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  1. buznee

    Winch Ops?

    bump? :confused:
  2. buznee

    Winch Ops?

    bump. I would still like to hear some input from BI on future plans for SAR ops.
  3. buznee

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    Not sure what you are talking about there. The 3 helicopters in TOH are modeled off of the MD500, Bell 412, and EH101/NH60. None of which have any link to the Bo-105. The MD500 has a fully articulated rotor, the Bell 412 has a flex beam for flapping, and the EH101/NH60 rotor heads I believe are fully articulated as well. Bo-105 is considered a semi-rigid rotor design in which the feather, flapping, are not hinged, not sure on the lead-lag portion. Also the aircraft flight dynamics have the basics quite well modeled. The models need tweaking mostly with respect to power, drag, and stability characteristics which can be best enhanced by comparing to real world flight test data. I have no issues doing loops and rolls with the MD500 model. Half the battle is setting up the controls so that the sensitivities are realistic and performing the manuever under the right flight conditions. I would mess around with your dead zones and sensitivities and practice a bit more with energy management and piloting before knocking on the flight model. Also... trim is your friend.
  4. buznee

    My 2 Cents

    amen.. brother. People need to understand that there is a balance between features, release date, and a finalized robust product.
  5. Here are some ideas I had posted with regards to SAR ops. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=125993
  6. buznee

    First impressions.

    The problem I have with the GPS is that there are no zoom controls so I can't zoom out and see where the next waypoint is. Kinda defeats the whole purpose. Please add a zoom in and zoom out feature for the GPS map! Also enable the option of allowing you to keep waypoints on screen for expert mode. Right now I have to keep hitting escape to getting the waypoints to keep reappearing.
  7. I was downloading the files manually.
  8. thank you! Also noticed that they explain this in the downloads section.
  9. would I be able to compare them to yours? I can provide the md5 checksums for my files.
  10. Having issues with the install. Can someone tell me which bin file holds the following file so that I can redownload just the corrupted bin file? I do not want to redownload everything again since it is quite a large set of downloads. \Take On Helicopters\AddOns\south_asia_h_data_layers_01_03.pbo
  11. buznee

    Winch Ops?

    Another game play mode I just thought of. Imagine a large boat wreck or fire and multiple injured people that need to be rescued. You have teams of 2 or 3crew in a helicopter working together to rescue people and take them back to the hospital / specified helipad. You will be competing against other helicopters with their own crew. It would be a race to save as many people in a certain amount of time. Your team gets points for different things. For example. 5 points for getting a man on basket. 10 points for getting him on board. 10 points for keeping him in above average health state while transporting back, and 20 points for dropping him off at your helipad. I can see this being really fun and intense. Imagine 3 helicopters trying not to run into each other while hovering near the boat and picking up people in the water. Rescue swimmers everywhere. Helicopters hauling back people and then coming back for more. This can totally be done. We should push to get this in a future patch.
  12. buznee

    Winch Ops?

    bump... waiting for input from BI.
  13. I may be a little retarded because I can't find the link to the patch. Click on spoiler and doesn't seem to be a link. Help :confused:
  14. Thats correct the load should be subjected to drag. Should be simple enough. Apply a drag coefficient let the sim figure out the frontal area which will allow you to calculate the flat plate drag which can then be multiplied by dynamic pressure and bingo, drag force. This is then added to the sum of the forces on the object and the load should now lag behind the helicopter. If wind and gusts actually go into the physics model this can also affect the dynamic pressure on the load and therefore cause the load to bounce around due to wind and turbulence.
  15. Mine are at default and it still crashes once in a while.