Trial, doesn't expire, brilliant thing, used it for years: http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar37b8.exe
  9. cobra@pulse

    Harrier takeoff

    Its represented as a STOVL (Short take off vertical landing) aircraft in ArmA. You wouldn't as pointed out by Hamish, take off vertically with ordenance and full fuel load so the options not there. Would be nice to have an option to hover though without decending. (Roll on RKSL) So really at the moment it behaves more so how it would be operated correctly.
  10. cobra@pulse

    Placebo Radio interview

    Looking forward to it Jerry Mate, should be awsome. I take it you'll be popping it up for download once you've done it mate as im not here this weekend? Now lets ATTEMPT to get this topic back on track shall we instead of some pathetic bullshit coming out of alot of people here, most of it personal which, I for one, dont really want to read so may PM'ing each other to do it would be better. It is quite frankly some of most childish stuff I have seen on this forum for a long time. Its getting boring fast children, grow up. Good luck Jerry again mate.
  11. cobra@pulse

    Hardware in ArmA vs VBS2

    Extra work for a relitively small return for BIS. There has to be a seperation between the games. They also need to get it on a DVD at some point as well and cant just keep adding stuff. It seems no where the line would be drawn people will always moan and complain, getting really tiresome now.
  12. cobra@pulse

    British and French

    I believe the RAAB Open addon is somewhere on the forums as well. Its just a re-skin I did in Woodland and Desert DPM. Theres some rough SA80's and UGL's in there as well until I get time to texture some stuff Jonnys been working on  /shameless promo  Edit: Found the Link: RAAB Open Image Stay tuned soon for some more information on some stuff thats hopefully gonna be improved and released soon
  13. Continuing with a number of live "jump ons" I've been doing of late, this Saturday on Sahrani Radio myself along with Kasper are going to be doing a live show on Sahrani radio. I dont want to tell you too much about whats going to be in it becuase that would be giving the game away, however there will be more interaction now its dual hosted and also the odd bit of news. I will leave the rest to your imagination. So tune in to Nick and Kasper on 5 Minutes to Midnight. (Dont get confused by the shows title :P) Show Time: 19:00 GMT Where: Sahrani Radio - http://battlefieldranking.net:8000/
  14. cobra@pulse

    5 Minutes to Midnight - Live on Sahrani Radio

    Well.... The overall show as a laugh, however, after a number of technical difficults involving my shot for brains computer and internet connection we managed to bring it to an end. Cheers for all who helped and I now dispise technology. Hopefully we'll sort the next one out much better
  15. cobra@pulse

    Hand Glitches Through UnderslungGrenade Launcher

    Think about how many animations would need to be re-done just so the hand could be moved down... Think about it, all the standing poses, running, walking, prone, knelling, and everything else, and dont forget about all the transitions requiered then to go between them. See now why that wasn't done for release?
  16. cobra@pulse

    5 Minutes to Midnight - Live on Sahrani Radio

    If anybodys got any sugestions of what they want to see on the show then post it up below. Also we're going to see if we can get you live on teh air if you "ring" in via Skype. Add me as: "nick.lyons1" and you should be able to ring me and kasper on the air.
  17. cobra@pulse

    Eastern Weekend Radio

    Alright guys. Hopefully tonight, if all goes well, I should be doing a live broadcast at 20:00 GMT.
  18. cobra@pulse

    Crippled JIP

    How do you mean, its not working? Works in everything I've ever made, might be due to the way the mission players start etc. You have to have playable AI selectable on the missions screen. Pritty sure its not a BIS code problem.
  19. cobra@pulse

    Jonny´s Marines

    Real nice Jonny, good work mate
  20. Hello there guys. Right then, down to business. I need some help with a script (i.e. where to start). Basically im making an MP mission where the guys start in parachutes, however, if the players AI and he is not present then the parachutes are still spawned and look silly really. Is there anyway I can have a script that checks if theres a player in the parachute, and if not, deletes it? Cheers, Cobra
  21. Never mind previous thing that was here, twas a load of bollocks of me rabling. Cheers mate, works a treat
  22. cobra@pulse

    Fps counter

    Pointless post, go slate the game somewhere where people care about your opinion
  23. cobra@pulse

    petition for wood camo

    ArmA isn't an arcade game. Are other simulations completely balanced? I think not. This still doesn't resolve the point that you seem to have an aversion to downloading a simple addon. It may complicate your games, but for heaven sake, remember the six P's... Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Download your addons before a game and get everyone else to and you've got no problems. I'm sorry you're life is so busy you cant click your mouse a few times.
  24. cobra@pulse

    petition for wood camo

    I think, tbh, if you want BIS to make more uniforms just so you can have a balanced game, well, I'm sorry but balance isn't everything and thats not what ArmA is about. Why not have a league or sumut with manatory BDU addons in it, then you have to use them, come on. These days its not hard to get an addon ffs. The US in ArmA as well wheren't depolyed to fight in the first place though where they. So why should they be issued BDU's then? There main task in the game was to train the RCAS. Now, even if your argument was correct that in that sort of combat environment new uniforms would be issued, remember, the US where never expecting to be in a combat environment. If you dont like it well im really sorry for you but thats what the game is. To make the game different you download mods. So my advice, hmm, let me think...download a mod perhaps?
  25. cobra@pulse

    Steel tank barriers

    Ahhh the mans gone all caps lock, the button of evil is back again, nooooooo. / pointless spam shite Ermm aye mate, have a look in objects if you have the editor upgrade 1.02 and experiment with putting the object in, then in the Mission SQM remove the requirement for the editor upgrade and pbo it up, hopefully should remove the requirement of people having to download the editor upgrade. Will only work if the classnames haven't been changed to get the object to work as far as I know.