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  1. HI where can I find Wehrmacht Infantry? I seen a site that had Lib Mod 1941-1945 and the German troops looked cool.
  2. bigstone

    2GB RAM to 4GB RAM?

    Hi I have a 8800 GTX 768MB card...Will going from 2GB RAM to 4GB RAM increase card performance in Arma? I have XP 32. Thank you
  3. The Battle of the Bulge???
  4. bigstone

    2GB RAM to 4GB RAM?

    Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe
  5. bigstone

    2GB RAM to 4GB RAM?

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ 2.6Ghz oclocked. I looked in my systems properties and it states 3.5GB of RAM. Â I have the Corsair brand DDR2 RAM...
  6. bigstone

    Independence Day

    Cool when will we get to play with these aliens?
  7. bigstone

    distorted faces

    Hi I don't know what is causing the distorted faces in Arma. Has anyone had this problem with the units? I mean the faces look melted are are in the shape of a long pizza slice???
  8. Very awesome thanks STALKERGB!!!
  9. bigstone

    Sakakah FOB,COB,VCP and EMASSY

    Your welcome. Also there is COP=Combat Outpost.
  10. bigstone

    Sakakah FOB,COB,VCP and EMASSY

    Colocated Operating Base (COB): A host nation base containing US owned facilities. These facilities are used and/or maintained by host nation personnel as stipulated by contract. VCP=Vehicle Control Point Very crazy place.....
  11. bigstone

    CH Addons

    Whats the ini line for the M1A1HC US Army and USMC markings?
  12. bigstone

    melting faces bug

    Never mind the bug just disappeared.
  13. Man Wolle that sucks!!! That Afghanistan map is by far the best Afghan map around. I'm a general customer(chunk of change to be one) I wish they would provide us that map or more maps.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but...I'm guessing this belongs to military customers: http://virtualbattlespace.vbs2.com/images....120.jpg Man that looks really nice!!!
  15. Thank you over here in San Diego we have 12 more hours to go.
  16. Thanks guys!!! How about a RAF Chinook with a GPMG gunner crew member or crew chief on the rear ramp.
  17. bigstone

    Avgani and Afghan Village

    Wow very nice maps indeed. I have dr frogsters smaller afghan map which is nice for squad and platoon size fire fights and now this new afghan map. Man I played a company vs company size battle and it ran smooth. Thank you!!!
  18. bigstone

    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    Yeah now thats the kind of immersion I like. Operation Starlight 1965 M-14's and Battle of Hue M-16's. You know the US Army's 1st Air Cav had the M-16's in 1965, while the USMC still had the M-14. I guess since the M-14 has a larger 7.62 round that packs more of a punch compared to the M-16's 5.56 round. Well looking forward to this cool mod.
  19. bigstone

    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    What kind of rifles will the USMC grunts have? Â Its kind of hard to see in the pics whether they are armed with the M16 or M14?
  20. bigstone

    British 3 Para

    You did good with the choc-chic pattern on the 3 Para soldiers. I like how you made some with the choc-chic pattern and others with the regular desert temperate helmet covers.
  21. bigstone

    173rd Airborne Brigade ACU Units

    The latest set they use the M4. Basically the US Army is replaced the M-16's with M4's. The USMC still use the M-16, but the latest variant the M-16A4.
  22. bigstone

    British 3 Para

    X-mas came early!!! Thank you STALKERGB!!! Hope you feel better man.
  23. bigstone

    173rd Airborne Brigade ACU Units

    Outstanding troops. The add of backpacks, camo netting on on ACH's on some troops or a new set altogether not to conflict with v5. Of course the ISAF patch.
  24. bigstone

    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    As my mind recalls I remember them saying they are starting off with US Army Special Forces first. After that next step would be USMC grunts "Khe Sanh" etc. etc....I might be wrong though..