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  1. Well, if they do and start tanking care, our job is done, the people i'm talking about are mostly newcomers who don't yet appreciate the need to be careful. I'll look into the ACE pbo checker, thanks. Can it log the warnings on the server too?
  2. Hullo. It's going to sound a little weird, but i need a mod that crashes the game 100% of the time when loaded. It's for a canary within my group's mod set. We suspect a bunch of people to be a little careless with our modpack, and to always launch all mods while they should only launch a select collection through arma3sync. This causes problems, and i dislike problems. Since we cannot enable addon signatures because reasons, the plan is to place something in the whole lot that will prevent them from starting the game if they are not obeying instructions. (OBEY!!). Ideally it would have to be small in size and inconspicuous (bland error message). I have no modding experience besides trivialities, anyone got an idea on how to achieve that? Alternatively, if you have other suggestions for enforcing mod discipline (ORDER!!) in our little community, i'm all eyes.
  3. Hello, For the past few weeks, many people in my group started having issues with the ACE menus (and also TFAR interface) not loading after joining the game. Most of the time this can be solved by leaving and re-joining the server, multiple times if needs be. This is becoming a bit of a problem, especially when it happens to like 10 peeps out of 40 players. It incurs delays and frustrations. I'd like to know if anyone else is having that issue, or if there is a known cause/fix. I cant provide an RPT right now but i can try to dig up something if someone thinks it can help.
  4. As an old fan of Finnish Defense Force on OFP, the Rk62 brings back a ton of good memories. Thank you!
  5. Looks great. Can you make it AI skill dependent? Something like: - Skill < 0.25: crew bails exactly as currently in vanilla because they are untrained and easily demoralized - 0.25 < Skill < 0.50: crew bails with current vanilla level of damage but only when not under fire - 0.50 < skill < 0.75: crew bails with your modded level of damage and when not under fire but do not repair - 0.75 < Skill: crew behaves as in your mod, bails after heavy damage not under fire and repairs when possible.
  6. boozdeuvash

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP_Terrains

    That's because 'MURICA IS NUMBER ONE! U-S-A! U-S-A!
  7. Anyone else getting server crashes immediately after explosions? Seems like our recent crashes are narrowed down to after that sort of events (grenade explosions, vehicle explosions, etc...) anyone got a tutorial for reading post-crash RPTs/dumps and extracting relevant information to find the culprit, specifically in the context of ACE3?
  8. Is this really a bug though? Not working as designed? My understanding is that you can get incap for two reasons: pain and circulation issues (low heart rate/blood pressure). Getting shot at instantly raises pain, and can knock you out for a few seconds. Getting shot at repeatedly will cause you to lose blood which in turn can cause permanent loss of consciousness until until dead or helped out. Now, you may very well be right that the new update broke things, I havent played enough to test it properly, but in the previous version we always had cases of people getting kocked unconscious after taking a big hit, waking up a few seconds later and crawling back to cover, only to fall unconscious more permanently a bit later due to blood loss.
  9. boozdeuvash

    NEW MAP : Gunkizli

    Nice! Has anyone tested the compatibility with CUP Terrain pack? AiA TP is no longer supported as far as I know and is pretty much going obsolete.
  10. boozdeuvash

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP_Terrains

    Yeah, MSKE 4 islands Map. You got Everon, Malden, Kolgujev and Bonusisland.
  11. boozdeuvash

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    general rule on US GBUs: Anything that looks like some kid duct-taped a tiny bomb at the front of the big bomb is laser guided Anything that looks like some kid duct-taped four winglets in the back is GPS. Anything that looks like someone thought bombs should have wings because it looks funneh: difficult to determine. Results may vary
  12. Ok that's good to know, will give it a try. Thanks Edit: static definition in description.ext now works! Now the question is how to affect a parameter to the settings. I have the feeling I can't make a class definition in init.sqf, and i'm pretty sure there is no point putting it in description.ext. Any ideas on how to acheive that?