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  1. Is anyone else getting a CTD when trying to equip the M4 in Virtual Arsenal? Also getting some errors upon Startup and whilst first ingame...
  2. ARMA3.exe RPT: Full RPT & Minidump: https://www.mediafire.com/?n148z1wgk7tt4wn PHYSX3_X86.DLL RPT: Full RPT & Minidump: https://www.mediafire.com/?rxi7t7dor7zxgng So I've been getting these two errors frequently. No idea what it is. Is anyone able to give me some insight? I've verified my game cache, defragged - no avail. Any assistance would be amazing. -Antipop
  3. bathmatt

    @A3CV - ArmA 3 Coop: Vietnam

    The M113's also don't drive. Mod working really well. Loving it!
  4. Hey guys, I've got a dedicated server which I've just put up and it's a very basic config. Now the server is working well, great pings etc. However, it takes forever to show up when I filter my clans tag. Now it's the only server that shows up, but it does take a good 15-30, potentially a little longer to appear when filtered. Is there any reason why this is the case? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Regards, Matt
  5. Hey all, I'm currently looking at this box to house a ArmA 3 dedicated server for my clan. It will be a private server with the max player numbers being around 30 (but that's rare) - Average 10-20. Intel Xeon L5520 Quad Core CPU with hyperthreading (8 threads). 2GB DDR3 server-grade registered memory. 500GB SATA hard drive. 10TB premium multi-homed bandwidth on a 100mbit port. Now, the CPU seems to be adequate, it's the ram that has me questioning... Is 2gb enough? Has anyone had any experience of this? When my clan last had a dedicated server, I can't recall the server using massive amounts of ram, more of the CPU.... But I'm not sure... Thanks for any suggestions. Matt
  6. bathmatt

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    Reading some of these posts and comments regarding animations in ArmA 3, as an Infantry soldier myself, the way the player moves in ArmA 3 is much more representative of what you move like in reality. ArmA 2 was far to rigid for me. I like the ability to quickly move, shoot whilst moving, varying different stances; it's what I do in reality, and it's nice to see it represented ingame.
  7. bathmatt

    Dedicated server - status

    Has there been any developments on this new experimental Dedicated server? Reading through the first few pages and seeing both server and client FPS increases, I'd love to employ this for my clan.
  8. Looking food fellas! Glad to see the project moving along since the early days of A2! Looking forward to giving the public alpha a whirl when she's released.
  9. bathmatt

    The current main problems in ofp

    Lol, same!
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    Bathmatts forum

    Hey, I just what you to check out me forum! its: http://bathmattofp.proboards17.com yeah come and register,post and HAVE FUN!! thanks -bathmatt
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    How do you get an avatar?

    Hey guys how do u get an avatar? thanks -bathmatt