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  1. blackjack-VS-

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    Only BIG planes can carry and drop the MOAB, for obvious reasons. The 1st MOAB that was ever tested was droped from a Hercules C-130. They have to open the ramp and roll out the suporting kart + Â the attached MOAB. I'm not aware if there is other planes carrying this bombs. Coincidence or not, it happens that the C-130 is exactly the plane I'm working on the moment (for the Portuguese Mod), so who knows!? Maybe the Portuguese Hercules can start MOABing the Arma ground! Â
  2. blackjack-VS-

    WIP: stuff you are working on!

    GodHammer I think your texture/model is very well done, and about the holes I don't think you can do much better then that. But again ,it looks excelent, so don't worrie about it. BTW: Are you working on any MOAB ? Saw last night a documentary about it on Discovery Turbo and wonder if anyone made one yet...
  3. blackjack-VS-

    Anyone else still playing old/retro games?

    I still play once a year Chuckie Egg...And I'm very pround of living the days that passing the level 64 of Chuckie Egg was a great honor to any living human being!
  4. blackjack-VS-

    ArmA Modelling Basics

    This article at CGChannel is a nice reading for those that ever tried to texture something. "The 10 top tips for texturing"
  5. blackjack-VS-

    Texturing tutorials

    I would say that any version of XSI would work for you...From what i understand you are just starting in this 3D stuff, so every extra button will only confuse you. So any 3D package of any version would work for you. Just choose one software and go all the way with it. Avoid switching softwares at the middle of the learning. Once you learn the basics of every chapter, then you can change softwares... About the unwrapping, indeed XSI can be a bit laborious, but there are some nifty tricks not so obvious that work wonderful. I've only found them, after dozens of hours around the same difficulties...when i got tired i went to the web and found some great videos explaining the tricks. Now i don't use any 3rd application for the unwrapping.
  6. blackjack-VS-

    Texturing tutorials

    XSI is a professional tool and o2 is a ofp/arma game content creator/editor. So there are hundreds of features/techniques that you can't do with o2, because that is not its purpose. If i remember the demo version is fully featured for 30 days, but there's also XSI Mod Tool that is a "light" free version of the software. You can model, texture (UV mapping) and animate. The render features are disabled for sure. My advise if you're in the will of trying XSI for serious, is to get the Digital Tutors training kit " Introduction to XSI 6.0". It was free for those who own the software, and it was in the website to, not sure how's it is now. BTW today 7.0 version was released live in the web, but that's another topic...
  7. blackjack-VS-

    Texturing tutorials

    Yes you can Praelium. Export the mesh from XSI in .obj format. then import it in o2.
  8. blackjack-VS-

    a question

    I think that is a good suggestion to be posted on the bis "request thread". It is sure that bis artists have a psd file with all the layers displayed, but i presume the copyrights gods won't like that much. Having this psd file made by the community is more then possible to. Maybe some of the skinners out there have some psd files to share.
  9. blackjack-VS-

    Convert OFP faces to ArmA

    Thanks for the feedback, I remember a pdf file from Softimage showing the power of Ultimapper, and it was something similar to what you described. The alpha thing is quite impressive indeed, and the results are usually impressive to. What you also confirmed me is that isn't any magic button that does the trick just like that...There's always a lot of manual tweaking to finally adjust the distortions, but yes it works that way. I just have the arma bis soldier loaded, but i'm sure i have the ofp head somewhere to...it would be interesting to try i guess. Thanks for the explanation!
  10. blackjack-VS-

    Convert OFP faces to ArmA

    Maybe "bug me" isn't the best adjective. What i mean is that I'm not understanding how to transfer the texture from one mesh to another totally different mesh. I work with XSI, so i'm familiar with Ultimapper ( but maybe not enough) and from what i remember the Ultimaper purpose is to transfer detail from one high mesh to its equivalent low res mesh. So the topology is always very similar, which i suppose it doesn't happen between an Arma head and OFP head (maybe they are, never compared). My workflow is to grab a low res model, then make a clone of it and start modeling all the details at will. When happy you make a nice uv map to the low rez model, and overlap the 2 models on each other. Now with ultimapper, it will create all the diffuse/normal/ao from the high rez to the low rez mesh. I never had great results if the topology isn't very similar,so that was the reason that made ask how to do it, not saying it's impossible or want to sound that I'm a xsi guru. Thanks for the answer anyway.
  11. blackjack-VS-

    Convert OFP faces to ArmA

    I was bugged with this tip from plaintiff1, because honestly i didn't knew you can do it. So what we're talking here is : Mesh from ofp with ofp UV layout- Lets call it MeshA with UV(A) Mesh from Arma with diferent UV Layour- call it MeshB with UV(B). What i can easly do in XSI is grab a MeshA with UV(A) and render the texture to a new texture that uses UV(B). Now if you have a MeshA and a different MeshB, i really don't how can it be done. You have any tut on that for Maya? To solve Q issue, maybe i would grab an ofp head, then create a new uv map that fits the best possible to arma's uv layout. Then i would render the old ofp texture to a new arma texture. But just wondering here...all the normal/specular maps that Arma models use would still be missing right? Or you thinking on manually do that? Â
  12. blackjack-VS-

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Congrats to "nuestros hermanos" and i hope they can do what we couldn't...win the dam EuroCup ! Couldn't see any vids of the goals, but looking to score seams that Spain gave an harsh lesson to Russia... Also my congrats to Russia, like Turkey they were fun to watch playing! + you build a nice team for the WC... Cya after the final...I want Spain to win, but i dunno why i think German will find a way to win it (clean i hope).
  13. blackjack-VS-

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Congrats to Germany for being in the final. To all the Turkish football nation, my sincere respect for the great team you have and you can feel dam proud of your performance! I was totally conquer by the passioned and "suicidal" attacks like some people call it, and it was great for the show. Still wonder how my team did won Turkey so easily...I'm sure they were in a bad day!
  14. blackjack-VS-

    O2 Export

    You have Synide tool that exports to lwo format. From there you can import in any 3D application.
  15. blackjack-VS-

    UEFA Euro 2008

    Ok this is it...I swear in public that i won't ever bet my money on football... I just can't believe Russia smashed Holland!! Congrats to the comrades! OT:Alenishev forever!