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    Operation FacePlant US Infantry v1.00

    Sorry guys, i'm not home so updating the site on a pentium 2 computer, and the newsposters are either: on vacation/ill/busy/lazy ... Â I will try to add your units tomorrow, CameronMcDonald!
  2. cervomix


    This is quite an old debate... Personally I don't have a problem killing children in a game, or seeing nude models, etc. I don't really understand people that are shocked to see kids in a game. If I want to play a war simulator I want it to be as much realistic as possible, kids have always been involved in war, from hitler youth to the African soldier kids. So what? It is a game! I think that playing a game where you kill people without wanting to see anything that could give you bad or guilty feelings, is in a way both supporting real wars and closing the eyes on what they really are.
  3. cervomix

    OFP videography

    One of the (if not the) best and most effective OFP video i've ever seen too! Wow...
  4. cervomix

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    Ah didn't know about the sheep! Well the wolves and boars aren't really peaceful wild animals, they attack my black elf on sight!
  5. cervomix

    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    I was a bit disapointed by Morrowind compared to Arena and Daggerfall, but Oblivion is a really great game! It looks like Bethesda took inspiration on Ghotic 2 to simulate living NPC (even if Ghotic 2 is still better on some of these points). The only problems comes from the fact that it was developped both for PC and XBOX360... but it could be worse for a XBOX 360 game! Here's what is annoying me so far: - Inventory uses a 24 size font text and icons are so huge (because of the TV mode on consoles), they could have done a better version for PC - Sandbox difficulty mode, good items appears later in the games (on enemies and even in shops), and worse, monsters skills are matched on your level, so when you go to Oblivion with your level 3 character and kill dozen of Daedras... it is a bit disapointing. - The system to select missions is great but the marker on the compass makes it a bit too easy. - Mana regenerates so fast! - Can't fight on horses (i bet they will make a datadisk allowing this among other things) - Not as deep as Thief 2 game for the thieves and assasins gameplay(even if the light and weight of the boots are taken into consideration). - No localised damages (too bad, an arrow headshot would be so nice! - Dungeons look the same, it is way better than morrowing (it couldn't be worse anyway), but we see very often the same blocks. - No kids or animals (there's sheep meat, but ... I never seen one), the only wild peaceful animals are deers. - Underwater graphics suck a lot ,they are so empty and don't even have custom textures - Maybe because of the levelling fact, you NEVER find small valuable items on the ground in dungeons or in houses (like a ring). Or I missed them all! - no key to cycle weapons of spells - You can't recruit NPC and equip them with armor and weapons - Too much time consuming, doesn't even allow me to update ofp.info  The list of features I love would be too long but here's just a few ones: - Monsters follow you out of dungeons (FINALLY, no more resting just in door of the cave) - Radiant IA isn't bad at all, nice to see NPC trying to steal others, guards taking their duty and replacing others that will go to sleep, NPC going to hunt around cities, travelling NPC, etc - Ragdoll system (yeah i'm one of the psycho that like throwing cadavers on slopes) :P - Monsters look better, more heroic fantasy and there are more classes than in Morrowind (it is a bit like Daggerfall). Finally a game made both for PC and XBOX that doesn't suck!
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    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Here's a fast download from our friends at OFP-Center.de! DOWNLOAD - FFUR 2006 (Self-Installer) (509,78 MB)
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    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Well last time servers didn't crash, it was "just" that the 100MBs line was used at 100%.
  8. cervomix

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Download managers are hammering the servers with their multiple connections, that's partially why our servers are down (with the fact that hardware isn't good enough).
  9. cervomix

    ofp.info Interviews BIS (many unseen pics!)

    About Multiple gunner positions (and no more class limitations anymore), it was stated in 2003 by Marek Spanel, about the OFP Sequel which was named OFP2 at that time (it was before they started working on the 2 projects that we know now). I hope it did not change! This is from an interview here.
  10. cervomix

    Operation Farmland Mod

    http://ofp.info/farmland (better as it's a redir)
  11. cervomix

    I found this in Vilas mod...

    You think you are so brilliant about OFP history by giving lessons to others, but you really should see this ORCS news next to the others news and others addons at the same date, since it seems that your memory isn't that good... http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.p....ang=eng Yes, on this same page you can see Jojimbo soldiers and PSC Buggy... It was not the time anymore when only reskinning was possible. In a way that comfort me in the feeling that your judgment is totally biased Wass, and that all what you have writen in this thread lost its value then.
  12. cervomix

    I found this in Vilas mod...

    Useless flaming and what you call "Russian humour" has contributed to the fact that some addonmakers stopped working for free and also for the OFP community. If I don't like an addon, I don't comment about it or just tell in a kind way what could in my opinion be improved. What's the point of insulting and making jokes on people because their quality of their work doesn't match the "pro" ones ? A lot of addonmakers that are famous now wouldn't very proud of their first addons, including ORCS, Denorc, I remember this ORCS news. By the way if you are curious about first addons of some addonmakers, visit this aborted page project, some profiles are filled. As long as Vilas gives proper credit people should really support him for the time spent for others, rather than making sick jokes... But it's maybe just me.
  13. cervomix

    best BTR 70/80 for ofp ?

    That's not true: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6871&newlang=eng
  14. cervomix

    Hello from Iraq.

    Thanks monty67t for all those nice pics! Take care!
  15. cervomix

    CSLA 2 Update1

    I suppose the problem comes from sound recording or sound editing rather than from the weapon itself, look (or hmmm hear) to the FDF Mod sounds, I don't know what they used but all their sounds are really impressive.
  16. cervomix

    Polish GROM operators

    Well I asked because I did not see any kind of clear and moreover logical "official statement" from you in this thread, just some parts of text like this: So, I ask this again because online OFP community is not just BIS forums registered members, I doubt that the 18000 different guys visiting ofp.info daily (for example and/or of course others news sites) have registered an account here and check the forums every morning. Maybe you will say that you don't "give a shit" about them or that it's a BIS forums exclusive, it's your decision and people have to respect that of course, considering all the time you have involved in your baby. But I just think it's pointless and sad, seeing it from a community point of view, or maybe I miss the point and you have some special reasons that would explain it...? /edit: typos
  17. cervomix

    Polish GROM operators

    May I just ask why, Offtime? What's the reason of this?
  18. Sorry for late, I've found nothing better than being ill for christmas! OFP.info Mirror #1 - Â Civil War Mod V1.2 (55MB) OFP.info Mirror #2 - Â Civil War Mod V1.2 (55MB) Edit: Link updated with a needed addon for missions included (21VBluger.pbo)
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    I don't see how grunts could play the acrobats with all the stuff they're carrying, climbing yes, but jumping.. no thanks!
  20. cervomix

    Ikar french planes and chooper

    Because Ikar was in OFrP team but he splitted recently.
  21. cervomix

    PedagneMOD Total Pack Release!

    Do you have a problem downloading from this server Canadianterror? Try these links: DOWNLOAD (OFP.info FTP#1) - Pedagne MOD Total Pack (114 MB) DOWNLOAD (OFP.info FTP#2) - Pedagne MOD Total Pack (114 MB)
  22. cervomix

    F-16C ISRAEL ARMY 1.2

    Vit, as we're hosting your addons and your site, I just add my 2 cents; I think you should give proper credits when it's due, even when the stuff you used is coming from another game. The original author will probably never know you used or not his stuff, and maybe would not care at all, but putting his name (or source) in your readme shows and give respect to the guy that worked on it originally. And doing this would not reduce at all or bias the credits you really deserved for the creation of this addon for OFP.
  23. cervomix

    FDF Mod

    Sad news... Big thanks to the whole FDF crew for all the talent they've put into their incredible mod...
  24. cervomix

    Terrorist attack on London

    That's rather surprising to see a extremist islamist organization doing this in the UK, considered as europe's nest for Islamist extremists (where they are recruited by example) since they can do things that are not tolerated in other european countries in the name of their 'religion' (in my opinion islam and what these extremists do in the name of Allah are totally opposed). Enforcing UK laws against this would be something really negative to them. So that's weird to see that these extremist would "saw" the tree branch where they're sitting on (I hope you see what i mean). Never wondered why UK was not targetted before Spain for example? Considering their implication in Iraq they should have been the #2 best choice for insane extremists after the USA. I hope to be wrong, but we'll really know who did/ordered it by seeing the implications that will result of it. If "guilty" country is revealed to be Iran by example, no need to be a seer to make obvious conclusions. What's despairing is that some people still have a naive point of view about human kind and still believe there's "good" or "bad" guys. Open history books, and try to find a country that not behaved like a bitch in the last 100 years. Sad to see that once again it was just usual people that had to paid a heavy tribute for this uber shit. Ps: Sorry for my english