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  1. cobra@pulse

    MAG 58 with ACOG (M240)

    For the same reason the Brits call it a GPMG or L7A2, and the Canadians call it a C6, and Estonia call it a Ksp 58, and Indonesia call it a SPM2-V2 GPMG, and so on... Nice addition mate, always welcome.
  2. cobra@pulse

    Cant order AI to an exact spot. Frustrating!

    You should be able to select the AI and then use the action part of the command menu to tell him to "Heal squad leader 1 o'clock" or along those lines and he should come to you.
  3. cobra@pulse

    Interview with Ondrej Spanel ( Suma )

    File open URL in windows media player and paste in: http://sahraniradio.armedassault.eu:8000 Works at my school and we can't download any codecs or anything. Try that.
  4. cobra@pulse

    "I think i saw hopper"

    I can't comment on the current situation at Sahrani radio. Until I am allowed to make an official statement you'll all please have to wait. The radio station should broadcast any news about this "possible" kidnaping. Stay tuned. On that note, if you have any ideas how we can improve please send us a PM or e-mail.
  5. Good tutorial buffy, just gonna give it a go. Problem though, save my terrain in Wilbur, its 1025x1025 try to resize it in photoshop but its locked and I can't do it, can resize but then it doesn't let me re-save it as a PNG. What the hell?
  6. cobra@pulse

    ArmA Addon request thread

    You knows it bro  Tis a bitch and theres no smoke but it works. That'll be your left nut then please
  7. cobra@pulse

    Sahrani Radio in 2008

    Yay, whoo again. Good to have you back matey. Give us a buzz on MSN mate, still up for it like old times and the such
  8. cobra@pulse

    Project: UK Forces

    And my mission begin's I shall endevour to find one for you, however it seems the lilt supply has become somewhat short over here these days. Bottles are plentiful, cans, a struggle.
  9. cobra@pulse

    Tornado f3 & gr4

    Mavericks can't be fired from a Tornado, take it from someone who spent a week at RAF Marham with the engineers. But hey, taking first hand knowledge on isn't your strong point here is it. Believe something from Google or from someone who did work experience on the aircraft for a week, and trust me, the large amounts of tea breaks leads to lengthy discussions. But what ever. Websites also say that WW2 never happend and the moon is made of cheese... Stop with the pompous attitude yourself, your not doing yourself any favours as by now, im pritty sure not many people care about your addon its self, more just your shocking attitude.
  10. cobra@pulse

    Backpack idea

    Bill mate, long time no chat, hows things? Aye we ported a version over to ArmA from OFP. Slightly different from our OFP ones cause of ArmA script nature, however ours still carry extra magazines, AT Rocket, some strobes and flares, a first aid kit and a parachute (cause we cant be bothered to model it )
  11. cobra@pulse

    Project: UK Forces

    Beautiful guys, just, marvelous. Good luck with it all. Looking forward to the old friend the lilt can, ahh I miss it so. Top job and happy new year to you as well.
  12. cobra@pulse

    Customizing character skin/voice?

    Top left of the splash screen where theres a icon of a mans face and your name next to it. Click that
  13. cobra@pulse

    How To Retex unit

    You are planning to do 54 divisions worth of re-skins?! Good god man, the pbo size would run into the GB's to do that. One texture file for a rifleman for example is about 1.3mb on its own. 54 of them, plus 54 of all the other tpyes, machine gunner, sf etc... Better thing to do is to wait for the tools so you can have it so the user can add the division badge by setobjecttexture. Dont think you can do it atm the moment though, not without the long awaited tools.
  14. cobra@pulse

    British Royal Marines

    Should have a rather nice SA80 on its way very shorty, just need the SUSAT mapped and we're away, unfortunatly it'll be part of a larger addon though, tis basically the RAAB Open pack Sasy did a while back, just been upgraded somewhat. Looking good though mate
  15. cobra@pulse

    My New ArmA with 8800 GTX 768!

    Good point, try rolling back the drivers maybe to an earlier version to see if that helps, it may be that the more advanced card doesn't like the current drivers. Oh and I this helps for anyone suffering from the problem indicated in the start of the topic. I highly doubt Kevlar will be able to understand this as help and will just moan again.