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  1. have the helicopter start on the ground with however many squads you want to try fit in it nearby. helicopter's first waypoint set to TALK, and then theres three boxes with min, mid and max, and something about time. if you put all three box's to 30, the chopper will wait on the ground doing nothing for 30 seconds, before moving to the next waypoint. this is ample time for the lads to get on. for the squads, add a waypoint by clicking ontop of the chopper and setting it as "get in". then add another waypoint (seach and destroy) or whatever and put that over where you want them to go after the chopper drops them off. i think that makes sense.
  2. chickenman

    Sas training on tv 2nite !

  3. chickenman

    Delta Force ?

    wobble, if the govt denies they exist, what are you basing your info on? i reckon my green and yellow plastic army men could beat up any army in the whole world!!!!!!!! RAH!
  4. chickenman

    Hind's re deadly as hell

    I made a mission yesterday, where 3 mi-17's (not grouped) fly in to pick up three russian infantry groups just south of a small village. the choppers overshot where they were meant to pick up my guys, and each one headed off to the north east of the village, with the three squads of infantry in hot pursuit. by the time i got to the other side of the village, i saw something that if i knew how, would have made a great screen shot. the first mi-17 had picked its landing spot and landed, picking up its crew. the second chopper had picked the same landing spot, and was about to land on the top of the other. the third also picked the same landing spot, and started to land on top of the second. this lasted for about 10 seconds before they all blew up, killing all 3 squads of over keen infantry. i aborted this mission plan then and there.
  5. chickenman

    china crack down.

    money and control = politics. theres not much more to politics, other than cigars and sex.
  6. chickenman

    Jungle Warriors

    i don't know shite about this, but aren't ghurkas meant to be the best at jungle combat? or are they just normal soldier types with a big reputation?? i dunno.
  7. chickenman

    china crack down.

    language doesn't cause wars. It causes me to end up in the wrong place when catching a taxi. religion and politics are now the only reasons I am aware of for war..
  8. chickenman

    that face?

    The one I first noticed it in was on Malden, Co-ords Fi 17. There is a small shed near the northen entrance to this little base. A shed is just a small building i suppose. I've seen others of these around, some connected to make what appears to be a longer shed, each with the same pic in it.... Strange... but true!
  9. chickenman

    How outstanding OFP is compared to MOH?

    I agree that they are completely different games and can't really be compared. MOH:AA had some missions that at least to me were completly original. I didn't think much of it was easy, and I had to reload a lot for some missions, especially the last one. I was impressed with the sniper mission once i got into the tower and had to stop them blowing the bridge, but that was short lived really. And I loved how when the alarm was going, guards kept on spawning and running around into me waiting with the mg42. Sadistic maybe, but still fun. long term value though is obviously ofp for me, but yeah - thats because its a different game with more options through the editor etc.... OH and the biggest thing that shit me off about Hidden and Dangerous was the whole "Oh shit I fell off a hill that was 1ft off the ground and I died again!"
  10. chickenman

    that face?

    oh. obvious answer i suppose, but i had no idea what he looked like. if that was my toilet, id have a better lookin picture than that on the wall!
  11. chickenman

    that face?

    This has probably been discussed before, but as most of you probably know, that small grey shed with the slanted roof and a single window, has a picture of a face in it...Who the hell is it?? Out of everything in this game, that, and the christmas trees that appeared all over the place on christmas day have freaked me out.
  12. chickenman

    Leaving the board for a while..

    What I mean is, the US government gets itself into just about any global situation it possibly can, or so it seems. Peace talks between any two countries have some american deligate or another, even if these two places are quite removed from america, and at least apparently, their policies. The US government continually involves itself in situations where other nations feel they have no place, especially the middle east. Anti-americanism there is enourmas, and more than just an angy mob burning flags etc.. If you think the smart arses on here count for something, you are wrong. These nations, if you actually listen to their side as well as the side presented by the US government, are quite right in hating the US. But that is propaganda, and it is impossible to know which side is really telling the truth, which most likely lies somewhere in the middle. Americans are on the news. on the tele. In books, magazines, and papers. Local competition struggles and for lengthy periods of time we hear of nothign else other than what goes on in america. is it any suprise that people dont like the US a great deal?? a lot of this is starting to not make sense and my typing is getting worse, but its 4:30am and I am almost drunk.
  13. chickenman

    Problem with houses

    in one mission of ofp, I cant remember what number, but the one were you parachute out of the helicopter and lead your squad into a russian base, beat off the counter attack and then attack a second base with an empty tank... the empty tank had its crew standing around it. One of the crew was standing between the tank and a building you cant access. As I opened fire, this tank crew member hit the dirt and dissappeared into the buidling. He couldnt get out, and I couldn;t get in.... I could see him standing in there using the control camera thing.... this happened on three occassions before I managed to kill him before he hit the dirt... (destroying the building didnt help either) on another mission, I got stuck in the angled bit of the house that has the attic and couldnt get out. that sucked.
  14. chickenman

    Bridges in OFP!

    That bridge would look extremely out of place in any of the islands!!!! Talking about bridges brings up another point.... THERE IS NO RUNNING WATER ON ANY OF THE ISLANDS. If you want bridges, they must cross something. Quiet village to village roadways would not warrant an over pass. Bridges must cross water if it is to be realistic (Even if it is crossing a canyon, there is normally running water at the bottom??). I want bridges. It would be brilliant. But you'd need running water, and basically a new island. And railways, like someone else said. The two would create a million more scenario's.... (Insert random anti-american slogans here to turn this thread into a yank-bash)
  15. chickenman

    Leaving the board for a while..

    My anti-american posts?? I think you've misinterpreted what I was saying... Posts I made in relation to the inteligence one about the SAS were actual, not made up and not biased, and I personally couldn't really give a stuff. If you get offended by what is posted on a board, you need to get control of your emotions. It is a text message board, and you will most likely never meet the people you are posting to. So why let them even influence one moment of your life? You are whinging about the anti - americanism's on this board. I've read the same post from you, or a version of it, on what seems like a whole bunch of threads. From what I've seen, the posts are border line anti-american, maybe about something to do with policy or perceptions, and not worthy of a temper tantrum. Some are out right slags, and some you seem to have interpreted them as being so when they are probably written in innocence.. I might see if i can turn that one about bridges into an anti american one for you if you like. Just for a laugh