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  1. cjph

    SP Harpoon Delta

    Had a few runs this morning and not yet completed, but enjoying so far. Nice one - thanks ! cj
  2. The legend returns . . . Your work has given me a lot of enjoyment, so thanks for all your efforts. cj
  3. I'm lucky (old ?) enough to have been able to purchase every game and expansion/DLC in the Arma series since OFP, and at times have had to consider the value of games versus other spending over the years. In the last two years I have probably spent less on BIS products than last weekend when I took my family to a cinema to watch an average film and have a meal, so I have probably got a hundred times more enjoyment in terms of time spent out of Arma3 than from one evening trip out. In fact, my only problem is finding free time to spend on the game and I usually end up just exploring the latest map release, scattering a few insurgent units around the main built up area and then go in and wipe them out. In answer to the OPs question, like many I don't think the DLC feels like a donation, more like ongoing support with some new stuff added, and still incredible value for the enjoyment I get from the game. cj
  4. cjph

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    I've only just started exploring the island but can already see why it won - congratulations. cj
  5. cjph

    DG British Armed Forces

    I second this - setting up some patrol missions in Sangin for a small British foot patrol, all the soldiers have the same un-scoped weapon and load out (unless I'm missing something) and I have been too lazy just yet to set up ammo crates and loadouts. I hate getting my ass handed me by insurgents with better kit - perhaps this sadly reflects real life more than we would like it to. I also noticed the weapons used by the insurgents (I am at work and can't ID the addon being used) tend to bounce around on the ground long after being dropped, though I think this is more likely a map/insurgent addon problem. Oh, and the squad leader/officer I select from the BAF options always has an American accent whereas the team have British ones, and there is no medic option in BAF. These are just quibbles though and I only wished I had the time and skill to help - your work on this is really appreciated m8 - I was fighting to regain the main base in Sangin for four hours last night (more a reflection of my Arma ability than anything else) so may have to resort to the Landrovers !. cj
  6. cjph

    DG British Armed Forces

    Just downloaded and took a quick spin in Sangin in a jackal - epic so far, just epic. cj
  7. cjph

    X-Cam prototype map

    Just wow. I wish I had half your talent. cj
  8. cjph

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    Underground elements to maps - tunnels, underpasses, metros, car parks. More urban, enterable and destructable buildings (dams, office blocks, housing etc) in larger city maps, along with some form of random map generator. Not sure how intelligent the civilians are in the game but maybe simple people models with just the ability to walk, run about madly, cower/hide (where threatened) and die to limit the overhead on the CPU, which would be nice to have offloaded/distributed to another thread/core/system. cj
  9. Might be a dumb question but I have an old Intel 6600 quad core at stock running Vista sitting on the shelf - would it make a suitable server machine for SP, ie use my current rig as a client and get any benefit of AI being run on the 6600 ? Am thinking of upgrading my graphics and so retiring the 7950 to the 6600 (overkill graphics for a server). cj
  10. cjph

    X-Cam prototype map

    I want some bikini clad lady models to go with the resort ! It is looking awesome. Well done so far. cj
  11. How about AA - Armaholics Anonymous. "My name is Dave, and I am an Armaholic. Its been three years since I had a fluid game of Arma MP . . . " cj
  12. Hi I've seen this mentioned before but not found any instructions on how to achieve it or is the improvement is significant ? (ie do you simply run the dedicated server exe locally ?). cj
  13. cjph

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Good to see BI still keeps up their sense of humour ! cj
  14. cjph

    Loading addons takes extremely long

    What sort of drive do you have the addons installed on (and also your system specs) ? If you have an HD the thing that comes to mind are defragging it as many mods with updates might get split pretty quickly. If that fails maybe you could look at an SSD, or even a RAMDisk if you have enough RAM. cj
  15. Being a cheapskate I built a Freetrack unit (three IR LEDs soldered to a battery box and attached to my headset) a couple of years ago with Arma II with the intention of moving to a TrackIR if I liked it (there is a separate thread about a €10 freetrack build). I spent some time with the settings but found it awkward to use, but probably more down to my suffering a stiff neck and the extra weight and movement making it worse. In the end, I gave up and have purchased a cheap USB foot pedal with the intention of simply using it to control the freelook key. I've not used it in anger just yet. I am jealous of those who can get on with it as many users I have played with swear by them. cj