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  1. bmgarcangel

    Aircraft Center of Gravity

    hey Only problem is that i converted the wave file for the flaps to ogg. and now you can't here any flaps anymore. I know you have ot have the wave set at certian settings and stuff, so yeah, its making me mad.. Brandon
  2. bmgarcangel

    Aircraft Center of Gravity

    Yeah i got those parts. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. bmgarcangel

    Aircraft Center of Gravity

    soundServo[]={"\mypbo\sound.wss",db+1,1.00} Can you please Explain if you may how this command exactly works..and were it goes and such
  4. bmgarcangel

    Aircraft Center of Gravity

    Thanks Trench, this is helping alot. Trying to get this done so you can fly it in the next few days. And finally, this is the final two questions, no more i swear to god! With flaps and gear, how do i change the sound they use in the config? Also, how do i make one of the planes land again? Brandon
  5. bmgarcangel

    Aircraft Center of Gravity

    Thanks dude! just one more question though, when the b29 takes off from an airport, it takes a hard right for some reason no matter what i try to do with it (this is when the computer drives it) and it explodes because its right wing hits the ground... do you guys know if this problem can be fixed? Brandon
  6. bmgarcangel

    Aircraft Center of Gravity

    Ok, here is my problem. The B-29 Superfortress that me and Footmunch have been working on has a slight but, i hope, minor problem. The dust, from when it taxi's, takes off, or lands or just moves around in general on the ground, is centered in the middle of the plane. Is there any way i can make it so that all this dust will be seperated into three equal areas; the 3 tires in which the plane surfs the ground with for example??? Brandon
  7. bmgarcangel

    TFWCIK Subject Thread

    Hey I just have to say first off before i begin this last thread on TFWCIK, hopefully....i'm glad to be back amongst the greatest working modding community i've ever seen in my life. Â Even after months and months, newere computer games, years and years, you still thrive above all others in perfomance, respect, and dedication. Â First off, i'm going to announce that the B29 that footmunch was working on is going to be released as a beta demo soon enough, just so people can try it out. Â I'm currently undergoing 3d maintence and some cpp. makeovers on the beast, and then the community will have the chance to fly the sucker. Seccond off, the weapons pack is my next task, though i work on them both at the same time now. Â So far i'm working on it alone and help would be much appreciated... Also, does anyone know where i could find sounds for the following? M9A1 Bazooka AT/AP Launcher SKS Semi Automatic Rifle SVT-40 Semi Automatic Rifle .38 Special .38 4 inch M2 50 caliber HMG T33 Semi Automatic Pistol Many thanks! Brandon
  8. bmgarcangel

    Us colonial marines

    Really nice work! Keep it up! Also, Visnorsk island? what happened?
  9. bmgarcangel

    just spotted something

    ah...no...i'm a Senior Airmen in the United States Air Force Auilary Civil Air Patrol and when i was at ft lewis this summer, we got trained in firing a number of weapons, including all the ones i mentioned above. I got to ride in humvees carry guns, ammo, vests, for 2 weeks, etc.,etc. but thats getting off topic Brandon
  10. bmgarcangel

    just spotted something

    Yes i have, M16's, M60 HMG, m2 50 cal. HMG, M4A1, Ak47(Chinese Varriant), M249 SAW, M9 berrata....for the most part, only a little bit of smoke is dispersed, and honestly, there wouldn't be any smoke unless it was burning oil. The gun powder is all gone by then, burned by the small but contained inferno. All you see is a tiny bit of smoke, but not a ton, and its gone by the time you clicked on the safety after firing a few. So in retrospect, yeah, ofp shouldn't have the smoke coming out of the weapons like that, its just not true. Brandon
  11. bmgarcangel

    Nogovan Armed Forces Project

    I'm really glad to see Supah's mod is exceeding in all areas currently. Texture is supreme from the pictures i've seen through out the pages, most amazing. I congragulate you guys on getting this far. Good work guys! Brandon
  12. bmgarcangel

    it might be coming back....opinions

    Last post in this thread, i'll be opening up the mod again tomorrow.
  13. bmgarcangel

    it might be coming back....opinions

    Alrighty people, my decission is I will bring it back online. Im free to any help, no commitment is required, i just need help putting the guns in order and all. Im not setting any dates right now because my week is super busy next week seeing that we have winter break and baker has plenty of powder, im goin to be spendin most of my time up there with Tomb Yang from UDUB But if there is anyone willing to aid, preferably CPP. writes, i would much appreciate it. Once again thanks for all your input into this subject and frankly, im throughly surprised at how many people responded. Thank you, everyone...thank you! Brandon
  14. bmgarcangel

    it might be coming back....opinions

    Yeah, I worked bymyself begining around November 2003 with the 30 Caliber machine gun, then from there i progressed to making by myself and with little help in making the following: WEAPONS STILL NEEDED TO BE PUT INTO CONFIG <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">PTRD SVT40 SVT40/Bayonet SKS/Bayonet T33 Handgun .38 revolver M1C Garand M1 Garand M1 Garand/GaranteA M1 Garand/GaranteB M1 Garand/Bayonet M1C Garand Sniper Rifle M1 Carbine M1 Carbine/Bayonet M1 Carbine/GaranteA M1 Carbine/GaranteB M1A1 Carbine M1A1 Carbine/Bayonet M2 Carbine M2 Carbine/Bayonet M2 Carbine/GaranteA M2 Carbine/GaranteB M2A1 Carbine M2A1 Carbine/Bayonet M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun M3 Carbine M9a1 Bazooka M3a1 Grease Gun Enfield no4. MkI THOSE AND WEAPONS ALREADY IN GAME AND CREDITS <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Thompson - Imported by NXSHADOWS from BF: 1942, used bf42 thompson for template, by bmgarcangel SKS - Imported by NXSHADOWS from BF: Vietnam, used bfvn sks for template, by bmgarcangel Sten MkII - By Bmgarcangel Sten MkV - By Bmgarcangel .30 Caliber M1919a4 Machine guns - By Bmgarcangel .30 Caliber M1919a6 Machine guns - By Bmgarcangel .50 Caliber M2 Machine gun - By BIS & Bmgarcangel PPSh-41 - By Cympatheey M1911 .45 Colt - By Cympatheey T33 Semi_automatic pistol - By Bmgarcangel .38 Revolver - By Bmgarcangel, skin by Viet Cong Game Makers M1 Garand - originally by MOHAA team, worked on by Upminder, completely redone by bmgarcangel, skin by sgt stryker. M1 Garand Varriants - By Bmgarcangel M1 Carbine - Edited by Bmgarcangel, model by Trigger, Skin by Brutal M1 Carbine Varriants - By Bmgarcangel & Lt Hunter M2 Carbine - Edited by Bmgarcangel to be a m2 carbine, model by Trigger, Skin by Brutal M2 Carbine Varriants - By Bmgarcangel & Lt Hunter SVT40 Automatic Rifle - Originally by MOHAA team, brought into ofp by upminder, Edited majorly by Bmgarcangel PTRD AT Rifle - By Dark Soldier & Bmgarcangel M3 Carbine - Edited by Bmgarcangel to be a m3 carbine, model by Trigger, Skin by Brutal, scope by LT Hunter M9A1 Bazooka - By Bmgarcangel Enfield no4 MkI - By LT Hunter Thats what i did from November of '03 to July of '04, when after going to a Civil Air Patrol Encampment at Ft. Lewis washington and begining my senior and final year in high school, i lost interest in all computer games and got deep into the social life which i'm still in. I'm scared to get out of it and back into this, but i'm willing to do it. I promised the community, i intend to keep that promise whether i continue on with it or i hand it off to someone else in the community. First thing is first though, one of the #1 reason's i left the community and my mod rather quickly was mainly because I was not able to finish most of the tasks put on my hands without help, and that help i searched for but could not find or recieve because i didn't release anything or my attitude back then. Right now all i need is a few people, who have multiple talents. At the moment i only have modeling talents, minor texture talents, and very minor cpp. skills. I don't have time to learn new skills without putting some of the things in my life aside. Without those skills for a rather short amount of time provided by just a few people, I bet I can still get it all done but at a much longer date will it be done, yes....because i'm a very busy boy at hte moment and adding this to my plate will make my life even more bush, but adding even more to it will make it unbarrable..... So in the end, i will continue with the mod starting very soon, but i ask for minor assistance from a rathe few number of people from the community for a short amount of time who have rather good experience in multiple areas of the ofp community. Hellfish, thanks for the heads up, same with you hooahman, i respect and take to heart your critisim. ~Brandon
  15. bmgarcangel

    it might be coming back....opinions

    I'd like a new mod leader though in my stead for i might not have as much time to take control of the mod. Has the mood about the Korean war changed amongst the ofp community though? ~Brandon