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  1. bakkis

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    I have tried to find a answer or solution for this from steam community but nothing... My pc specs: i7-6700 gtx 1070 16gb ddr4 Game doesnt start at all. It says synching and it goes back to steam. I have tried to start it using the .exe file, i have deleted mods (that i dont even have), i have unistalled->installed, fixed the cache files...i have done it all. WTF is wrong and how am i able to play this? Thanks in advance
  2. bakkis

    Operation Al-Fajr coop 20

    Great, downloading now and testing. -EDIT- Does not DL
  3. bakkis

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Opteryx, do you plan to publish that winter map of yours?
  4. bakkis

    Police Units

    Great! Those units will help me for sure! Keep up the good work
  5. Wow Panda, looking really cool.
  6. bakkis

    OFM Uhao

    Thx Sickboy for this fixed config
  7. bakkis

    Fww2 - finland at war 1939-1945

    Good to see that your Mod is alive and kicking
  8. bakkis

    ArmA on Facebook

  9. bakkis

    Uhao island

    WOW!! Amazing looking stuff here. Can´t wait to test it out.
  10. bakkis

    416 vs G36

    G36 all the way
  11. bakkis

    Resistance Units

    When are You going to release those women soldiers? We need more civilian objects etc
  12. bakkis

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Mike@Uk, have you edited the bigass laserbeam and the explosion or is that thing real?? Looks amazing bro!!
  13. bakkis

    Alien addon

    Holy alienjesus! That looks great! When that alien model is ready to be released IceBreakr?
  14. bakkis

    RH weapons

    @RH those models look wicked! @Darkstorn your TRG looks great, would love to see more of your work, and about your point "Unrealistic stuff CAN look better than realistic stuff" WORD! Thats true as long as everything is in sensible measures (not too polished and too shiny)