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  1. blazer01

    Eurofighter Typhoon

    i like body skin 2 and 4 but why not have a go at doing one in tiger meet for air shows
  2. blazer01

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    yup its a new thing i think i think it stops ships from finding tham i think ?
  3. blazer01

    ArmA Addon request thread

    new one for all to have a look for the LCH-4 Raven Gunship the new mi24
  4. blazer01

    Project RACS

    Awesome! Â Not trying to be a pest or anything, but have you considered throwing in a U.S. Marines version in this pack as an added bonus? Â now if he did it be a nice thing just one for the US side and as for the NH90 ya wos just a bit funny lol mind you if i have the time id like to do it just for the rac.s just a one off of it up two you wld427
  5. blazer01

    Project RACS

    wld427 its sweet man love it nice work
  6. can some one help me out am trying to get hold of the kid who did the F22A iv sent him a email but whit no luck as any one er have his PM addy and ta
  7. blazer01


    how do you have it setup as a mod for arma wot path have you used for it for the mod am useing it with ECS and i have it set up as a mod like this arma.exe" -nosplash -mod=@ECS;@HWM
  8. blazer01


    nice work lads love the AH64 but i think you have a bug in the glass in the inside of the 64 its ok but when you r outside you cant see any glass
  9. blazer01

    Pic of Sydney

    canyons yaaaaaaaaaaa going to love go down tham
  10. nice work just one thing one do thay come in pink and say have a nice day and can i have 4 for ma firefox
  11. blazer01

    Ka-50 Blackshark

    wos just looking at ya work looks nice for OFP lol i have some bits for a ka50 some where on ma hd ill have a look for tham if you need and bits for it just pm me and ill see wot i can do for ya and ya nice keep it up
  12. :P pmao am more than a sci fi fan lol if it looks good than why not and i think firefox will fit in a o k
  13. am geting thay with it and i have the site you put up lol but thanks any way ill have a go with a Digital Camouflage for it just to see how it looks
  14. He's refering to the fictional Mig-31 Firefox... [/img]http://hsfeatures.com/images/firefoxph_title.jpg[/img] yup thats it i think iv got it looking all most like it  god ma modeling is comeing on good in O2 just one thing do i go with the all black from the film or have a go at doing a  camouflage for it  wos thinking of do a Digital Camouflage for it Â
  15. work iv got dun uptwo now on the Mig 31 fireFox from the 80.s film http://i7.photobucket.com/albums....-98.png the Textures r still Wip and the BSG Viper pack is allmost dun still have the MK1 Textures to do
  16. yes it is the fictional Firefox i wos thinking of doing two one for AA and one for AG work
  17. mmmmnice will look nice on the mig 31 firefox am working on
  18. blazer01

    Project RACS

    well all am saying is frack em {arma soap opra} lol just a bit it.s like how Eble put it we who do this allways ask for full permission but for takeing back the permission is a bit side ways if you ask me well thats ma 10p on it lol and keep up the work man i just love the stuff you is doing
  19. @Bospor have a look on er some nice stuff all free to use just go to the Members Registration than find wot ya need and just pm the kid who did the model and ask if its ok to use it for a game http://www.3dxtras.com/
  20. id like to see the Rafale nice looking jet
  21. yup you will have to do a lot of work on some thing like that when i did Galactica she wos some thing like 19 to 20 k poly model and shes a low one lol and a big ship just have a look for a low poly model of the mig31 you may just find one look er http://www.amazing3d.com/modfree.html
  22. blazer01


    well if he dus pass it on iv seen the one ill do {SAC Time} http://flickr.com/photos/tomferris/2948045027/
  23. blazer01


    soldier if you pass it on to me ill have a go for ya i have some books on the 52 as its just a re-skin ill have it dun in a week i hope as i do have stuff am doing with help from Southy but ya ill have a go just pm me
  24. blazer01

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Well,ModemMike has T-55 pack retexturing/enhancing under work. A release version is available: Converted Ukraine Mod T-55 release version have fun, mike nice work mike love tham
  25. blazer01

    Addon Research Topic

    ok as any on on er have any blue prints of any of the ships from BSG old or new ones iv look on the net and i cant find any good ones for the MK1 & 2 Vipers i need tham for the inside of the ships and is thay any good Guides out for O2 that will tell me how to get a 3DS model fully working in ArmA ta