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  1. cleanrock

    CRcti Proman

    Nice to see its still alive. Will be interesting to hear if gameplay will be as fun as in ofp. Keep up the good work ! (i have no idea if its good so far though :) )
  2. cleanrock

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    probably because high AI density result in high engine load
  3. cleanrock

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    that was quick, gj squeeze nice to see its still alive :)
  4. New 1.12 seems to have fixed both the problems i have seen (low FPS and config problem).
  5. We hope the problem is not related to Linux distribution (Ubuntu, ...). We have installed new Linux PC (Fedora) to test the ArmA server on different HW and some of the reported problems (not all) were successfuly reproduced. The updated version will be hopefully ready today. sounds good i am positively surprised i got an answer this quickly from BIS
  6. Yes, I have 1.12 + QG here running fine, so don't give up. Â (Distribution used: 32-bit CentOS 5 U1) ok, not much help though . I reinstalled ArmA (no QG yet) and installed 1.12 on both client and server. 1.08 is fine, 1.12 on server run but is is very slow (as some above also mentioned, i get 1 FPS and all server AI are frozen). My guess is 1.12 is broken in some way .. or can BIS ppl confirm that 1.12 works on Ubuntu 7.10 ?
  7. Yes, QG. Adding dbe1 have same problem. I have tried many different ways to start server, e.g. hiding QG addons. Killswitch, have you 1.12 running on Linux successfully with QG ? If someone else has success with 1.12, please post so i know it is possible and i am not wasting my time.
  8. I am unable to get 1.12 running on Ubuntu 7.10. 1.08 works fine. I get a lot of messages like this: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">21:34:21 Reading mission ... Warning Message: class 'bin\config.bin/CfgMovesMaleSdr/Actions/CivilStandActions/' is not defined ('turnSpeed' accessed) Warning Message: '/' is not a value Warning Message: class 'bin\config.bin/CfgMovesMaleSdr/Actions/CivilStandActions/' is not defined ('upDegree' accessed) Warning Message: '/' is not a value ... I start it with this: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">./server112 -cfg=arma.cfg -config=server.cfg -mod=beta 2>&1 I have QG installed on both client and server (server PBOs are copied from client). Any ideas what may be wrong ? If someone has 1.12 running on linux with QG please post if you did something special to get it running.
  9. cleanrock

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.12

    Your drivers seems to be really outdated. your performance seems to be really outdated bad joke aside, performance is still crap in arma .. i wish you had put your arma energy into that long ago
  10. cleanrock

    How to disable "HDR"?

    seeing the sky (looking at the horizon) will make the ground very dark, if i then look down into the ground the ground gets very bright, this use of hdr contribute a lot to scaring me away from arma (sluggish performance and long load times are the other two big factors for me) imo, bis need to focus on performance (fps and load times) and less on eye candy, arma is barley playable on my Core2Duo E6600 and X1950Pro.
  11. cleanrock

    random selection

    i tried it and this is the way bis do it, if u make a script which test this i am pretty sure it will never be the max value
  12. cleanrock

    random selection

    i do it this way : _list = [0, 1, 2, 3] _entry = _list select ((random (count _list)) - 0.5) this will select a random entry in the list and all entries will have equal probability of being selected
  13. cleanrock

    crCTI 1.0 beta 1

    Read more at cr-ofp.dyndns.org.
  14. cleanrock

    crCTI 1.0 beta 1

    bug reports should be posted on my forum i am pretty sure the ai are not stuck (u should check the ai groups orders the ai co uses) and i dont understand the support problem u have, plz be more specific and post that in my forum if u have the time and energy i have found one critical bug so far and my hope is that some ppl will help me ironing out the bugs by testing stuff and posting bug reports on my forum
  15. Yes, at this moment it doesn`t work. u should be able to see it soon (ill adjust my ofp cheater ip bans)
  16. cleanrock

    CTI missions

    so is there any way of getting unbanned? send me a mail to cleanrock@gmail.com with info about ur ip range and what ofp nickname and id u play with and i will look into it
  17. cleanrock

    CTI missions

    if some cant get load my site it is probably because their ip is banned (i have ip banned a lot of tkc-cheaters since i run my ofp server on same server)
  18. cleanrock

    ArmA release date leaked out?

    My guess is BIS is busy making OFP:E work on XBOX 360 ... but I will be very happy and surprised if we get ArmA in 2005.
  19. this is due to an unknown/hidden feature of accuracy ... if u set accuracy high (e.g. 1000) on a heli all tanks will use there machine guns only the BIS UH60MG are shot at by machine guns since its accuracy is 1000 i dare say BIS themselves dont even know about the effect of accuracy on AI using their weapons, check Sumas posts in this topic
  20. cleanrock

    Detonator 81.85

    had to rollback to 78.01 i am pretty sure BIS will talk to nvidia about this
  21. cleanrock

    Threat levels and Cost = Target ?

    In my opinion the cost system is flawed regarding AI ammo usage: The irLock=true on LAW/RPG/CG/AT4 is just a work around for the flawed cost system, these weapons should not require a "hot" target, they should be used by AI on all enemy ground targets of high enough value, e.g. a "cold" enemy structure. I have been trying to get AI to use modified (irLock = false) LAW/RPG/CG/AT4. AI use em as well as before on tanks .. the problem is that it is impossible to make AI NOT use em on infantry since the low armor of the target (infantry) make the cost of the target uninteresting in the current cost system. If the cost of the target would affect the use of ammo by AI in a more proper way much better AI behaviour could be accomplished. Here is how i would like to see how AI ammo usage should depend on cost, damage and armor: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">if (costTarget/costAmmo > armorTarget/damageAmmo) then { ammo worth using on target } This would make it possible to make AI avoid wasting strong/expensive ammo on weak/cheap targets, e.g. sabots/RPG on infantry. I hope BIS will fix this flaw for ArmA.
  22. cleanrock


    Battlefield style mission with AI and money. No addons required. Full Manual I have made three missions so far: Central Everon (5 towns, heavy res in towns) Everon (12 towns, patrolling res tanks) SouthWest Nogova (5 towns, heavy res in towns) Mission Pack 1 I prefer to have bug reports and suggestions posted on my forum. One topic per topic plz . /Cleanrock
  23. cleanrock


    0.91 out read more here. placebo, can u remove the 0.9 from topic title plz
  24. cleanrock


    PS. Ignore the error dialog about missing "\detector\..." ... mission will work fine anyway.