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  1. cam0flage

    World championship in icehockey

    I'm happy for USA, because Czech Republic has beaten Finland like a three-legged dog almost every year, this year the Canadians will have to do the job :P
  2. cam0flage

    I need a new joystick.

    I bought a Microsoft Sidewinder FF2 last fall and I have been very happy with it, and can recommend it to anyone looking for a basic joystick. OFP isn't much of a flight simulator, but I do fly MS FS 2004 frequently, and I've been very pleased with this stick. Reasonable price is a plus for this stick, but the throttle slider is a bit awkward. Also has a nice set of programmable buttons.
  3. Agreed. Some people seem to form their opinions about nationalities according to video games, or suffer from an awfully bad sense of humour ;) The bomb looks very good - does it cause lag?
  4. cam0flage

    Greatest generals in all of history

    I'd have to say Heinz Guderian and Erich von Manstein. Both accomplished unbelievable feats in the eastern front during WWII. Both also had the balls to oppose Hitler. Manstein especially for his actions near Kharkov during spring 1943 (retook the city) and could have done a lot more if allowed. I have to mention Finnish Marshal C.G.E. Mannerheim too. I'm not that familiar with his particular military achievements, but he succeeded in uniting the Finns during WWII. Also kept his eyes open during 1939 and called Finnish reservists to additional rehearsals before the outbreak of the Winter War.
  5. cam0flage

    Flame weapons

    I think it was a TOS-1 instead of BM-series MRLS. Not sure though, correct me if I am wrong.
  6. cam0flage

    How old r u?

    A good question. Let me point out that my sentence had the premodifier 'numbered' ...
  7. cam0flage

    How old r u?

    21 now, 22 in August. Who admits not fitting into the numbered categories? ;)
  8. cam0flage

    Ukrainian missiles 'gone missing'

    Interesting, but what kind of missiles are missing? The article has a picture of an empty silo, but I don't think we are talking about that kind of missiles. On the other hand, anything is possible. I still doubt it: I think the picture is there just for the shock value.
  9. cam0flage

    East german units anyone?

    In this context, NVA stands for National Volksarmee. For those of you that do not speak German, it means something like National People's Army.
  10. cam0flage

    Csla 2 news

    Be quick now! I need to get this mod before I lose my Internet connection, which takes place in the beginning of February ... well, not really. I'm sure that the final product will be awesome, and whether the University likes it or not, their bandwidth will definitely be used for getting this mod :P
  11. cam0flage

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.2

    I mentioned this in the 1.95b release thread. The improved dogfighting seems to make the AI planes lose speed very quickly when they fly around each other. The F-18C does not crash that easily, but the MiG-21 goes down very quickly.
  12. cam0flage

    1.95 beta mirrors

    Hmm, after installing 1.95b AI pilots tend to crash very often while dogfighting. Basically, they lose too much speed and stall. I don't know whether this happens with normal OFP:Res, but it happened almost every time while running the FDFMOD. Despite this minor setback, it was a pleasure to see the FDFMOD F-18C launch AMRAAMs towards Su-25s that were performing a CAS mission ;)
  13. cam0flage

    Your computer

    AMD Athlon 2600+ XP 512 mb 400 mhz DDR Radeon 9600 PRO 256 mb KuDoz 7X/600-6A motherboard three HDs, adding up to 100 gb an ancient HP 8100i CDR-W MS Sidewinder FF2 Logitech Wingman Precision (for FIFA 2004) Nokia 447Zi Plus 17" Palm i705 When I started my computer this morning, I got an error message saying that my second slave hd had failed ... luckily the problem was resolved by simply booting the computer again. Should I start taking backups of the hd or could this just be a minor glitch that can be ignored? Also, do not buy Logitech Wingman Precision. It sucks, badly. Not enough buttons etc. Could anybody recommend me some other pad? I'd prefer something similar to a PS2 pad.
  14. cam0flage

    Radeon 9600pro 256mb

    I also have a Radeon 9600 PRO with 256 megabytes of RAM. I was very frustrated when I tried to start OFP and got the exactly same error message. I also spent a lot of time messing around with different versions of Catalysts and DirectX settings. Nothing really helped. Now everything works perfectly, after updating to 1.94b and adding a -nomap parameter to your OFP shortcut. I'm sure you know how to do this, however, if you don't, there are lots of helpful people around here.
  15. - Finish my BA thesis and earn the required credits at the university - Buy OFP 2 (If it comes out in 2004) - Move to a better apartment That's about it I don't usually make any resolutions but 2004 seems like a good year somehow ...