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  1. bluester

    Weird Texture bug on the Buzzard

    I get the same texture bug. Nvidia 780GTX driver version 327.23.
  2. bluester

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Fantastic addon, look forward to trying this out. To solve the issue with the ramp couldn't you remove it? Am i right in thinking the Lizzy is going to have catapults now anyway?
  3. Been playing OFP since it came out. We still have a popular server running with OFP but it's all about ArmA 2 these days.
  4. bluester

    UKF Major Release

    Great addons as ever but I seem to be having trouble with the MILAN WMIK's. Ofp keeps crashing occasionally when they fire. Not all the time but enough to make it annoying. Any ideas why? All the other vehicles work ok.
  5. bluester

    Is there an online games search utility?

    ofp watch might be of some use.
  6. bluester

    TKC using false copyright?

    I wouldn't take them or their legal threats at all seriously. By all means pick their code apart.
  7. bluester

    TKC using false copyright?

    Can we "eliminate" them? <wink>
  8. bluester


    Nice work, I like the airbase.