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  1. blueskunk

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    i like the coop campaign a lot! very atmospheric amd a neat string of separate tasks tied together within each mission. i also like the spawn-feature. it allows to get back into it with your team rather than having to solo walk for half an hour all by yourself. it's great for pub games. i don't get some of the complaints about the spawn feature, though. if anyone wants to fail the mission when dying, then just start over. if you can't get a bunch of friends together to play your prefered way don't blame the developers for not satisfying your personal taste. those who think the campaign is easy maybe aren't playing in veteran mode. again, i dig his coop campaign and i'd love to see more of these in the near future. i find it to be a great showcase of what the arma sandbox can be used for and a great change of pace to the other established game modes.
  2. blueskunk

    Apex - Questions

    you're right. i somehow missed that. thanks for the quick help :-)
  3. blueskunk

    Apex - Questions

    hi i just installed apex and cannot change weapons anymore, i.e. there is no option to switch from rifle to handgun. also, where can i change my profile/player name, or create a new player? did i overlook something? cheers
  4. blueskunk

    Rudder pedal problem

    thx. will try that :-)
  5. blueskunk

    Rudder pedal problem

  6. blueskunk

    Rudder pedal problem

    hi the problem i have is that for some unknown reason my rudder pedals sometimes don't work ingame. pedals are saitek pro flight rudder pedals. i start up the game with everything connected as usual, sometimes the pedals work just fine, sometimes they don't. in the controller menu nothing is out of the ordinary. things i tried like disabling/enabling, restarting the game, disconnecting/connecting the controller during the game or after logging off doesn't seem to help. and then, some other time when i start up the game it's working again. very weird and also very frustrating since after i got use to flying helos with pedals, i find using keyboard inputs to be just horrible. anyone else having such an issue? and more importantly, anyone having any solution maybe? any help will be much appreciated. cheers
  7. hi, quick question: can ai be tweaked or is it already? cheers
  8. blueskunk

    FHQ Map Draw

    i find this a most useful tool, actually, and use it a lot. thx for that!!! quick question: deleting lines isn't possible. any update on whether this will be adressed with a future update? cheers
  9. hi, myself and a buddy (both +35yrs) are looking for a milsim clan in euro timezones. we look for: - well organized squad and staff structure with mid/longterm goals - 1 weekly pve/pvp battle/joint op of minimum 25 players online on average (per side) - battleplans and preparation prior to a weekly op. no on-the-fly mcc missions, pls. - 1 weekly squad training - joint ops utilizing the whole spectrum of arma 3 gear - staff/unit leaders who welcome active players - pvp battles occasionally at least we don't like: - listening to peoples rl mil experience. its a game for us. - rl procedures that have little application value ingame - 3rd person view and hexagons we offer: - willingness to put extra time in when needed - maturity, discipline and motivation, we follow orders in battle but like to be allowed to voice opinions in debriefs or during preparations - couple of years milsim experience in other clans/tournaments on various levels - experience in personnel management and op planning regards
  10. had a quick look at this with my mate yesterday and if i understand correctly the battle over the island is ongoing for as long as the server is up. question (sorry can't read 50 pages of posts): is the battle over the island over at some point? is one faction actually conquering the whole island? cheers
  11. blueskunk

    Any tournaments?

    wicked, cheers :-)
  12. blueskunk

    Any tournaments?

    hi, are there any active arma3 pvp-tournaments? thx
  13. blueskunk

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    is there a list of the available evo types and download links? i'm looking for a veteran mode, no mhq/teleporting evo ace, basically, but don't have neither time nor skill to start editing files. thanks
  14. blueskunk

    configuring evo

    hi, can anyone refer me to an idiot's guide to configuring mission settings for evolution? regards
  15. of course i am not a programmer. i am a consumer still i am aware of technical difficulties of development, production and marketing. but honestly, even though i appreciate anyones workeffort don't expect any love from me when a product is being sold in a "half finished" state. one shouldn't wear shoes that are simply too big. how often are release dates set with economical considerations in mind rather than with the state of development? you get my point. a game that is patched over a period of a year or more to make it playable can't be called "finished" by my standards at least. sure there is no way to expect a 100% failsafe game for the 100% of pc configs out there. but then where do you draw the line? maybe redo the requirement announcement on the box to represent the "actual" status of the game more realistically by the time it lands in the shelfs. anyhow, that's just my opinion and i'm not having a greater than negligable interest in that issue so we don't have to get emotional about it. but the post i made earlier was referring to the "don't sell a bugged game again, or else"-statement/threat (?) which is surely entertaining. well, to me at least. we consumers buy whatever is coming out anyway. the producers know that, they have cultivated us for too many years for us to expect anything else anyways. we will reliably buy even the worst crap because it's marketed well, we will complain in forums, wait for patches and so on and so on. i'm not buying arma 2 until i read a whole bunch of niceties about it's playability. not that this will change a single thing. but then again i am not expecting it either. sarcastically, but respectfully blueskunk