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    Shadows of the Motherland

    are you talking about the links to the download page from here or the mirrors? the former seem to work fine for me and if you cant get one mirror to work then try another. keep trying and you should be able to get it working cheers
  2. bored_onion

    Shadows of the Motherland

    thanks we look forward to it. a reminder to everyone that all comments are extremely welcome, as we have had quite a lot of downloads so far but not a great deal of feedback. cheers
  3. bored_onion

    Shadows of the Motherland

    we had a mailing list for a newsletter on the site and we sent an email to all those on the list. i reckon thats where you signed up. very pleased you are enjoying it. we are aware of some little bugs but we would greatly appreciate a few details of things which are going wrong. if you could, then please give us a little more information so subsquent versions can be better thanks a lot!
  4. bored_onion

    Shadows of the Motherland

    true, i hadnt made this clear in this thread but there is a link to the relevant download in the OFPEC beta testing thread - where comments are very much welcome.
  5. bored_onion

    Shadows of the Motherland

    thats odd - the link is working fine for me. anyone who has trouble finding the link to the site copy and paste http://www.freewebs.com/shadowsofthemotherland into their address box. Glad you like the video by the way.
  6. bored_onion

    Shadows of the Motherland

    <span style='color:red'>Shadows of the Motherland</span> is an all-new single player campaign for Operation Flashpoint. It has 20+ missions with many fully voice acted cutscenes (featuring almost 500 recorded sounds), custom music and an engaging storyline: "The year is 1988 and you are Captain Leon Yesenin assigned as part of a NATO peacekeeping force on the island of Nogova following internal instability. It has been three years since you defected into the US Army from your Soviet Spetz Natz division and three years since you have seen your old friend, and former comrade in arms, Alexei Tupilov, who you know moved to Nogova after the events that forced your transition. Little do you know that your experiences on this island will reveal new truths about your friendship with Alexei and about the events that forced your separation and defection. Once again you will be cast underneath the shadows of the motherland." --- Quote from the official website The first full beta version of the campaign is now available. More details about the project can be found at the official website and an exciting new <span style='color:red'>promotional video</span> can be found by following this link. This thread will be updated with news as and when it is available. <span style='color:blue'>Latest News:</span> Shadows of the Motherland now featuring on the front page of the OFPEC news section (added 1st September) Shadows of the Motherland has been released! Get the latest version HERE and all replies are welcome in the beta testing thread at OFPEC