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    Why don't explosions always explode?

    @ jakerod nope, if you shoot him point blank the round will probably stick to him for a bit before falling to the ground. It's pretty funny. That SHOULD hurt like a bitch though :D
  2. ACE2 Any mods that increase FPS.. stuff like the lowplants/etc. After this latest patch trees and smoke seem to be the real killer for me. Also maybe redo the tree LODs so that people playing on low don't have to look like they're fighting in a watercolor painting...
  3. Wow BIS is starting to enter the mainstream. This type of stuff is all over EVERY big game out there, OFP and ARMA have just been too "fringe" Congrats BIS!!
  4. don't need to be on a bike it can happen with the alt look. Scared the bloody balls off of me. I was in the middle of a firefight and just started screaming for mommy :(
  5. berowe

    Patch 1.02 Stability Survey

    Streaming more noticeable here. FPS is huuge improvement! I don't know how or why!!! HDR turns itself on even when it says "disabled" I have to put to high, then back to disabled everytime I start the game LODs are a bit messed up now. It is my low-settings but zooming in with a sniper rifle I only see the "far" LODs, like cheese-wheels and stick figure men.... Before it would stutter and load the close-up LODs, now it doesn't seem to take the zoom into account as much?...
  6. I think this issue is why they love their HDR/bloom/etc crap. It definitely works to hide the engine/texture limitations. I play on a res higher than I should and lower my other settings to low, so I get this a LOT (but I can at least nail them crunchies hiding off in the bushes 600m away!) I think bis needs to look at the core engine and see what they can do to help this- it's a huge problem with modern weapons because of long ranges and high speeds. If this were "ARMA2: Teh Civil War", they'd have no problems at all!!!
  7. Was gonna post this in techsupport but my HDR turns itself on whenever I put some FSAA via config. The graphics option in-game say HDR is off, but it definitely is on (as my bleeding eyes can attest to) I've tried different config settings.... maybe has something to do with the noblur mod?
  8. WOah! turning on the AA (any setting) messed with my screen. Now there's some crazy filter over (or under) everything!! it looks like as if my screen had cracks in it?!?! Weird, will try to post a screen after trying a few things to fix it. Looks nice despite the weirdness... lol THANKS BIS EDIT: deleting the profile and making config non-read-only fixed it... weird
  9. berowe

    Military Humor

    Recent deployment I got stuck at our HQ for a refit. One of my fellow team leaders was there too and we were always screwing with each other. I cut and pasted official email headers from our secure network and edited a little fake one for him: Dear SSG X, We regret to inform you that your order of "Butt-Dildo, pink, 25 count" has been delayed due to distribution errors. We will rush your order to you as soon as possible. In the meantime please print this voucher for a free set of anal beads. We appreciate your business! --BoyToys.com after typing this out with all the proper internet-junk at the header I "accidentally" printed it on our unit's primary shared printer, left it there, and headed to lunch... I wasn't expecting any backlash, being that our unit had its fair share of thiefs, slackers, scammers, and former devil gerbils (yeah I went there) but I did get an earful about it from the senior enlisted. Definitely was hilarious though...
  10. berowe

    Air craft counter measures?

    The truth is that chopper warfare is freaking brutal. You're talking about flying tanks with crazy anti-tank and anti-everything capabilities here. Why do people rush to these things? Simple, because a good pilot can spam their air-to-grounds off and wipe out a heavy tank platoon. An unprepared armored BATTALION can just disappear with proper attack chopper use. On the other hand, the simplest countermeasures- If deployed properly- are able to stop them. Everyone hears their rotors coming and your recons should be alerting you of their positions/vectors/etc from miles away. Basically it's an extremely high stakes game of "who sees who first" and "who spams the trigger first" which, though not sexy or hollywood-esque, is very accurate. I know plenty of people whine when they lose their chopper, but I also hear those same guys crowing on about the 25 AVs they just whacked (as if they have a lick of talent...) I'm not against CMs in any way, I just want people to realize that with great power comes great freaking risk. Choppa'z aren't just an IWIN button. We developed those strategies using the recon birds like Kiowas, and cooperation with ground units for a REASON. Too bad arma2 doesn't let you lase for a fellow pilot... If you're interested, I enjoyed reading Clancy's Red Storm Rising for its brutal accounts of how long a sexy attack chopper regiment really would last on the "front."
  11. berowe

    what the heck is this demo?

    It's Armed Assault's demo not ARMA2- 875mb file size
  12. Will this run on my curve 8900? I'd hate to get an Iphone just for Arma2...
  13. berowe

    There is no demo!

    So wait... Is there gonna be a demo for this?
  14. lol @walker. Somkebody h8s l33t-b0bs even more than I do... Is this moddable though? Or hardcoded?