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  1. Fundamentally Steam is VALVE - One of the few games publishers with a reputation worth a damn. If Steam was run by any other company like EA I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. As it is Steam has flourished, as have the myriad of small software companies that publish their games on it. Once BIS get the hang of releasing games via steam then esp. the Combined Arms type problems, it should be good. BA
  2. barmyarmy

    Map without black borders

    It has to do with the size of the map/island. Utes is so small that it does not fill the whole screen when zoomed out... leaving the black bands. BA
  3. If you can produce multiple buildings with variant textures that would be great. So that say when building a suburb housing estate the houses do not all look identical. Say different coloured doors and paint work. Just a thought Very nice work by the way
  4. AFTER THOUGHT If BIS are serious about moving to steam then the following needs to happen. They need to ensure all of the historical problems that have plagued steam users are addressed completely. They need to then allow use of sprocket/idea/retail CD-Keys to enable the steam version of the game (I've seen this done with other games such as UT3); that way the doubting thomas's can try the steam edition and see if they can live with it. I think if you force this, it will tank.
  5. [x] It depends. I own a large number of games on Steam, and for alot of games it is my prefered platform. However I have always bought the BIS games on original rom. Anecodotally there have always been issues with BIS games on steam, which is why I have always bought them separately. Besides I enjoy the Czeck language refresher courses every time BIS do a new release. BIS would have to show a REAL commitment to overcoming the current issues that exist with ArmaII and Steam before I would consider moving to Steam for their software. BarmyArmy
  6. Simple and brilliant - this is a good idea. Either that or allowing multiple objects to be manipulated with a single edit window, so you can select "playable" and they all become playable. Ctrl-p works for me too tho'. BA
  7. barmyarmy

    Texture packs

    ( Dear Santa....) For me one of the most frustrating things about ArmaII/AO is camo packs, most players I guess own Combined Arms; as with Marmite, this game you either love it , and buy everything or play COD4 instead. So I have a AO gave us a Bradley with desert camo making it look out of place on Chernarus, and likewise the Woodland camo tooks wrong in Takistan. I'd like to be able to use any of the equipment at my disposal, on any map. I'd happily pay $5-$10 for some properly drawn texture packs do allow us to mix equipment up, and maybe some arctic camo too (please). Thats before we get onto BAF and PMC. It would provide BIS a good way to futher monetize their existing models, I have no problem with paying BIS for what they do. yes the community does sometimes eventually rework the textures, but as BIS have the original artwork, then I guess it would be much quicker and easier for them to do it... and get paid for it. Merry Christmas BA
  8. barmyarmy

    V.I.R.U.S. What happened?

    Some of us use CAA with Arma1 and still enjoy Sarahni. If nothing else the winter textures you guys created for South Sarahni were great. Thank you for the effort you put into your projects and the Arma community, should you decide to stop, it will be a poorer community for it. BA
  9. barmyarmy

    What gun are you using (And why)

    Vanilla BIS: M16A2 Iron Sights The optics just get in the way, esp. the ACOG in any close encounter. I prefer the M16 to the M4. ACE: M16 ACOG Best of both worlds. :D BA
  10. barmyarmy

    ArmA Theatre of War Tournament

    Update Armed Assault II - Theatre Of War Tournament First Full Campaign on Armed Assault II. Battledays Sunday 1700Z, see web-site and forums http://www.arma-tow.com and web-site for further information. Co-op team play on a large battlefield environment using combined arms. Arma-style realism and Fun, in one neat package. Warm up, and coin-toss on Sunday 11th October, first full battle on Sunday 18 October, so there is still time to sign up. Enrolement open to individuals and groups, where possible we will attempt to place groups together but this is not always possible. For those who have played before we have returned to a more C1/C2 style of play after the experiment that was C3.
  11. barmyarmy

    Lack of documentation a major problem

    I would actually say that the BIS documentation is some of the best I've seen considering their primary focus is producing and selling a game as oppose to a development environment. Try finding developer resources for modding for BF2... The main problem is as everthing is web based finding the gentle introduction is extemely hit and miss. For instanced I downloaded the new tools; and was interested by the FSM editor - what does this do I wondered.... ? This is the FSM manual linked from the installer...... http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/FSM_Editor_Manual This should NOT be the first thing you read about the FSM Editor; hell its 100% appendix content; and useless for the first time user. Hell the "Terminology" section doesn't even explain what an "FSM" is, nor is there anywhere a link to this page which is far more enlightening. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/FSM ( well until I edited it :D) There are "official" bohemia sources like this one; or ArmaHolic and OFPEC; plus the nice guys at dev.heaven ; ( thanks for their help in decoding FSMs ). The learning curve is steep because unlike a book, on the web there is no beginning no "page 1". The best way to learn; find something that almost does what you want and "break" it until it does exactly what you want. The real question is once you have discovered how something works; what have YOU done to make it easier for the next guy who comes along behind you... ? I have no time for people who expect to be spoon fed ; by Bohemia, or anyone else. BA
  12. I must admit I can't don't condone software game piracy. DRM just pisses of your customers; like gun laws they only affect law-abiding citizens. Lets face it who do you really want to take advice about the games industry and customer service from ? This guy: http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=22378 or http://www.riaa.com Shrugs and ambles off.
  13. UNNs code is sound however the dirty hack you want is something like: _global="HeliPad" createVehicle ([0,0,0]); _global setInitCommand "hint ""seen on everymachine"";deleteVehicle this;"; processInitCommands; sleep 2; However I recommend getting UNNs code to work, while he says "I haven't done much Arma2 scripting...", I suspect he's being truthful and modest at the same time. He knows what he's doing. :D
  14. barmyarmy

    IsNil and IsNull

    Ok, you've been reading other peoples missions. So you are reading code. This is a good way to learn. However what you need to do is get your hands dirty, and write some code, and get some stuff wrong. You know there is a difference between isNil and isNull, so when one doesn't work, the other will. Trial and error is an important part of the learning process. Because by the sound of it you have seen and read lots of examples in other peoples code. So by now you should have gotten a grasp. If you are only ever going to read code, then frankly it doesn't matter if you understand, you're never going to need it. _vehicle = "HMMWV" createVehicle position player; _driver = driver _vehicle; if ( _driver == objNull) { // vehicle has no driver; } else { hint format["driver is %2",_driver]; }; _respawnTime=_vehicle GetVariable "RespawnTime"; if ( isNil "respawnTime") then { // no respawn time defined } else { hint format["respawn time is %2",_respawnTime]; }; Its all about data-types: "driver" will always return an "object" so it will be "an object" or "null" aka. no-object. "getvariable" can return any type string/array/object/scalar or "unknown" So I suppose the difference between isNil and isNull is the difference between "is unknown" and "is nothing". Any wiser ? BA