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    game settings

    expect around 20-30 FPS with peaks upto 70FPS+ when theres nothing going on, you can probably manage the normal profile easily
  2. bob1787

    Dropping Bombs

    "~" don't exist in SQFs apparently, you need to use sleep x instead, that should be about it. little demo mission http://opression.no-ip.info/Bomb_It.Intro.rar
  3. bob1787

    Dropping Bombs

    more semicolons? <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Pilot1 moveindriver plane; pilot1 doMove getpos ASTarget; pilot1 dotarget ASTarget; pilot1 dowatch ASTarget; if (plane distance ASTarget < 1500) then { ~5.2; plane FlyInHeight 90; plane setpos [(getpos _plane select 0),(getpos _plane select 1),100]; ~1.05; plane fire "BombLauncher"; ~0.1; plane fire "BombLauncher"; ~0.6; plane fire "BombLauncher"; ~0.1; plane fire "BombLauncher"; ~0.6; plane fire "BombLauncher"; ~0.1; plane fire "BombLauncher"; plane SetSpeedMode "normal"; ~3; plane FlyInHeight 600; pilot1 doMove getpos Dummy; pilot1 dotarget Dummy; };
  4. bob1787


    use a condition in the ambushers waypoint IED trigger > on activation > bAttack = true won't necessarily be like this but you get the picture in ambushers waypoint > condition > this && bAttack making the AI disembark properly is a bit tricky (allowGetIn, unassignVehicle, orderGetIn etc.) and making them act properly if they detect the ambushers before the ambush i've seen a few disembark scripts around you could use here is a little example mission http://opression.no-ip.info/Patrol_Attacked.Intro.rar
  5. bob1787

    Stupid AI behavior

    if your not already using any AI mods like TrueRangeAI then it is probably default AI behaviour and assuming your updated to v1.08 when it come to units actually detecting each other on ArmA its not a really a case of how close they are opposed to if they can see them. im guessing that they use some kind of exponential scale (or something similar) to decide whether or not an AI unit can see an enemy (AI or otherwise). i'm not 100% sure how much knowsAbout needs to be before they feel they've been detected, it used to be something around 0.7 and then just straight up to 1.2/1.4 when you fired at them. the whoever detected by whoever seems to say that taking out a team with silenced weapons quickly doesn't set off guard waypoints. theres about a 5 second gap between someone being "detected" and when they've been seen, which seems to be if knowsAbout is > 0 for around 5 seconds, ive tried using timeouts and countdowns to extend this but once you've been "detected" your done for. then after you've been "detected" around 10-20 seconds later the group on the guard waypoint will come to where you were "detected". i mean it is entirely possible to do, ive just used 2 men (silenced) to take out a normal 4 man group point blank and have them not been "detected". I was using TrueRangeAI and whichever niceties are included with 6th Sense. last resorts would be take their NVGs if they have them and make it pitch black (no moon) oh yeah and the satchel charges problem is probably a precaution seeing as you can't set off satchel charges beyond somethin like 300m.
  6. bob1787

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    mostly 6th Sense, EBU SOCOM & Everon
  7. bob1787

    I wish I would learn my lesson...

    sproket are really good, theyll let you download it and install it without "activation" unlike a few other companies. assuming it is sproket
  8. bob1787

    set flying hieght

    oh yeah so it does AI doesn't seem to like it though
  9. bob1787

    set flying hieght

    this is quite an old problem, chopper and planes need to be within somewhere around 500m-800m to complete a waypoint (i forget which). theres not a scripting command that can set their 3D position seeing as, firstly setWPPos only takes 2D positions and setWaypointPosition sets the "placement radius" easiest way round i can think of that might work would be to use gamelogics or some other invisible entity (that can stay static in 3D space, 3D coords will do) and use doMove or move. and then using a series of triggers or scripting conditions to complete each of your own waypoints, im sure someone else has a better idea
  10. bob1787

    US Version Won't Insatll

    yeah get a new media, its either a bad disk (highly unlikely) or a bad download (very likely) EDIT: it could be an bad processor, bad RAM, bad HDD, bad disk drive but i think those are less likely tbh. also could be an API problem but i doubt that even more than the above
  11. bob1787

    set flying hieght

    flyinheight not flyingheight
  12. bob1787

    set flying hieght

    flyinheight not flyingheight
  13. bob1787

    GPS is useless

    yeah thats why you need a compass to read a map... but tbh soldiers use GPS now don't they?
  14. bob1787

    50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

    rofl, ok then...
  15. bob1787

    50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

    puma, this one? **link removed - graphic content** you can clearly see they aren't people tbh