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  1. bionic

    TrackIR or FreeTrack

    "In my point of view" this Poll is useless it should have been done before the PR Offensive of Naturalpoint. If i would have had my hands on a copy of ArmA2 and offered a Free Track Setup for less then 50$(50€) this poll would look the other way around but don´t ask for it its not my business i only want to be able to use Free Track in ArmA and ArmA 2. Still good to see that every 3rd headtracking User is a DIY Free Tracker.
  2. bionic

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Well thats one way to argument but i never have seen a war without civilians involved. I call it lazy.
  3. bionic

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    I know to little about this but i think there is something called PPJOY you can use with Free Track do you mean something like this? http://www.free-track.net/fichiers/PPJoy.pdf Edit: I read that ppjoy wouldn´t work on Vista and Win 7 64bit so ppjoy would not be an option:(
  4. bionic

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Wow, if i may say so Skira looks amazingly empty, and was it intentional to fly through that ugly grass? How old is this Trailer 2,3 or more years? I mean it looks like a good tech demo showing off possible effects, like the destruction system, the growing grass but it definitely does not look like a game i would play. This reminds me when i first read about Söldner, on paper it sounded great but after i testet the demo i was shoked and never buyed it. The graphics look much like a mix of OFP and BF2 but not like a game that will be released in 2009. Where are the large battles did anyone counted more than 8 units in one scene? Well, well i see Ofp: DR passing by looking forward to Ofp: DR part2
  5. bionic

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    Yeah 50€ for TIR 4 and 80-90€ for TIR 5 that would be a good price and they would sell 10x more devices:thumb: But in my case i don´t use Freetrack because of the price of Track IR but because of the fun to build things your self and see it working. The next thing i will go for is a homemade microsoft surface table. Big project but hey if it works i will try to play ArmA2 in high command on it:D
  6. bionic

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    No offence taken i couldn´t care less if iam an artist in reading or writing english i never wanted to be one. Its not my first language but sometimes you need to read between the lines. And who wonders that NP is contacting Studios if i want to sell my product i also would do the same so nothing wrong with that. In the matter of Free Track its freeware they don´t have the intention to sell anything so why should they go out and beg for implementation in any game? Calling for a sales or marketing manager for freeware sounds a bit funny doesn´t it? Can´t see the problem BIS having a look at Free Track it costs nothing to do so. And if they make it work in ArmA 2 they would make alot of people happy. And yes at the moment it is more a rumor that Free Track will not work in ArmA 2 but why should we wait for the Release of ArmA 2 to see if it works or not? Better to say now that we want to see it implemented isn´t this the ArmA 2 Suggestions Thread?
  7. bionic

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    Thats because you are a Track IR user if Free Track would be supported but no Track IR you wouldn´t say so.;) Don´t know what is so hard to understand this thread is to get Free Track support in ArmA2. Free Track Users are not allowed to discuss in the Track IR thread so plz if you use Track IR keep out of this we don´t want your opinions why it should not be supported in here.
  8. bionic

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    Who says that Free Track users are a minority you underestimate the DIY Community. Go on youtube or google and check for Free Track and Track IR you will find as many if not more Free Track users as Track IR users. Not everyone is able and willing to buy a device for 180€ which you don´t use regulary instead they are going to build one themself for less than 50€. And whats wrong with supporting both Api´s the Free Track SDK is included in the Release. The Free Track Community don´t even need to have support the only thing they need is to be able to use their homemade devices in ArmA2. Would you agree if BIS only support Nvidia cards because ATI users are a minority, why should they support Linuxserver at all? And by the way this Thread is not to discuss why they should not support it, this thread is to get Free Track support in ArmA2.
  9. bionic

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    I also use Free Track and it would be nice if BIS could implement the Free Track Api into ArmA 2. Alot of people are spending hours and days on writing tutorials and building their Free Track Setup to make it as perfect as possible. In ArmA it worked great and it would be a big disappointment and loss if it wouldn´t be supported. We simply want to be able to choose which devices we will use to play ArmA 2 and not be limited to one manufacturer. Thx.
  10. bionic

    Operation Northstar WIP

    Looking good so far are you also going to change the antennas and so on? Already thought you guys had given up on your project good to see you are still out there.
  11. bionic

    Wii head-tracking

    Haha thats some funny stuff, candle light dinner now becomes a whole new meaning:rofl: So how good is your friends free track working with the track ir clip? Does he have a video on youtube where i could have a look at it? Sorry that i can´t help you with the setup i don´t use the Track IR Clip myself:(
  12. bionic

    will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?

    ?? i can look in all directions i want at 90-99 FPS there is nothing locked i just don´t looked that much to the right side as i did on the fast pass on the hotel to the left. This was only a short video i did for a buddy on the german Forum to show how well it works i haven´t payed attention to cover all directions 100%;) @g-c I don´t know the only way to get an answer is if Marek, Ondrej or... jumps in and make a comment on it.:pray:
  13. bionic

    will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?

    QFT! The funny thing is i also used Free Track before i ordered Track IR 5 and do you know the funniest part? I just canceled my order MehMan was absolutly right "they are not essential". I will now wait for the Release of ArmA2 and see if there is Free Track support or not. If not is see no need to buy TIR 5 such things are not essential. I really hoped this thread would go another direction but it seems i was wrong:( Edit: This is how my glued together Free Track looks like. Cap with IR LED´s and the Wii Remote with TFT Clip ingame it looks like this <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvyFirDG8zI&hl=de&fs=1&color1=0x3a3a3a&color2=0x999999"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvyFirDG8zI&hl=de&fs=1&color1=0x3a3a3a&color2=0x999999" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
  14. bionic

    will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?

    "We" was directed to the people interested in Freetrack not to people who are not and want the thread to be locked. But i guess u get what you intend. To make "sure" was meant to raise your voice to get heared if you don´t ask you don´t get a answer. And why shouldn´t we discuss it the whole forum would be useless if we wouldn´t be allowed to how do you think alot of changes and features made it into ArmA and ArmA2. Because you are a "dirty capitalist"? And by the way i hate to write in bold letters it ads nothing to the discussion.
  15. bionic

    will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?

    Maybe because they can reach more people if they keep their product as open as possible for other Products:rolleyes: Would you use Windows if only Microsoft and Google Products would be possible to use?