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  1. black__bird

    Barrett M468.

    Special Weapons for Law Enforcement and Military has a pretty expansive article on it in the issue with the Alexander Arns .50cal BeoWulf on the cover
  2. black__bird

    Can you find a better PC?

    better not do that, i will get her on messenger if you do ninja...j/k. looks like a good setup, what does one run price wise? maybe i can get my boss to buy me one, or i can wait about 2 months and buy my own
  3. black__bird

    War music

    i suppose i will sound a bit odd with you folks naming off all these composers and stuff but nothing gets me in a killing mood more than "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix or "Fortunate Son" by CCR. i also find that when i am doing sniper missions on ofp i am at my best when listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd
  4. black__bird

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    first all i can say is WOW! Me and my buddy just spent over 7 hours testing this and we both wont put it down. great work all of it. any chance for WP grenades, CS grenades, or Flashbangs for urban combat? Again great work, now that i have had my break i am going back to try it some more.
  5. black__bird

    Most time spent playing a game non stop?

    Game: MS Flight Simulator 2002pro Duration of mission: 31 hours (done in 2 segments of 15.5 hours each) Reason: simulated B-2 strike from Whiteman AFB to Kabul Afghanistan and back. including all midair refuelings(couldnt get a tanker to work off a script right so i just flew in circles for 20 minutes then hit the add fuel toggle switch next to my .mp3 player). Game: OFP Duration of mission: 12 hours Reason: make war plans so i could kick ass when i comes time to invade everon to help the fight against terrorism
  6. black__bird

    Tax day in the usa

    the feds are giving me back money but i owe the state $2....2 F**KING dollars. i thought about sending them 5 rolls of pennies with a note saying keep the change for next year
  7. black__bird

    Official Stupid Quiz Thread

    <a href="http://www.mutedfaith.com/quiz/q1.htm" target="new"> <img src="http://www.mutedfaith.com/images/goth.jpg"> </a><br> Take the <a href="http://www.mutedfaith.com/quiz/q1.htm" target="new">What High School Stereotype Are You?</a> quiz. i hope that works...if not oh well
  8. black__bird

    Happy st. patricks day!

    If it ends in a "Y" it must be a good day for drinking  couldnt agree more
  9. black__bird

    Explosion in madrid

    bad stuff, i just caught it on fox news. i sure hope they catch the bastards responsible
  10. black__bird

    Ofp causes divorce

    i think i may know the guy i am gonna try to find out
  11. black__bird

    Ofp forum hostel program

    where i live there is nothing. my town is 600 people. nearest city with more than 10,000ppl is 25 miles away, and nearest city with more than 50,000people is 100 miles away(stuff just gets farther from there). all there is to do at my place is shoot small furry animals...then eat them
  12. black__bird

    Gun club in nevada

    legal semi-auto i know a place to get one for $3,750 Full-auto i will have to check on but it involes ATF Form 4 w/ all the Class III/NFA rules($200 tax stamp, LE letter of approval and such) and runs around $12,000-$20,000 or so if i can even find you one
  13. black__bird

    Anyone got $450,000?

    i think it is funny that everyone advertises their Mk19 as the "only" legal one availible. there was one on gunsamerica.com for 300K and there was a completely different on on gunbroker.com for 350K at the same time. and i am sure the BATF scours those sites looking at most of the more exotic high-end equipment to see just how many are out there and who is bidding on it. this would mean that since the ads were allowed to stay up they must be legal or the BATF would have arrested the seller for trying to sell an illegal NFA weapon. so this isnt the "only" legal Mk19 out there. BTW i believe that 40mm HE ammo is as well illegal so whats the point owning something you either cant, or cant afford to shoot.
  14. black__bird


    when i first heard about this movie it sounded really cool...they had a thing between jackson and rodriguez something like Jackson: "Ok let get into a killing mood" Rodriguez: "I am in a killing mood" Jackson: "Then why are you smiling" Rodriguez: "Because it tickles me" After that i had to go see it because i have got to find a chick like that.
  15. black__bird


    2 main reasons to see SWAT 1)Has Samuel L Jackson in it 2) Michelle Rodriguez with an MP5 (doesnt get much better than that)